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Barry Chamish refuting the Daryl

Daryl: Barry are you with me?

Barry: I am.

D: Barry, earlier, we were discussing some of the historical events that in both our views, well we parted on several issues but let's start from the beginning. Your goal is to make sure that Israel's future is assured. Is that correct.

B: Yeah.

D: And the idea of Israel started when , in your view?

B:Again, there's a mess going on with the Zionis tmovement. This movement, we call them the Bolshevik Zionists or labour Zionists. They took over a movement that had potential to be fair.

D:From what group did it take over? The Jabotinskies right?

B:Well, the Sabbateans go back to 1666.

D:No the Jabotinksy.

B:Oh yeah he was a revisionist Zionist. They were the ones who got the plans that the Bolshevik Zionists were going to do. If you don't know what the transfer agreement is...

D:Well I know what it is.

B:Okay it's a very nasty agreement cut with the nazis in 1933. This was the Bolshevik Zionists or the Sabbateans as I call them but I won't go into it now. The Germans banned all jewish groups but labour zionism. In 1932, there were over 250 jewish groups in Germany. In 1934, there was one. And only one. Labour Zionism. Unfortunately, the transfer agreement said that Germans make life impossible for the jews; they come to Palestine...

D:But wasn't there a deal back in the twenties that said that there were jews boycotting everything German in the world.

B:That was in the nineteen thirties after Hitler came to power.

D:No this is before that.

B:Why would there be an anti-german?...Before Hitler came to power, why would there be an anti...

D:NO the german jews were encouraged to turn on Germany by people like Baruch and Morgenthal.

B:This is silly.


B:Because it didn't happen.

D:The history books said it did.

B:Well I know my people well. Mr. Baruch and all the people in the FDR administration, and that was later than 1920 by the way, but still, they did rise. And these were the Sabbatean jews. Some are anyway, and they made sure the holocaust took place. That's a different history and you're mixing things up. Now let's go back.


B:There was an agreement signed by the jewish agency of Israel...of Jerusalem that germans would make life so rotten that german jews would come to Palestine. They got aobut eighty thousand. Then the British cut off the gates of Palestine and left all the jews of europe to face their own masters. It was the most awful deal. The Jabotinsky group went to America and tried to organize riots, protests, anything against the Nazis. But they were stopped by the...

D:But there was an action back when they returned. After the signing of the Balfour documents and the return of these jewish emmisaries to Britian, when they got the signature of the United States and Mr. Wilson to sign on to entering world war one, the deal was that America would provide the fighting force for the US and these jewish emmisaries to...

B:Oh there were some jewish crackpots who you can get on the internet...

D:But these are part of the history books.

B:No they're not.

D:Yes they are.

B:You're claiming jews made America enter world war one to destroy Germany. There is one person who've ever made that claim. And that's Myron someone from the fifties. Look...

D:Myron Fagan.

B:Yeah. That's the only time I've heard that.

D:But it's in the history books. I read this.

B:Yeah, you just turned up Morgenstern or whatever.

D:Morgenthall. His family still runs new york now.

B:Listen if you want the real history...

D:According to who?

B:Go on to

D:What is that?

B:Just hear me out. You're interrupting me. No one can talk like this.

D:I need to know what lulu is.

B:You can get my book SHABTAI TZVI, LABOR ZIONISM AND THE HOLOCAUST. Type in my name and you'll get all the books you need to prove whatever you want, but the fact is...

D:Are they going to prove anything you want or anything that is factual?

B:This is a silly question.

D:They're not. They need to be asked.

B:No. Now if you want to hear me talk, I'll tell you what happened. But if you want to instill all these other things...

D:I"m not instilling, I'm just asking...

B:But you're interrupting me. I've never had a worse interview.

D:It won't get better from here. What you need to do is you need to clarify your sources.

B:No I don't.

D:You do. This is what's called...Barry, listen. You have due dilligence. This is what you need to do.

B:You're gonna lecture me on due dilligence?

D:Yes I am.

B:(unintelligible).site of yours is not due dilligence. That site of yours is a mish-mash of everything you could pick up that might look bad for Zionism. Look, the knowledge I have isn't that good to begin with. But unfortunately, (unintelligible) revealed, we loose Israel. That's a very difficult thing. Now I expose the Rabin assassiation. Now Rabin was murdered by Simon Peres. This is a hard thing for jews to live with. But I proved it. Everyone knows in Israel that I was right. The polls say so. With research, no one does a better job. And you'll just have to accept it.

D:Who? Do you?

B:I'm telling you straight up. You can go look it up afterwards.

D:On what subject do you to the best research?

B: My subject is the modern history of ISrael.


B:Now we go backwards where you can go if you want. It's the site

D:Uh huh

B:It's a nice site. And guess what? the jews don't like it so you can be happy about that. Now why they don't like it is a sad fact that jews can be fooled into committing suicide. That holocaust was done, and this not something jews want to hear, but without that transfer agreement I doubt there could have been a holocaust. Things we so bad that the jewish agency signed with the nazis a deal to get jews to palestine. Jews don't like to hear that. And I'm hoping to get rid of these people running Israel. Because, and here's something that will make you ecstatic, there won't be an Israel much longer. It's been slowly disintegrated.

D:Now wait a minute. You are mixing your own ideas aobut me into your own rhetoric here. That's not fair. What you need to do is understand I don't give a rats ass if you're jewish or from mars. The simple fact is Barry,

B:How did you know I was from mars?

D:Obviously you sometimes discuss things as though you were.

B:No I don't.

D:Yes you do. You try to frame arguments in terms of your own argument rather than in terms of the facts.

B:No I don't. Now let me go on. Now next...

D:You see, this is what I'm talking about.

B:This is not a radio interview. Now I'm going to go back and instill some history. There was a major meeting in Jerusalem in 1898.

D:But what happened before that?

B:I want to talk about 1898.

D:But you can't say that unless you know what happened in Switzerland before that. Because it's moot in its importance unless you say that Theodore Herzl

B:And you don't know what happened in 1896 when Kaiser Wilhelm (unintelligible), met in Konstantinople. Listen stop this. I'm trying to make a point and all you do is interrupt.

D:No I don't because you're not flowing, but go ahead.

B:In 1896, Kaiser Wilhelm and Herzl father of Zionism met in Konstantinople. We don't know what was agreed to but we know that Kasier Wilhelm went to Jerusalem in 1898. People didn't come to Jerusalem in 1898. There were no roads. There were bandits. It was dangerous. It wasn't a hospitable population but Wilhelm went there and consecrated three churches .The very important one was the Mission Abbey modeled after Charlemagne's first cathedral in the city of (unintelligible). This is german control over Jerusalem. They built it on the highest mountain in Jerusalem, mt. zion. This is now an issue in Israel where the Germans want mt. zion back and the Vatican's backing them. Nonetheless, there was someone else at that meeting. This was the most important thing that happened. That someone else was Theodore Herzl. He trecked up to Jerusalem without his rogues and bandits to meet Kaiser Wilhelm. Now you go into your internet and look up Kaiser Wilhelm Theodore Herzl Jerusalem 1898, and you'll find over and over that Wilhelm rebuffed Herzl. Rebuffing can only mean one thing Herzl wanted a state and the Germans said no. The reason is the Germans had to make war to get that state and they weren't prepared to do so. They made an alliance with the Turks. Herzl returned to England and said the German Turkish alliance is too strong.

D:hy would they be making a state out of an area that...

B:That goes back to something I haven't touched on. There's a Sabbatean...there's a bad side of Judaism. We've been infiltrated.

D:That's SHABTAI TZVI. He ended up renouncing Judaism and and becoming a Muslim because he was under threat of death in front of the Ottoman King.

B:The Sultan.

D:Yeah the Stulan. but what he ended up doing was having his followers infiltrating the Ottoman Empire and become what we know today as the new turks or the young turks. These young turks still hold sway to this day.

B:That happened again from the meeting in Jerusalem.

D:But you don't deny that Turkey is held today still by the young turks.

B:Well I have no problem with that.

D:o the jews still run Turkey.

B:Well they're Muslims they're in fact Sabbateans.

D:No because they're like the Morranos of southern uh, uh,

B:Well they've mixed so many times they're not even jews genetically.


B:They're sabbateans. Now they started in 1666 the Sabbateans. SHABTAI TZVI declared a new messiah had arrived. Him. He used these biblical dates June 18 1666 which leads me to believe that only the Vatican had the power and influence to spread his name worldwide and use this Christian imagery for his messiah, for the new messiah.

D:So the Vatican took over Turkey?

B:Well there's a combinaton here and I will get to that but logically. The're right. Most of Judaism after...don't forget, more than half the jews in the world accepted him as the new messiah. His tenets call for the opposite of the Torah being true. Do not kill became kill. The early labour zionists in Israel had a ball with wife swapping and all kinds of sabbatean tenets. That's what these german jews were turned into. The other side of it,

D:I thought that was talmudic.

B:It's not Talmudic. What I've just discussed is the opposite of the Talmud. What you have right now is SHABTAI TZVI whose been forced by the Sultan of Turkey to accept Islam or be beheaded. He accepts Islam, but one cult, the (unintelligible), thought that was a secret message that they must convert. So they started converting. Now I'm jumping ahead here, because Jacob Frank, er I won't jump ahead. I'll tell you. Jacob Frank in 1785 was a Sabbatean from Poland. He was converting jews by the thousands into Catholicism. They became spies all over Europe and he had a meeting in Frankfurt which is the capital of conspiracy. That's the home of Mayer Amschel Rothschild. Another member at that meeting. He was Weishaupt. He was a jesuit chief of the Illuminati.

D:No what I understand from what my research was that the Illuminati was formed in the opposite direction because Weishaupt had no financial strength, but the moneys that came from the Rothschild fortune...

B:That's was afterwards. Don't mix it up again. The Illuminati had one purpose. That was to destroy the Protestant Reformation. The pope was going crazy. The Illuminati was going to go into Protestant nations and destroy their structures of family, patriotism, nationalism, religon, everything that kept these countries together was going to be under attack. That is the Illuminati. There was a metting between Jacob Frank who is the new messiah of the jews. He believes the real messiah is SHABTAI TZVI. Now Weishaupt got along with this guy well enough. They both turned to Mayer Rothschild and offered themselves as spies. Rothschild did not want anything more than control of the world's money. He was a visionary. He saw that with enough spies entering the courts of Europe, he could get advanvced information and get money. To get his way, Rothschild accepted this Sabbatean business and the Illuminati business. This is the conspiracy that controls the world and has for almost two hundred and fifty years. We're talking about a catholic and jewish conspiracy. But the fact is that Jacob Frank's Frankists were not jews. They were converting quite openly to Catholicism. And they had abandoned Judaism.

D:Barry we have to backtrack. Because for someone like myself who's not religious at all, and for others who've moved into the modern world, this becomes offensive.

B:Well it's history so it doesn't matter.

D:It's not offensive because it's being played out on our modern television screens in front of us.

B:The Sabbatean movement?

D:No the result of it all.

B:I don't know what...

D:Wait let me tell you how sickening it is. You have five million people in Israel.

B:Wait. You have about eight million in Israel, six of which are jews.

D:Okay, you have six million living in Israel. In Metropolitan Boston you have the same amount. Israel is on the front page of everyone’s newspaper.

B:I don’t want it there. What’s your point?

D:Wait. Wait. Not only do we have to read about it, we have to finance it.

B:Who’s asking for your money?

D:I’m not asking for it. AIPAC is stealing it. They’re sending two point six billion dollars plus ten billion of un-repayable loans per year. Plus, everything…

B:You don’t think there’s a price tag attached to this? You actually believe this is free? I’m trying to explain something to you.

D:Nothing’s free Barry.

B:You don’t have to worry anymore. There won’t be anymore Israel to take your money probably in the next missile war which will be this spring or summer. All that will be finished and you will worry no more.

D:Glory be.

B:I’m glad you’re happy. Unfortunately, you don’t have to attack Zionism. People more powerful than you have decided that Israel will go and those people are the ones I was talking about before.

D:No you weren’t because Barry you have an idea is that your history is the only one that will be reckoned with…


D:You see, when I discussed with you earlier, about some of these facts, the Khazarian facts…

B:They’re not facts.

D:They are so. Why aren’t they?

B:They’re standard anti Semitism.

D:That’s nonsense .

B:I knew the author. He wrote a book and he was a proud Israeli who lived in London.


B:Who wrote the Thirteenth Tribe?

D:Arthur Koestler.

B:Where do you think he was from?

D:So why did he write a book about the origins…

B:Anti-Semites worldwide took it. If Koestler was alive today, he would not be happy. There was a tribe. Big deal. The royal family converted to Judaism. They did not move en masse to Europe. There’s not one Turkish word in Yiddish. Not a one. And if you think that jews didn’t know where they were, and if you don’t think the jews knew where they were in every little town in Russia…

D:But that is not what history proves.

B:No no.

D:You’re on the wrong side Barry.

B:So you want to believe in these Khazarians. Go ahead. I got real issues here.

D:How do you explain Max Warburg spending his entire billion dollar fortune on the buildup of german factories before world war one, er two?

B:If he in fact did that,

D:Well he did Barry. I have proof of that.

B:It was Warburg from the Sabbatean side and it’s this all over again, but you’re not hearing this out. The Rothschilds were promoting a different agenda. You keep talking like Warburg was a jew when he wasn’t.

D:He’s jewish.

B:Look at his sons and daughters.

D:They’re all jews now like the Schiff family.

B:The Schiff family are not jews anymore. One Schiff’s grandson is married to Al Gore. Now listen. Jacob Schiff has a grandson married to Al Gore’s daughter. Yeah, he’s real jewish.

D:What does that have to do with anything?

B:They’re not jewish. They let it slip. They believe in Sabbatean-ism. We’re talking two different languages. If you want to attack jews, look at the business of the Sabbateans. Now let me explain who will destroy Israel. One is the Vatican Illuminati Jesuit gang. The second are the Sabbateans and that’s the CFR. Now if you must know how it works, what happens often with the CFR is they promote someone to be like vice president or president. And someone does research on them. And low and behold what do we discover? John Kerry’s father is a jew and he didn’t know it? And Madeline Albright didn’t know that she was raised by her jewish family?

D:And Hilary Clinton’s grandmother was jewish?

B:She didn’t say that. Don’t interrupt when it’s not right.

D:She said it.

B:It’s not right to say that. It’s irrelevant right now.

D:She said it in front of a jewish crowd in Israel. It was in Harretz.

B:That was irrelevant. That was a fact that had to get thrown out into the air. I’m trying to make a point. With the CFR’s membership, often are exposed to a high rank…like Wesley Clark discovers his father and grandfather was jewish. The thing is there is a great deal of intermarriage in the CFR and this is where the CFR is a Sabbatean tool. The same people who have been running this planet and sending this planet to war are at it again and they have decided that Israel goes. And if you think the holocaust of the jews in the forties could be any different than what’s coming up now, you’re wrong. We have got infiltration from within. The worst enemies of Israel are not arabs. We’re talking about Peres. Talking about people who can destroy the country and give it to the Vatican and that’s what they’re doing.

D:The Vatican? Who in the Vatican is doing this? Give me a name.


D:He’s dead about 600 years ago.

B:It doesn’t matter. You’re talking about the German, um, Holy Roman Empire.

D:Barry who in the modern era is doing this?

B:Kaiser Wilhelm who put up the church…

D:He died a hundred years ago. Who in the modern era is doing this?

B:Are you out of your mind? What do you think president Katsav went to Rome last year for?

D:Then give me a name?

B:I gave you one and you interrupted me again. Why do you do that? I gave you a name and you’re blocking it again.

D:No go head.

B:No you be quiet. President Katsav went to Germany, er went to the Vatican last year to negociate the end of Israeli hegemony on Mount Zion. The issue in Israel won’t go away. The Vatican want mt zion. They want the room where they think Christ had his last supper and they want it fast because Katsav is now being investigated on rape charges. So Olmert went to the Vatican a month and a half ago and it was sold outright. “We want that or you’re going to become Katsav.” And he is becoming Katsav.

D:Wait, I’m still asking you for some names of the, I can give you fifty names of Zionist jews killing us.

B:Pope Benedict XVI is a name. is a german pope. It’s a name.


B:Katsav is a name. Peres is a name. Olmet is a name.

D:But those are jews. I want to know who in the catholic church who is doing it.

B:Pope Benedict XVI isn’t a jew.

D:Who is doing this now?

B:I just said some names.

D:Barry, who is doing this?

B:You really think this is a rational conversation?

D:But Barry you’re not telling me…

B:I mean seriously, in this show I have to interrupt you every two seconds

D:Yes you are interrupting me. I’m asking you a simple question.

B:I said the name…

D:No I’m asking you someone alive and breathing today.

B:You know what this is stupid. Let’s just end this conversation.

D:Barry, I’ve never been in a conversation with someone who’s so obfuscating in my whole life.

B:Okay fine do this. If you think Pope Benedict VXI is in fact,

D:Pope Benedict’s dead! He’s dead!

B:Pope Benedict is the pope of Rome. Listen, I’m gonna say it again. Pope Benedict XVI is the pope of rome and he’s alive.

D:But no the guy was raised jewish.

(barry hangs up)

D:Well Mr. Chamish is all over the map with these facts. What bothers me is that some people will not solidify certain questions. He will always turn it over to a power that we know has been emasculated. What is that power? Look around you ladies and gentleman? Do you find catholic priests in charge of your media? Do they take over the French government and run for President? Is there a catholic priest right now destroying the American system through the media or other organs of power? Look at these things rationally. I don’t know. I was not gonna have Barry on. But after talking to him, I couldn’t believe some of what he said. Especially about the khazarian question. History has recorded that there was a mass conversion of a very large empire. How are we to figure that white skinned blue eyed people are jewish when jews are semitic and middle eastern? How do they become white as snow and blue eyed if it were not for conversion. Anyway, my name is Daryl Bradford Smith. Be well ladies and gentlemen. Bye bye now.


Craig: Smith is a TEMPORAL COADJUTOR and has proven this many times wishing to blame Jews for everything. You see folks these people feel threatened now because finally the veils are dropping from the Vatican stage and we now see them clearly on a big scale like never before.A new REFORMATION is coming and just in the nick of time.Barry Chamish is one of the best truthsayers left in this game and believe me theres not many anymore. I suspect Barry knew the trickery of this Smith and decided stuff it. Right now Chamish is facing problems and has had to leave his family behind in Israel fearing for his life over there. Hes basically homeless and is shacking up with his relative in Canada for now. Barry isn't a young man and hes suffering right now with health and worries like most people won't imagine. I noticed from another interview he did recently that hes got a William Cooper attitude. William Cooper didn't stand no nonsense and got straight to the point. If you upset him you knew about it as he didn't see us having the time to mess around and pussy around with words. He snapped Lenny Bloom's head off recently on an interview but for good reason.Viva-la-CHAMISH!

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