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Jesuit General Pedro Arrupe calls for a new world order


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Friends -3rd Edition" to do so. If you are a genuine seeker of TRUTH
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The following text was taken from Eric Jon Phelps' book “Vatican Assassins Wounded
In The House Of My Friends - 3rd Edition”

Pages 1241 – 1244 :

Upon that successful secret testing, the Order then moved FDR to give all essential components in constructing a nuclear device to Stalin in 1943! Because neither the USSR nor Japan had declared war on each other (How convenient!), the Order could then safely move its atomic components from the USSR directly into Japan, with the full knowledge, aid and comfort of Tojo’s Military High Command. (Did not the Japanese Army throw Protestant missionaries in concentration camps but give full freedom to the many Roman Catholic missionaries throughout the South Pacific?) While the atomic devices were being meticulously assembled in Hiroshima and Nagasaki, the Order would receive complete protection from Japanese military commanders, both cities being under abject martial law. Amazingly, neither city Vatican Assassins

The Jesuits — 1945 – 1989

would be bombed by FDR’s Army Air Force, while every major metropolis of Japan would be in flames due to relentless B-29 attacks. And no wonder, for the triggers of atomic devices are extremely sensitive and thus, if Hiroshima and Nagasaki had been shaken by conventional ground or airburst explosions due to mass-bombing caused by
American B-29s on orders of General Curtis LeMay, those precious nuclear devices,
having been covertly assembled on the ground under the all-seeing, Argus eye of
future Jesuit General Pedro Arrupe, could never have detonated! On August 6, 1945 the foundation for the Pope’s Cold War is ready to be laid. If all the anti-Communist enemies of the Pope’s Communist, New York-financed USSR (which USSR had been patterned after the Black Pope’s socialist-communist Paraguayan Reductions) are to be “extirpated from the face of the whole earth,” which extirpation began with the wicked Yalta Agreement in 1945, the threat of airborne nuclear war must be deceptively created by the Devil’s foremost Master of Deceit—the Company of Jesus. Nuclear devices have been successfully detonated— secretly before 1943 and openly by July 16, 1945. The USS Indianapolis is under way to Tinian Island with its secret cargo of Uranium-235, departing from San Francisco on the very same day of the successful atomic detonation north of Alamogordo—as though it was known beforehand that the openly historic atomic test would be a smashing success! Hiroshima and Nagasaki have been left untouched by Allied bombers though Hiroshima is a prominent military target, it being the headquarters for one of the four Imperial Armies composing 90,000 Japanese soldiers! The USSR is not threatening to attack Japan, including the Order’s precious pre-Cold War atomic sites, as a Pledge of Neutrality exists between both powers, one Axis, the other Allied. The atomic devices have been successfully assembled with shielding in place so as to enable five Jesuits to take shelter underneath their monster pulse weapon upon its detonation. The Jesuits know they are to “flip the switch” upon hearing the airburst of a magnesium flash bomb—laced with Uraniun-235—to be dropped overhead. FDR had agreed to oversee the US Navy’s ONI-backed Japanese attack at Pearl Harbor in order to create World War II for “heretic and liberal” America. Hirohito has now agreed to participate in the atomic detonations at Hiroshima and Nagasaki in order to create the inquisitional Cold War for America pitted against “infidel” Buddhist and ‘heretic” Protestant Oriental peoples of the Far East—which Cold War would result in a huge commercial and naval buildup of Japan.

The Jesuits are now in their places. The fireworks now begin as the 9000- pound bomb, “Little Boy,” is dropped from the B-29, “Enola Gay,” over Hiroshima. Arrupe, cleverly out of range, describes the airburst and ensuing atomic detonation: “A gigantic fire, like a magnesium flash, suddenly leapt into the sky. I was in my office with another Jesuit. The sight made me leap from my chair and run to the window. At that instance a sort of dull continuous roaring reached our ears. It sounded more like the roar of a waterfall than the sudden explosion of a bomb.” {31} [Emphasis added]

Chapter 38
The Jesuits — 1945 – 1989

The author, Alain Woodrow, quoting Aruppe above in his The Jesuits: A Story of
Power, continues with his own narration:

“The monster’s hand had turned everything upside-down. And yet, in the house, the 35 Jesuits were unharmed. [Of course not, they knew it was coming.] At just a few miles from the epicenter no-one was even injured. Astounded to find no sign of a crater caused by the mysterious bomb, the priests climbed a nearby hill from where there was a good view of Hiroshima. But the town was no more. All that they could see was a burning plain. . . . A crowd of refugees, with burnt, disfigured and mutilated
bodies, was already trying to make its way, sometimes on hands and knees, towards the Jesuits’ home. Everyone told the same story: “I [first] saw a bright light, then [secondly] heard a terrible explosion . . .’ . . . On that terrible day of 6 August, heavy rain, brought on by the bombing, started to fall on the smoldering town. Pedro Arrupe and a few companions decided to make their way to another Jesuit house in the middle of Hiroshima. The sights were beyond belief. Thousands of bodies cut to pieces, a child dying between white-hot beams, and from all around came the unbearable screams of the injured. Arrupe’s little group took five hours to reach the five Jesuits who lived in the town. Amazingly, although they were all injured, not one was fatally so.” [The Order, with its typical hypocrisy, attributed this supposed “miracle” to the Virgin Mary!

Dear truth-seeker, this is heartless, blindly obedient Jesuitism in all of its historic and savage glory in making the Pope the Universal Monarch of the World ruling from the Third Hebrew Temple in Jerusalem.] {32} [Emphasis added] Upon the destruction of Nagasaki and Hiroshima, the new dogma of airborne nuclear devastation was strongly promoted by Archbishop Francis Cardinal Spellman’s media moguls, Knight of Malta Henry R. Luce and Knight of Malta Frank Capra. The mass destruction “proved” the impending doom of an “airborne nuclear holocaust” justifying the creation of a new “peace-keeping” world authority— the treasonous United Nations—that will one day control Jerusalem’s Holy Mount while overseeing the rebuilding of a glorious new Third Temple—for the Pope! But the facts regarding “airborne nuclear war” prove otherwise. At the time the only nuclear devices ever detonated were stationary and on the ground! None had ever been dropped by aircraft in testing! We will grant that objects, represented to the world as being “atomic bombs,” were dropped over Hiroshima and Nagasaki, and that atomic explosions followed, as attested to by one of the pilots of Enola Gay while sailing with the author’s mother years later in the San Francisco Bay. But pilots and crews would have no way of knowing whether it was the objects dropped by them that exploded, or different objects already installed and in place at ground level. Further,

Vatican Assassins
The Jesuits — 1945 – 1989

according to the thesis of Australian engineer, author and pilot Captain Bruce L.
Cathie in his suppressed Harmonic 33, a nuclear detonation can only occur at a
specific time when the trigger is in a precise geometric position with the sun, his
theory being in perfect agreement with biblical gocentricity—Psalm 19:4-6! After a
long discussion he concludes:
“Until I am informed officially otherwise, I will maintain that the
destruction of an atom depends on the [earthly] geometric position of
the triggering device, and the geometric [seasonal] position of the
[moving] Sun [called “a window of opportunity”]. Is it possible to fight
an atomic war on this basis? The whole thing would be completely
illogical . . . the bomb has to be dropped on a pinpoint geometric position
and during a certain instant of time, if it is to explode.” [Dear truth-seeker,
were the “bombs” dropped on Japan merely ”dirty” uranium and
plutonium-laced magnesium flash devices coordinated with technical
ground teams below, one of which was located at the Jesuit House in the
middle of Hiroshima and from where the underground switch was thrown
(after which all five Jesuits emerged having survived the blast), detonating
the atomic device just as it was done at the proving grounds in the
southwestern United States only a few weeks before? Dear truth-seeker, is
Edwin Corley’s fictional The Jesus Factor really true, that nuclear devices
cannot detonate if they are in motion?] {33} [Emphasis added]

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