Monday, August 31, 2009

Dan Brown and other information

Dan Brown's "The Lost Symbol" devles more into the history of Freemasonry than just the Illuminati. The Book is a fictional tale on early American history, but it does have truth mixed with falsehoods in it. The book accuses George Washington of being a traitor by working with the British government during the Revolutionary war. In the fictional story, Washington admitted to this in a deathbed confession, while his fellow Masons concealed this information. The confession was concealed in his coffin. What is true is that Freemason Benedict Arnold was a real traitor Arnold desired to surrender the fort at West Point to the British, so the tide of war could be won in the British military's favor. Washington was to meet Arnold on the day when the plot was discovered, but George Washington wasn't a traitor. Historian Robert Cooper, curator of the Grand Lodge of Scotland and a world authority on Freemasonry doesn't want the Rossayln effect (or treasure hunters going in to research the grail or other objects). Dan Brown's fiction is interesting and popular since he mixes real history with fiction in order to inspire inquiry among people. Suprisingly, Freemasons are so fearful of this new book that they are using websites to Dan' Brown's "The Lost Symbol" accurately protray George Washington as becoming a Mason in 1752 at age 20. James Madison and Benjamin Franklin are also Freemasons. According to Cooper, Scottish Masons took the principles of Freemasonry over to America in the first place. "Scotland is different from the rest of the world in that we go back before Freemasonry as an 18th century organisation. We were ordinary working guys - craft guilds - with our own ancient knowledge and rituals. It was the original egalitarian society, and that's what we took to America." He says the first known Freemasons in North America were Scotsmen from Aberdeen and Melrose. "That was in 1648, a hundred years before George Washington. A hundred years after George Washington, during a Masonic ceremony, a Scotsman laid the foundation stone for the Statue of Liberty. Not a bad bit of continuity..." It's not a secret that Scottish Freemasonry had a serious role in the creation of the Revolutionary War era. Some from the Lodge of St. Andrew met in the Green Dragon Tavern in Boston plus on St. Andrews's night on November 30th, 1773. This was done to coordinate the Boston Tea Party (where men dressed up as Mohawks to throw tea in the Boston Harbor). Paul Revere was another Mason involved in the Revolution. After the war, stonemasons from Scottish help build buildings across Washington D.C. The building included the White House and the Capitol Building. Dan Brown's story have Robert Langdon trying to find the secret buried about Washington in his coffin (Robert finds Masonic codes of reference and the researcher can't make sense of the symbolism he knows is a significant find). Langdon talks with a high level Freemason with knowledge of the symbolism of his Order. Dan Brown writes that the FBI and the CIA team up with the Craft in order to suppress the truth. Langdon is murdered before he can explain his findings. The CIA and the FBI are trying to find the confession in the fictional story in order to safegaurd America's intergriy plus its founding father. Probably, the most accurate portion of Dan Brown's "The Lost Symbol" is that Washington D.C. is filled with Masonic and occult symbolism.

The book admits that a Pentagram pattern does exist in the street layout north of the White House. Ironically, the Washington Post called D.C. The Pentagram City. The Pentagram with one side missing is still a specialized Pentagram according to 33rd Degree Freemason Manly P. Hall. The book accurately ponts out that the 1 Dollar Bill isn't just a picture. It has the All Seeing Eye hovering over the unfinished pyramid. As many realize the All Seeing Eye is a representation of the Masonic version of God (which is called the Eye of Providence or the GAOTU) or the Eye of Horus. That is the reason that this Eye isn't Almighty God since Almighty God isn't an eye at all. It admits that the Washington Monument is an obelisk, which it is. The obelisk is a representation of the sun god Ra, Baal or the masculine principle in the esoteric world. Back in the Old Testament days, God told the Israelites to destroy the pillars or obelisk in their lands since they represented old sun worship and paganism. "The Lost Symbol" has truth mixed with spin. What is interesting to point out that Masonic cornerstone rituals occur in D.C. like the Capitol (in the Corn, Wine, and Oil ceremony). The Corn, wine, and oil ritual relates to paganism, but Masons claim it is about joy and celebration.

Edward Kennedy was notoriously anti-Second Amendment. He passed away recently and that is a sad reality, but the truth ought to be known about his personal legacy. Senator Ted Kennedy wanted mandatory internal locks on every firearm and other forms of draconian measures that would heavily violate the rights of citizens to own guns. He must of have this visceral reaction to guns after the evil assassinations of his 2 brothers by assassins. Yet, it's illogical to blame objects for human hatred, while trying to punish innocent human beings. Ironically, Ted Kennedy's private bodyguard being arrested to carry a fully automatic Beretta machine pistol into a Government building. So, bodyguards of anti-gun people can own guns, but certain innocent citizens can't. Well, Ted Kennedy's death shouldn't be disresepected or exploited either for political gain. Kennedy was right on some issues and dead wrong on others. That's the total truth on the man of Edward Kennedy.

By Timothy

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Alien born said...

No, not from another planet, just not born in the USA! I have read several books by the Robert Cooper guy you mention & although I grant some of what he claims I think it's also a case of "he protests too much, methinks." I believe some Freemasons do have some real secrets. Which Dan Brown probably does not release or even know of at all. I think that he did some deal with them for their assistance in his background material for the Lost Symbol. If you read the novel "The Lion and the Covenant" (available from Amazon) by contrast you may learn a lot more. The media are refusing to carry any stories about this book. I wonder why?