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News in Wisconsin, etc.

There are the police and the controversy over the use of force on Wisconsin protesters. A state law enforcement representative said that the police would don riot gear and use force on protesters in Wisconsin. Yet, most police officers aren't with that mentality. There is the ongoing union demonstrations against a plan by Governor Scott Walker to eliminate collective bargaining rights for most public employees could end in violence. The WLEA or the Wisconsin Law Enforcement Association has vocally condemned Walker's move to raise the level of pension and health contributions public workers would be forced to pay. WLEA executive board President Tracy Fuller said that troopers would still obey order, don riot gear, and will use force against protesters to crush dissent if they were told to do so. “I have worked with the University of Wisconsin police officers that are there, along with the capitol police officers, and certainly I’ve worked with the state patrol officers because I’m a state patrol inspector. I’m not able to even fathom that any of those police officers would not carry out whatever orders were given to do their job,” Fuller told Raw Story.  “I guess that’s the one ironic thing about this,” he continued. “Last night my wife asked me to make a sign for her to take down there to protest. On that day, I thought to myself I could be making a protest sign for my wife to take down there … Then I could be down there confronting my wife with the protest sign that I made. God, you see … That’s … That’s my job.” He added that it would not look like the USA if he did that. Fuller noted that it was possible that agent provocateurs could be used to infiltrate the protesters and cause a violent flash point. Governor Scott's revelation that he had put the Wisconsin National Guard on alert. This move deemed to be a threat design to intimidate protesters according to some. There are 3000 Guardsmen returned to the state from battling insurgents in Iraq. The returning unit comprises about half of Wisconsin's National Guard soldiers that are currently on active duty. There was violence used by the state to break a workers' rally. It happened in 1886 when the Guard, then the State Militia, fired upon Milwaukee workers advocating an 8 hour work day. This event have killed at least 5 people. The Republican controlled Assembly plans to debate and possible vote on Walker's bill today. Democratic lawmakers fled the capitol to delay the process. They want to introduce more than 100 amendments in an effort to drag out the fight until concessions are made. These events include revolutions, austerity, energy, and food inflation. In other words, high inflation and high food prices contributed to the protests and riots all over the world. This revolution is trying to be hijacked by the elite in order to promote globalization.

Terry Melanson have done some great research on the disinformation on Meltzer on the Georgia Guidestones. For decades, researchers have found that the Georgia Guidestones (regardless of who created it) has been utilized by the establishment as an excuse to promote dehumanization and a radical population control agenda. This is evident on the contents on the statue. Meltzer and his crew don't take the agenda of the Guidestone seriousness. They approach Raymond Wiley. Wiley gives an accurate account on the situation with the statue. Wiley tells the truth that the statue promotes a Malthusian, new world order agenda. Meltzer doesn't discuss aobut population control or eugenics throughout the whole time. They focus on the Rosicrucian situation, but don't get to the core of the message. R. C. Christian has been accused of being a Rosicrucian. R. C. Christian is the nickname of the builder of the Georgia Guidestones. Brad Meltzer omits that Rosicurcianism has a key influence on all modern western esotericism. Freemasonry, the Golden Dawn, Martinist sects, Theosophy, the New Age movement, New thought, the Nazis, etc. have influence or some relationship with Rosicrucian ideas. Meltzer ignores the real, documented population control tie to the Georgia Guidestones. This crew does interview Jo Benner of the  Church of Illumination, the church of the Rosecrucian Fraternity, and Priestess of Melchizadek” – espousing an alchemical and Gnostic view of Christ, the 2012 canard, cataclysmic earth changes, Edgar Cayce, coronal mass ejections and manipulating machines with your mind. This is a distract from the real issues pertaining to the structure since yes the structure is in an astronomical pattern (but its real agenda is trying to decrease as many people as possible). Raymond Wiley to his credit has a real book on the Georgia Guidestones that talks about serious matters. The megalithic monument has both astronomical influence and political agendas shown in it. The wish of wanting only a population of 500 million people is similar to people like Ted Turner in desiring a lower population (in order for us humans to return more to Nature). It isn't a secret that the Club of Rome, the Aspen Institute, and establishment environmental figures (like Maurice Strong) desire a new age, pro-population control system in the world. To harm humanity isn't just in the pass. Many elitists, foundations, and think tanks have discussed the possibility of adding sterilants to the water supply. Malthus believed that the population of man would continue to grow geometrically in an irrational fashion unless an intervention came (like war, famine, controls on people, plagues, death, etc.). Malthus is wrong since real technological development by man (that is utilized in the right fashion can naturally handle populations and improve the basic functions of the environment in general. R. C. Christian wrote a book to the Elberton Granite Association. In it, he admitted that he wanted a world government to handle affairs and deal with an Age of Reason. The Age of Reason was used by the Bavarian Illuminati and Utopians to promote a society where man's intellect is worship beyond God's will (and that Nature is worshipped too. As Adam Weishaupt praised Nautre). The hatred of nationalism, patriotism, the love of ones ethnic identity, and the nation-state have been the goals of the elite for thousands of year. Even the CFR member Richard Haass want states to cede their sovereignity to world bodies. Even the Bahai Faith have members desiring a world government, a world parliament, and word Code of law (even when they are correct in calling for equality. Yet, legitimately promoting equality is never an excuse to advance world government). R.C. Christian wants population control and the State to control human reproduction, which is a violation of personal liberty. People like Kingsley Davis and others wish for the social regulation of child bearing. Meltzer self censors himself from really admitting about the new world order, which is clever on his part. Yet, God is more clever in showing the truth to his children all of the time in our generation.

A recap of exposing Ayn Rand is in order. Rand was a fictional writer in the 20th century. Her real name was Alice Rosenbaum. She was born in 1905 in St. Petersburg, Urssia. She left to America in 1926 to escape communist persecution. He wrote Atlas Shrugged in 1957. She died in 1982 and promoted Objectivism. This philosophy wants to view each individual as its own god individual. It places the interests of the individual above responsibilities to help others. Her extreme libertarian views made her loved by many conservatives worldwide. She didn't like any social welfare whatsoever. She doesn't even believe that the government should help the poor and less fortunate of society being a social Darwinist (allowing the so-called strong survive when many of them surviving aren't really strong at all morally). Ayn Rand was paranoid in thinking that government's only role was to oppress people. A U.S postage stamp support her when she promoted the evil virtue of selfishness instead of selflessness. She wanted greed to be virtuous and hated charity. She was an atheist and viewed the concept of God as degrading to a man when there has been conclusive evidence that God doesn't exist at all. Ironically, Newt Gingrich, Ron Paul, Tom Delay, Ronald Reagan, Alan Greenspan, and other have praised Ayn Rand. They love tax cuts for the wealthy and some of this ilk want to eliminate the minimum wage. There should be self reliance, but also sacrifice, charity, love for the neighbor, and fighting against poverty.

There is an US and EU situation. Some of them want people to accept spending cuts along with higher taxes on top of soaring inflation and food prices. This is done as some in the Western elite want to buy off post-revolution governments in the Middle East and Northern Africa (with billions of aid to install possibly new puppets). Arms shouldn't aid puppets in any place of the world that would benefit the military industrial complex. Some have called this a big program that is similar to the Marshall Plan, which was instituted to rebuild Europe after World War Two.
“In the US, Bill Richardson, former Governor of New Mexico, a leading Democratic foreign policy thinker and a confidant of President Obama, told The Times: “Western governments need to think of this as a Marshall-Plan-type moment and a dramatic change in the world’s security order.”
“As senior officials from the EU, US, Japan and Australia prepared for an emergency summit on the Middle East in Brussels this week, Mr Richardson added: “We have to find a way to get on the right side of these democracy movements that are going to explode, and continue to explode,” reports the Australian. There is nothing wrong with wishing that any nation would have real civil liberty reforms. Yet, we should have discernment to not use revolution to promote corporate interests. Some in the White House is considering using a huge aid package to entice Egypt's business insiders to play ball in return of cooperation with Israel's private sector. There is a $4 billion subsidy program to try to keep food prices down during Egypt's transition to democracy. There is even a record number of Americans being on food stamps with no help to them. EU foreign policy Baroness Ashton never was elected to public office in her life. She is set to launch an European Union lead effort to try to subvert the revolutions (by using billions in taxpayer funds that are sequestered by Brussels bureaucrats at a summit designed to nurture democratic structures). Revolutions are spreading in Egypt, Tunisia, Libya, Algeria, Jordan, Yemen, and Bahrain. The Bilderberger David Cameron wants to make nice with the Egyptian new military dictatorship as a means to cash in on the tidal wave of democracy spreading across the region.
The British Prime Minister led no less than eight (yes – eight!) different defense firms on a tour of the region, even as Libyan dictator Colonel Gaddafi used weapons bought from British companies to slaughter hundreds of protesters.

Vatican/Jesuit news are still occuring in February of 2011. King Juan Carloas is a Knight of Malta and has influence all over the Middle East. He met with the Jesuit trained person of Shimon Peres. Carlos is from the House of Bourbon which is the continuum today of the powerful Papal Nobility family called the Farnese. Carlos is a high level Equestrian Order of the Holy Sepulchre, Sovereign Military order of Malta and of course a Sacred Military Constantinian Order of St George amongst many other high level Papist Orders. He's a very high level revived templar well connected to the Knights of the Virgin Mary IHS and most likely has a seat on their Council of covert advisers to it's Superior General. Remember Carlos was born in Rome where his true allegiance lies. Carlos was trained by the Knights of the Virgin Mary IHS. King Juan Carlos met with Russians as well including Queen Sophia. Pope Benedict XVI meet with the Russian President Medvedev as well. The hostile actions in the Middle East is increasing the risk of the Middle East exploiting in conflicts among a higher level. The war on terror is having a new trend. There are revolutions and people think about the possibility of WWII. There is radical food riots and the the elite used the Memorandum 200 as an excuse to promote the depopulation of the Third World's population. Global 2000 report outlined similar goals as well. Secret Societies are using the Middle East conflict as an excuse to promote an establishment of the new world order. Right now, the Muslim Brotherhood said that they will form an official political party. Israel has closed many embassies in the region. Iranian warships are headed to Syria via the Suez Canal to pass off the coast of Israel.

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