Monday, November 21, 2011

The truth is here

Washington Blog made an excellent article about issues. We Americans may decrease on many social and political issues, but most of us agree on many things. Most of us agree that we don’t want more Wall Street bailouts period. Most polls have shown this. Most Americans oppose financial bailouts according to the Rasmussen Reports. Even 74 percent of Americans believe that Wall Street benefited the most from them. Even most Republicans don’t agree with the bailouts. Even before some of the Tea Party people were hijacked by the mainstream Republican party, Sarah Palin, neocons, Koch brothers, etc. many of them protested the government bailouts. Also, most of us believe in ending crony capitalism (or big business and government uniting to harm consumers. This isn’t representative of a local economy where there is fair play). So, in that system, the government aided big banks to have more power and this increase their insolvency. The big corporations have brought politicians. Liberals and Conservatives agree that giant corporations and big banks ruling much of society isn’t representative of true local capitalism, but it’s fascism. It’s pretty much the economic system of the elite or a neo-feudalism. Most people want Wall Street prosecuted. The Rasmussen poll in October 2011 mentioned that 2./3 of all Americans believe that the federal government isn’t doing enough to pursue criminal behavior by some Wall Street bankers. Many populists want to end or rein in the Federal Reserve. Most Americans even want to have a true aduit of the Federal Reserve. This isn’t extreme at all, but basically common sense methods in order to have a real solution to our financial issues. Americans across the political spectrum say the Fed shouldn’t retain its current structure of independence. Asked if the central bank should be more accountable to Congress, left independent or abolished entirely, 39 percent said it should be held more accountable and 16 percent that it should be abolished. Only 37 percent favor the status quo. Some economists have mentioned the same thing. Most of us want to respect liberty and real concepts from the Constitution. I don’t agree with constitutional rights to be violated from the Patriot Act. I dont’ agree with the war on terror being executed in Afghanistan and Iraq. Perpetual warfare is wrong and should be eliminated. Most Americans want an U.S. withdrawal from Iraq and that the war isn’t worth fighting. We shouldn’t have any unjust military intervention period. Foreign policy should be about diplomacy, trade, and other peaceful avenues to solve problems without war or unjust aggression (that is promoted by the AEI, neocons, and the usual suspects. We know the suspects). Also, tons of us believe in safe good and safe water. Most Americans oppose water pollution, air pollution, and toxic pollutants like MSG, etc. in our food plus water supplies. I believe that GMO foods should be labeled at least and we should maintain strong food safety standards. These policies are accepted by people from across the political spectrum. If these demands are real, why isn’t the mainstream media talking aobut these issues a lot. Could it be that the corporate media (as an engine of the CFR/Bilderberg/Pilgrim network) wants politicans to be bought (and us to be at each others throats in order for radical solutions to be eliminated from the conversation). It seems so to me since radical acts are the only way things will change. Divide and conquer is one of the oldest ways to permit the Left/Right paradigm. The Left/Right paradigm ends once we talk about our civil liberties, health freedom, making the FED be accountable, have anti-war policies, and believing in true liberty for all human beings. Republicans and Democrats in their leadership aren’t readily talking about core demands of U.S. people. We will never agree on every single issue, but we do have core convictions that we all share.

2 concepts represent the essence of real Americans and real people throughout the world. Regardless of where you come from, regardless of how you look like, and regardless of whom you are, you have the same intrinsic worth and value of any person. Yet, it’s easy to see the much of the National Security Agencies in the world have done massive evils from violations of human privacy to done right murder plus genocide of people globally. The event of the assassination of JFK (the Iran Contra scandal, 9/11, etc.) represent the oligarch’s attack on human decency. We have and the have nots economically have increased even after 9/11. There is more militarization of domestic areas in America. This was the time when future Supreme Court Justice Lewis Powell, in a 1971 memorandum that survival of the free enterprise system depended on “careful long-range planning and implementation” of a well-financed response to threats from the left.” This means that the elite didn’t want progressive solutions to economic corruption, so they have issued foundations, etc. to stagnant revolution. Since the 1970’s, the elite’s counterrevolution used reactionary politics to promote neoconservativism, neo-liberalism, and anti-civil rights actions. Even the Continuity of Government (COG) plans have been made in the 1980’s under influence Rumsfeld and Cheney back in 1982. JFK by 1963 began to wake up heavily. He wanted détente with the Soviets. He wanted even to have a possible normalization of relations between Cuba and the USA. He gave food aid to China. He promoted a civil rights bill and he wanted health care for senior citizens. So, he was growing more progressive. He wasn’t perfect and we know forthrightly about his errors. They are known, but he made an effort to try to change society.

We who live in America know that we can do better. America has a much more police state system including the world. One simple example is that normal police carry militarized weapons. There are contradictions in the society as well. It’s the same elite bloodlines that has been involved for thousands of years promoting this police state, globalization, and centralized corporate control over the people. Even the Statue of Liberty overtly based on freedom, but it was a gift sent to America by French Freemasons to represents the Mysteries (and its influence in Europe, America, and the world). The Statue relates to the Goddess archetype spanning thousands of years from ancient Babylon, to Juno, and to the modern age of the 21st century. It’s these same Secret Societies using death oaths and non-disclosure causing a lot of the nefarious events that we witness in the globe today from the murder of the innocent man William Morgan to the bloody slaughter of the French Revolution. The Freedom Tower is being constructed as well. That event has come about because of the orchestrated inside job of 9/11. The war on terror has been promoted in PNAC documents way before 9/11. Increased poverty has come about against the poor and now the middle class, because of the evil inequalities that transpired. Also, deceptions dominate the psyche of human beings today. The slave-owners (controlled by the same people, the same bloodlines) used oppression and today, their descendants use political correctness, religious deception, and faux patriotism (especially with the promotion of the anti-civil liberty, extremist John Wayne. Wayne supported the McCarthy witchhunts) as a control mechanism to control human beings. John Wayne glamorizes the theft and extermination of Native American peoples, so he isn’t a role model for anyone. We should get rid of the John Wayne mentality and embrace truth. The same mentality of John Wayne (like stealing land, privatizing resources, giving control of the economy to the FED and corporate interests) is still among us. I don’t need transhumanism or bashing all spirituality as a specialty, but logic, reason, and spiritual strength to carry forward to promote righteousness & justice.  It isn’t just America being involved with this. Europe has to answer for some of its xenophobia as well. If the slaughter of innocent people by the Nazis and by Stalin is wrong, then the slaughter of Libya is wrong as well. It’s just as simple as that. You don’t need to follow another man’s throne. You don’t need to kill a man to be a man. To don’t need to act like a brutish person to be a real human. You just need grace, strength, and love. Intellect in learning about things beyond sports, organized religion (as opposed to truthfully believing that all peoples that follow the truth are children of one loving Father), and Hollywood is a great way to go as well. America is being used by the enemy to destroy itself (in order to promote a police state globalized system) when the enemy’s origin is from the Old World not the New World.

One tactic of the enemy today is to believe in the lie that only reactionaries believe in conspiracy facts. The reality is that people from across the political spectrum believe in conspiracy facts like William Morgan’s assassination, Operation Ajax, assassination of other leaders, and other real historical facts. I don’t agree with OWS being peeper sprayed by police. I don’t agree with some people trying to censor the views of Alex Jones and David Icke. Yet, people have the right to disagree with some of their views in a peaceful way. I don’t agree with New Age deception under the guise of supposed “truthseeking.” Real truth embracing isn’t about forsaking the Law, but following the real Law to live a more fruitful life. Lawlessness is never righteousness. It’s funny that Nimmo mentions one site doing this censorship policy, but won’t expose how corporate elitists have stolen wealth from the poor at gunpoint for thousands of years. Also, the Rockefellers funded the Austrian economic movement. Helping another human being isn’t a part of socialism. People have exposed the Federal Reserve monetary system for a long time. People like us don’t obsess with them as a mean to promote anti-labor, anti-civil liberties rhetoric though. Also, the new world order wants globalization, less freedom, and less taxes for the super rich elite. The problem is that corruption is in government not that we need no government since government should be of the people (not the elite).

Homer was one of the most famous poets in human history. He was known for created the great epic poems of the Iliad (that described the history of the Trojan War between the Trojans and the Myceneans) and the Odyssey. The Odyssey was an epic poem that dealt with the Greek hero Odysseus that returned home after the fall of Troy. He comes into Ithaca after 10 years of travel. Odysseus died and his wives (and her child Telemachus) live their lives. Many people called the Proci try to compete with Penelope’s hand in marriage. The Odyssey in summary refers to a long journey. Aeschylus and Sophocles dealt with creating dramas. Aeschylus was a tragic playwright (or stories that deal with death or horrible conclusions in life). He wrote the Oresteia. Sophocles was another tragic playwright and he wrote the Antigona. Euripides was a tragic playwright that wrote the “Trojan Woman.” Aristophanes was a comic playwright and he wrote the “Lysistrata.” This play was using humor to talk about the women of Athens uniting to force their husbands to end a war against Sparta. A comedy in ancient Greece dealt with laughable people, humor, or some blunder that doesn’t cause pain or disaster. Some deal with satire (or a play that mocks society) or outright humor. Comedies mocked people or customs. The father of Greek history was Herodotus. He promoted research in histories. He wrote “The Persian Wars” that detailed the Greek conflict with the Persians. Once, ancient cultures just listed names of leaders’ names and used legends. Yet, Herodotus collected data from witnesses, etc. to develop his history of the Persian War. He rejected bias (or distorted information), but promoted Greek love over Persian tyranny. He made speeches and conservations for historical figures. Another historian was named Thucydides. He was younger than Herodotus and wrote about the Peloponnesian War. He lived through the time and detailed the violence of that war. He tried to be fair to both sides even though he was an Athenian. Herodotus wanted research and Thucydides wanted to be fair to all sides in his historical accounts (to end bias).

By Timothy


Andrea Muhrrteyn said...

Hmmm very thought provoking. Been thinking about it all day, been bugging my subconscious.

John Wayne huh. I didn't know all that about him. Whenever I think of him, I think of the role he played in Who Shot Liberty Valentine, and I think he should have fought harder for love.

Research v. fairness: it can be possible to do both. I don't think it has to be one or the other. If you are sincerely interested in exploring the research aspect, we can do so. I just prefer to be upfront with people, so they know where they stand. When I don't clearly know where I stand, its not possible for me to let others know clearly where they stand.

‘Captain William Morgan’: “I never with God's grace shall do anything in private which I may not without shame proclaim upon the tops of houses.”

Crazy for ApacheTom: “You are the head, she is your body, it is your office to command and hers to obey, but yet with such a sweet harmony as she should be as ready to obey as you to command, as willing to follow as you to go before, your love being wholly knit unto her, and all her affections lovingly bent to follow your will.” -- Leave that Holy White Lotus Fool alone!

Druv said...

Never give up hope, never surrender =)

There is always justice in the world, and evil doers will pay for their crimes.

Till that time comes, we have to hang on for fate to kick in!

Never loose hope in justice brother!


Andrea Muhrrteyn said...