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The Fiscal Cliff near 2013



The President Barack Obama gave a recent speech about the fiscal cliff. Is the fiscal cliff serious? The answer is yes, because if it comes, millions of Americans will lose unemployment benefits without a deal. The President talked about how Boehner and Reid could make an economic deal. He said that if no deal is made before the end of the year, then he called on Harry Reid to send a bill that outlines his political plans to Congress on an up or down vote. If the GOP turned down the austerity filled Plan B from Boehner, which included cuts to food stamps, then you know that some of them are extreme. If nothing happens, then unfortunately tax increases will come on all taxpayers and budget cuts will come in the USA. The political establishment controls both the leadership of the Republicans and the Democrats. A worst case scenario is when the burden to handle the crisis is sent to the least to defend themselves, which includes the unemployed, the sick, the elderly, and the poor. If nothing occurs, then we will see the end of the Bush era tax cuts. There will be the elimination of a series of tax credits for college students and low income families with children. There will a sharp decline in Medicare reimbursements to physicians, which is likely to reduce the number of doctors willing to take Medicare patients. These negative results along with more will cause a devastating blow to the working class' living standards. Workers who are unemployed will suffer greatly too if the status quo continues. If nothing happens, as high as $600 billion can be drained form the economy over one year alone. Regardless of what happens, the political elite will not suffer greatly since they have offshore accounts and other resources to prevent a massive economic sting. The working class and the poor will suffer the most, because for over three decades, the wealth has been redistributed from the poor to the rich. Economic inequality among the poor and the rich has grown in the past few decades too. Both Republicans and the Democrats issued rebukes against each other as a means to blame each other for the financial crisis. The truth is that both parties have made crucial errors in the whole circumstance. The Democratic-controlled Senate convened Thursday, with Majority Leader Harry Reid denouncing the Republican House Speaker John Boehner for exercising a “dictatorship” by refusing to allow a vote on a Senate plan to extend the Bush tax cuts for families making under $250,000 a year. He said it was now likely that there would be no agreement to avert going over the “fiscal cliff.” Last week House Republicans blocked a proposal from Boehner himself that would have allowed the Bush tax cuts to expire for families with annual incomes of $1 million or more. Geithner said that the federal government may temporarily halt payments of pensions to retired federal workers. The debt ceiling could reach 16.4 trillion dollars. The Republican controlled House doesn’t want to raise the debt ceiling, which could allow the Treasury to further borrow money.

Eugenics is one of the biggest evils in the world today. One of the biggest lies of the establishment and even some in the mainstream media is that somehow our population growth is out of control and massive depopulation is what we need to handle environmental issues. Humans are not perfect, but humans can make a difference in improving the conditions in the Earth. We have a little more than 7 billion human beings in the world and our percent of growth per decade has decreased over the years. We should deal with the environment in a just fashion, but the reality is that U.S. carbon emissions are at a 20 year low. The establishment is wrong to embrace their population hysteria, because birth rates are dropping worldwide. The Western European countries of Germany, Holland, Belgium, Spain, Italy, and Sweden have total fertility rates below the replacement rate. Denmark saw 4,400 fewer children born in 2011 than in 2010 with projections in 2012 on track for the nation having its lowest birth rate on record since 1998. Canada's birth rate fell to 10.5 percent per 1,000 people in 2002. That is the lowest rate it had been since 1921. New figures in 2011 have Canada's birth rate fall even further into 10.28. Australia's birth rate has fallen over two decades. That is why that nation wants to assist families and encourage growth. China even has its birth rates going down. It went from 16.12 per 1,000 people in 2000 to 12.31 in 2012. Mexico’s population explosion is now a myth similar to China’s; in 2010, The Economist declared the country’s birth rate to be in “free fall.” Russia’s 2012 birth rate was lower at 10.94 per 1,000 people than its death rate at 16.03 per 1,000 people. Russia has the second highest death rate of any country in the world. In 2009, the World Health Organization (WHO) declared South Korea to have the world’s lowest birth rate for the second year in a row; North Korea’s birth rates were also in steep decline, from 20.43 per 1,000 people in 2000 to 14.51 per 1,000 people in 2012. Japan’s government is now estimating that if birth rates in the country continue to decline on the same trend as seen in the past few decades, the nation’s population will shrink 30 percent by 2060. Morocco, Syria, and Saudi Arabia’s fertility rates have all declined nearly 60 percent overall. Singapore’s birth rates dropped so low in 2012 (1.2 per 1,000 people), the nation’s Prime Minister’s office released a paper to combat the “serious” issue entitled, “Our Population Our Future.” India and Poland are having a less birth rate as well. The good news is that the highest birth rates in 2012 are in the African nations of Niger and Uganda. That is positive, because we want to see more life in the world. Overall, human population growth is leveling off not massively increasing according to a population growth study conducted by University of Minnesota's Ecology Professor Clarence Lehman. There are rising disease rates in the world too. Childhood leukemia, brain cancers, and the autoimmune disorder Celiac disease are growing in the world according to the WHO. The WHO even mentioned that Alzheimer's and other debilitating dementias affect 24.3 million human beings and these ills are rising in developing countries. Type 1 diabetes has increased in the American youth according to the American Diabetes Association in the realm of 23 percent between 2001 and 2009. Environmental threats are not just in the air or in the water. They exist in dangerous vaccine with formaldehyde. There are GMOs or genetically modified organisms that can cause infertility, liver disease, tumors and death in animals and humans. Big Agra companies even gave us DDT and Agent Orange. Geoengineering have been proven to harm the air as well including artificial fluoride is harmful to folks as well. The water in Nazi concentration camps even used fluoride as a means to make the victims of the concentration camps docile. Fluoride has been tied to kidney damage, arthritis, thyroid disease, pineal gland calcification, endocrine disruption, infertility, bone cancer, cardiovascular disease, joint damage, gastrointestinal issues, and lowered IQ. Artificial fluoride is a chemical byproduct of aluminum and phosphate fertilizer manufacturing. Some prescription drugs have killed folks as well even more than some illegal drugs. The Population Research Institute or the PRI document how massive overpopulation is a myth when we have record low birth rates in various nations of the world. Al Gore, Bill Gates, Ted Turner, and others are wrong to assume that population growth in the world is increasing in some unstable fashion.

One of the biggest lies made by New Agers and their ilks is that Jesus Christ was some rip off of Mithras. Whether you agree or disagree with Christianity, the truth must be known not slander or lie. If a person agrees or disagrees with Christianity, I have far more respect for them if they voluntarily do it without slander or stereotyping. Far too often, people hate Jesus so much, that they use lies. Now, here are the following facts. Mithras was not born of a virgin at all. Anahita is a Goddess and she was not Mithra's mother at all. That is an old lie and slander against Jesus Christ. Mithras was shown in the art works as being made from out of a rock and then creating the world cave. He was not originally born in a cave. Even Ronald Nash admitted in writing that: "...Mithra was supposedly born when he emerged from a rock..." Mithras was born in December 25, but there is no evidence that the birth of Jesus Christ was in December 25. The church later on made that date up as a means to celebrate the birthday of Christ. There is no conclusive evidence that Mithras was born in December 25 at all. Mithras never had 12 disciples. The Iranian Mithras, as we have seen, did have a single companion (Varuna), and the Roman Mithras had two helper/companions, tiny torch-bearing likenesses of himself, called Cautes and Cautopatres, that were perhaps meant to represent the sunrise and sunset (whereas "Big Daddy" Mithra was supposed to be noon), spring and autumn, the stars Albedaran and Antares [Beck.PO, 26] or life and death. Mithras had many animal companions including a snake, a dog, a lion, a scorpion, but not 12 of them. Mithras never had a concept of the death and resurrection of its god according to the scholar Ronald Nash. In his book Image and Value in the Greco-Roman World, Richard Gordon writes that there is “no death of Mithras,” and thus there is no resurrection of Mithras. Dr. Edwin Yamauchi states: “We don’t know anything about the death of Mithras…We have a lot of monuments, but we have almost no textual evidence, because this was a secret religion. But I know of no references to a supposed death and resurrection.” Only Roman Mithraism has the Sunday as a day of worship. Also, the NT is clear that believers can worship on any day of the week and it is not a prerequisite for heresy at all. There is no evidence of Sunday being a day of worship as a part of Iranian Mithraism. So, the truth is that Mithraism is different from Christianity completely. Similarities exist in many religions, but that doesn't mean that real religion is nonexistent or folks should hate Jesus. A person has the right to be a Christian or not, but people should be called out if they use lies against a religion as a means to disagree with a religion period. Also, there was no Eucharist in the early church, but the Lord's Supper. Mithras didn't die in the stories. He killed a cosmic bull representing the constellation Taurus, and rode via a chariot into the heavens. Marking the heads of soldiers in Mithras has nothing to do with early Christianity at all. In Mithraism there is no historical mention of crucifixion, burial or resurrection in any artwork or text. Christians do not worship the sun, so the worship of the sun by the ancient Romans have no bearing on Christianity at all. A basic examination of the factual evidence shows that the Bible or early Christians didn't plagiarize from the story of Mithras. For the skeptics who are talking about Christmas, please. Many real Christians do not celebrate Christmas for various reasons. Me personally, I don't believe in Christmas because of it strange origin, it pagan ideals, and it is very materialistic plus it is filled with capitalistic exploitation. This doesn't mean during this season we should express pessemism and lacking hope. This is one of the great times of the year where anybody can help the poor, fight injustice, speak out for truth, and do a whole list of constructive actions in life in general. For years, my mother allowed me and my brothers to read sections of the Bible that describe the birth of Jesus Christ. I have no issue with this, because there is nothing wrong with learning about critical spiritual concepts in dealing with a revolutionary human being like the Lord Jesus Christ. Not to mention that just because Christmas has pagan origins doesn't mean that all Christians are brainwashed, ignorant folks that don't comprehend true social consciousness. Now, many Christians are being killed in Syria by rebels. Many Coptic Christians are caught in the middle in Egypt. The reason is that the Salafis want a theocratic, evil sharia law to exist in Egypt while the moderate Muslims legitimate do not want sharia law in Egypt. So, the future of Egypt is yet to be fully written as to its political composition. A lot of lies against Jesus are found in the Zeitgeist so-called documentary. Years ago, many folks (including myself) refuted that documentary badly. In this generation, the haters are even more fierce, so I will continue to refute their lies every chance I get. You can best believe in that.

Afro Latinos are one of the most prominent parts of the Latin American community. More human beings understand their history and culture in the 21st century. Malcolm X talked about the millions of human beings of black African descent in Latin America and South America back in 1965 before he was assassinated. He wanted the linkage of the people of color in the world as a means to combat the imperialist, racist Western power structure that still persists to this very day. Afro-Latinos are as African as an African Americans. Some Afro-Latinos have a darker phenotype and a more African phenotype than some African Americans living in the States. That is why La La Vasquez had to set the record straight and legitimately said that she is Latina, but Latina and black are not mutually exclusive, which is correct. She calls herself black and Latina, so not all Latinos look the same. Latinos are diverse. There are just some cultural differences between the African American community and many Afro-Latinos. We can be unified in our African culture and respect our cultural differences at the same time. Being black is very diverse since many of our brothers and sisters are eclectic in appearance, social disposition, age, gender, and other differences. These differences ought to be respected. Black people are all over the Western Hemisphere and throughout the world. Afro-Ecuador human beings make up 7-8% of the entire population of the nation of Ecuador. Many Afro-Ecuadorians live in the Esmeraldas region, Valle de Chota, and the Inbabura region. They have made great contributions in Marimba music and the many cultural aspects of the nation of Ecuador. These human beings are descendants of the black African slaves brought by the Spanish during their conquest of Ecuador from the Incas. Their population is about 1,120,000 people. Some have played in national football leagues, but discrimination is still strong against our brothers and sisters in Ecuador. Slavery was abolished there in 1851. Today, there are many organizations in Ecuador that are fighting for the rights and liberties of Afro-Ecuadorian human beings in Ecuador. There are the CONDAE of the Afro-Ecuadorian Development Council, the Black Community Movement (El Proceso de Comundades Negras), and the National Confederation of Afro-Ecuadorians (or the Confederacion Nacional Afroecuatoriana or the CNA). In Uruguay, about 4 percent of the population is made up of African descendants. The black people of Uruguay did a great job in fighting off the Spanish in order for Uruguay to achieve independence. There are black human beings in Suriname that fought for human rights as well. La Saya is a popular music among the Afro-Bolivians. The Yungas has the highest population of the Afro-Bolivians. The Afro-Argentine community is more known now. There have been black organizations such as "Grupo Cultural Afro," "SOS Racismo," and perhaps the most important group "Africa Vive" that help to rekindle interest into the African heritage of Argentina. There are also Afro-Uruguayan and Afro-Brazilian migrants who have helped to expand the African culture. Afro-Uruguayan migrants have brought candomble to Argentina, while Afro-Brazilians teach capoeira, orisha, and other African derived secular dances. Afro-Argentine human beings influenced the tango. The National Institute to Combat Discrimination (INADI) is the public body responsible for combating discrimination and racism. We know of the individuals of black African ancestry living in Brazil, Puerto Rico, Colombia, the Dominican Republic, Peru, and even some locations inside of Mexico. Their stories and histories are just as vital and important to comprehend as the stories found in black folks in the United States of America.

There comes a time in any black human being's life in that we have to develop our black consciousness. It doesn't matter the station in our life or our creed. We have to realize that we are Africans and pan-Africanism is one big solution (out of many) that can grow black human beings. In life, we should live everyday as a means to learn about our history, culture, and our legacy. Stephen Biko defined the concept of black consciousness greatly including cogently. In his mind, black consciousness is the thinking of a black person that realizes that he or she must have total freedom and liberation in order for that black person to be culturally or psychologically liberated. If a human is set free, he or she can do magnificent actions and realize the great value of African culture. That means that we respect our African blood and our black African features. This means that we are in love with Africa as Africans. That means that we have a respect and desire to work with our own black people in a variety of fields. That means that we support each other legitimately. Ironically, Western nations are built upon the exploitation of black males and black females, so we should have an undying love for our people. Certainly, we have to understand the histories of not only ancient Egypt, but of Axum, Timbuktu, Ghana, Nubia, Songhai, Zulu, Mali, and the modern African nations growing in the world currently in 2013. Literature from Marcus Garvey, Chancellor Williams, Dr. Frances Crees Welsing, and a whole list of black authors can give a black person a strong awareness of his or her world in strong opposition to the evil system of white supremacy. If we do what is right, then the legacies of Marcus Garvey,  Sojouner Truth, Patrice Lumumba, Harriet Tubman, Steve Biko, and Martin Delany will continue onward forever. The more knowledge of self that human beings acquires, the better a human being's future plans that he or she can manufacture in order to grow Black Power. Another secret in life is to be a jack of all trades. There is nothing wrong with real music and real sports. On the other hand, long term; we have to develop our intellectual strength (that deals with us learning logic science, technology, engineering, mathematics, etc.). We have to grow our souls, minds, bodies, careers, relationships with people, and resources as means to enhance our own communities. It is all of our responsibilities to help each other as well. We can pass information to others, work at least in our own areas to grow situations, and be a leader. Anybody can be a leader with inspiration, training, and support. Black men and Black women have the right to be leaders in their own lives. Even the black youth can act as leaders as have been shown throughout the essence of human history. So, being black, conscious, and aware of the world is great. Being an African doesn't mean that I hate someone because of their color. It means that I love my black people and I love my Black African flavor or my blackness in general. Activism is the right way to go indeed.

By Timothy

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