Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Yes, Hitler & Stalin Did Take The Guns

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Yes, Hitler & Stalin Did Take The Guns
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Debunking the meme that historical gun grabs by dictatorships is a myth
Paul Joseph Watson
February 26, 2013
Following Alex Jones’ explosive appearance on CNN’s Piers Morgan Tonight last month, gun control advocates reacted to Jones’ fiery historical defense of the right to bear arms by attempting to dismiss the fact that tyrannical regimes always disarmed their target populations as a myth or a hoax.

Numerous left-wing blogs successfully gamed Google’s search engine results so that when people searched for terms such as ‘Nazi gun control’, they were met with a plethora of articles claiming the historical basis for this connection was a fabrication.
A meme has been launched claiming that historical gun grabs by dictatorships is a myth – an insulting attempt to literally re-write history in the name of pursuing a contemporary political agenda.
In reality, the Nazis did take existing gun control laws and make them more draconian in order to target their political adversaries. That is a manifestly provable historical fact.
Hitler disarmed his domestic enemies before launching a genocide against them.
The Nazi Weapons Law of November 11, 1938 prohibited Jews from “acquiring, possessing, and carrying firearms and ammunition, as well as truncheons or stabbing weapons,” and ordered them to turn in all guns and ammunition to local police. As historian William Sheridan Allen noted, the Nazis also began house to house gun confiscations targeting “subversives” shortly after they came to power.
In addition, historians like Israel Guttman have outlined how the Warsaw Ghetto uprising against the Nazis was hampered by the fact that imprisoned Jews did not have access to adequate arsenals of firearms, although their resistance did lead Goebbels to note in his diary: “This just shows what you can expect from Jews if they lay hands on weapons.”
Similarly, as J.E. Simkin and Aaron Zelman document in their book “Gun Control”: Gateway to Tyranny, in October 1918, the Council of People’s Commissars (the Communist government) ordered citizens to surrender all firearms, ammunition, and sabres, having first mandated registration of all weapons six months earlier. Just like the Nazis, Communist Party members were exempt from the ban.
A 1920 decree then imposed a minimum six month prison sentence for any non-Communist possessing a weapon. After the civil war, possession became punishable with three months hard labor plus fines. After Stalin came to power, he made possession of unlawful firearms a crime punishable by death.
Stalin disarmed his domestic enemies before launching a genocide against them.
With Russians almost universally disarmed, Stalin was given free reign to carry out one of history’s most brutal prolonged genocide, with tens of millions of people executed or starved to death in the three decades that followed, a model subsequently mimicked in China and Cambodia.
Brutal dictatorships have almost always been preceded by widespread gun confiscation, and to allow leftists to claim otherwise in the pursuit of their contemporary political agenda is an insult to the historical record.
H/T - This web page has an excellent and fully sourced list of all the countries where gun control was a pre-cursor to mass genocide.

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