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Just Historical Facts

The Mont Pelerin Society has been a strong reactionary entity in that it is under the control of the establishment. It was created in 1947 in Mont Pelerin, Switzerland by Friedrich von Hayek. Hayek was clear on his intensions. He wanted laissez faire capitalism and the free market to not be unencumbered by government regulation. Other founders of the Mont Pelerin were Otto von Hapsburg or the heir to the Austro-Hungarian throne, and other oligarchs. So, the elitist aristocrats aided von Hayek not the masses of the common people. Von Hayek wrote, "The Road to Serfdom" was a defense of laissez fair free market capitalism as a reaction to the New Deal. He wanted laissez faire capitalism and the free market to rule in society. The Mont Pelerin Society included journalists, economists, Nobel Prize recipients, and others. Friedrich von Hayek heavily influenced the modern libertarian movement and the Austrian school. Ludwig worked in Count Coundenhove Kalegri's Pan Europe movement in 1943. This movement wanted an united Europe. University of Chicago Professor Milton Friedman was president of the Mont Pelerin Society from 1970 to 1972. Milton Friedman was a leader of the University of Chicago’s “Chicago School of  Economicswhich overturned Keynesian economic theory with the Austrian School economic philosophy of laissez faire, free market capitalism. Even the Federal Reserve is a privately owned bank not a government entity per se, which refutes the lie that the Federal Reserve is totally a public entity. The MPS worked with the Heritage Foundation, the CNP, and other reactionaries to advance their agenda. Many founders of the Mont Pelerin Society were prominent members of eugenics societies, etc. Sir Antony Fisher, a member of the Fabian Society, founded the Manhattan Institute in 1977 with Friedrich von Hayek. In 1994, Manhattan Institute scholar Charles Murray co-authored The Bell Curve, a landmark publication advancing the theory of intellectual inferiority of black human beings (which is a lie). Another founding member of the Mont Pelerin Society was “Ralph Harris, a leader of the British Eugenics Society which had earlier helped draft Hitler’s race laws.” The Austrian School of Economics was launched to preach and teach the doctrine of laissez faire, free market economics. Unfettered by government regulation, the market place would regulate itself, the new preachers exhorted their students, and the central banks would oversee the economic and financial reorganization of the world. Ludwig von Mises and and Count Coundenhove-Kalergi loved this free market doctrine. Pure unregulated, unbridled capitalism is wrong, because it can remove the safeguards necessary to prevent pollution, civil liberty abuses, and other human rights. There has to be a way to prevent the existence of monopolies polluting the environment, to prevent those from having unwarranted greed, to prevent some from robbing our nation of our resources, and to stop other evils in the name of creating "sound money." The wealthy taking away the public benefits from citizens is folly. Each human has the right to have an education, to have healthcare, to drink clean water, and to breathe clean air. To provide education to human beings, to protect our environment, to help those in need, and to promote our vital interests has nothing to do with violating personal freedom (if these actions are done correctly). It has to do with showing human compassion and human dignity. Wealth should never be totally privatized into select hands of a few central banks (in the headquarters of the BIS in Switzerland). Wealth has been increasingly centralized into a few financiers. Also, the IMF has been overseeing the U.S. economy in an unjust way. The IMF as we know has been involved in harming the political, economic, and human rights of many nations of the world (especially Third world nations and nation of color). The IMF has a wicked history then and now. We do not need anarchy to take over the nation or the world. We need righteousness to take over society. True liberty is about doing things to advance righteousness, morality, and truth not to advance materialism, greed, and selfishness. Real liberty is about restraining evil as a means to establish justice, tranquility, and providing the general welfare plus defense of humanity. That is why we should have a watchful eye and a real hand on the wealthy who covet money. When the schemes of the wealthy try to harm the poor, then we have the right to speak up for the poor. So, we should have justice for humanity including the poor.

There are domestic drones being proposed to patrol the skies of America. Drone aircraft has been popularized as weapons of war. It has been used by the United States in foreign lands. Now, they are poised for a full scale invasion of the skies above the U.S. itself. On December 30, 2013, the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration announced its choices for drone testing in six states in America. These states are Alaska, Nevada, New York, North Dakota, Texas, and Virginia. These six states may turn their testing in more than one location. One example of this is information from the Anchorage Daily News. It has done drone testing in Alaska at the University of Alaska in Fairbanks. It will be called the "Pan-Pacific Unmanned Aircraft Systems Test Range Complex." It includes six flight ranges in Alaska, four in Hawaii, and three in Oregon. According to the Honolulu Star Advertiser “the Pohakuloa Training Area on Hawaii island, the Pacific Missile Range Facility on Kauai and even the island of Niihau have been included in discussions of places where the testing could occur.” According to the East Oregonian, the drone testing will likely to invoke a former military base in Pendleton, Port of Tillamook, and Warm Springs. Likewise, the New York operation will be run from the former Griffiss Air Force base in Rome, NY. According to the Cape Code Times, it will include the former Otis Air Base on Cape Cod, Massachusetts. The Times reported that, “the Cape site had the support of the state’s congressional delegation, a statewide military asset commission and business leaders” and that “among the institutions involved in the bid are Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Rochester Institute of Technology.” So, many sources show the creation of a huge web of DoD connected Universities, businesses, corporations, defense contractors, and former and current Pentagon facilities spread all over the country. There are many chambers of commerce, their boosters in the press, and numerous comprador "officials" anxious to bring federal money into their districts at the expense of all of the people who live in them. There has been no news coverage has appeared that would imply that the FAA decision was anything but a boon for the economy (and the advent of a interesting and inevitable new technology). There are many down sides to hosting drones in the States. There is a populace that hasn’t been consulted on these issues. Drones have grown since 2001. The war on terror used such drone in a highly illegal, cowardly, and indiscriminate fashion via targeted killings in foreign lands.  These weapons have killed countless innocent people in Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan, Yemen, and Somalia. There are real kill lists drawn up every week by the CIA and the Pentagon (which is approved by the White House). Many of these weapons allow folks to be judge, jury, and executioner. Many folks are killed from people in offices like someone playing a video game consoles in a perverse way. Drones being used domestically raise privacy concerns and human rights concern. Surveillance is real. Domestic law enforcement agencies are just as anxious to spy on the US population and target people they call criminals as the Pentagon and CIA have been to spy on the rest of the world and kill people they call terrorists. It isn’t enough that our phones and computers have been turned by the NSA into astounding instruments of surveillance, that everything we say and do on these instruments is being harvested and stored, and that surveillance cameras are mounted at almost every business and public space. These drones could store information on us electronically. too This domestic military bases have this brave new technology. The global elite want profit and control. They are using the same actions of drone spying and drone warfare overseas and bringing these tactics domestically in the States.

Many believe that many religious people end prayer in Amen that they are praying to the ancient Egyptian idol god Amen-Ra. That is not true for many reasons. Amen is used in prayers or in agreement in spoken by another in worship. Words have unique origins and meanings. For example, the English word demand has a different meaning than the French verb demander. Demander means to simply ask or request in French. Demand is a forceful insistence or an expectation of obedience. The word Amen looks similar to Amen-Ra, but they have different meanings. Amen is used in Christian worship. It comes not from Egypt, but from Hebrew. Amen is made of the Hebrew consonants of aleph ('), mem (me), and nun (n). The basic idea of the root mn means something that is sure and unchanging. From it comes the verb aman, which makes to make something sure or established. Amen is the adverb form with the same meaning. When human beings say Amen, human beings recognizing that God says is true and unchangeable. The will of God is good, acceptable, and perfect. The Egyptian idol of Amen-Ra has a different origin and meaning. Amen Ra is the sun god of ancient Egypt. He was one of the eight gods created by Thoth. So, Amen-Ra relates to the polytheism of the ancient world and Amen used by monotheists is about acknowledging the one Creator of the Universe. ALSO, BLACKNESS IS THE EPITOME OF BEAUTY, EXCELLENCE, AND AN EXTENSION OF THE DIVINE. BLACK IS BEAUTIFUL AND AFRICA IS BEAUTIFUL TOO. BLACK PEOPLE ARE WONDERFUL. Now, Africa has many blessings. Legitimate parts of black African civilizations should be respected forever. The beauty and contributions of Africa to the world should be respected. Africa is an excellent continent. My ancestors came from Africa and that is my ancestral home, so I will love Africa with all of my heart forever. What I won't do is use inaccurate information or express bigotry against a creed unfairly as a means to make political point. I believe in religious freedom and the right for any human to be a believer or an unbeliever.


The Egyptian junta launched its deadliest crackdown in months. This comes in near the third anniversary of the Egyptian Revolution on January 25 (and a referendum on Egypt's new constitution in for mid-January. Egypt’s military junta is intensifying its crackdown on all opposition to its rule). On Friday, security forces cracked down on demonstrations called by the Muslim Brotherhood led anti-coup Alliance. They killed at least 14 protesters and injured 62 human beings. According to official Ministry of Health reports, five were killed in Cairo, two in Suez Canal city of Ismailia, one in Alexandria and the remaining deaths occurred in Giza, Fayoum, and Minya in Upper Egypt. Security forces reportedly used live ammunition against protesters. The local Health Ministry official of the rural province of Fayoum, Medhat Shukri told Reuters that 3 protesters (including a student) died from bullet wounds to the chest and head. There was another university student shot dead during the clashes in the southern town of Minya. There have been the heaviest clashes taking place in Cairo and neighboring Giza on the West bank of the Nile in the Cairo district of Nasr City, there were heavily armed riot police firing tear gas at protesters who defended themselves with fireworks and stones. In the neighborhoods of Maadi, Al Haram, and Alf Maskan, battles between security forces and protesters continued until late at night. During the crackdown, hundreds of MB members have been arrested. Police said that they have detained more than 258 while the Interior Ministry issued a statement claiming that 122 were arrested for possession of weapons. Last Friday's crackdown was the deadliest since October 6 when security forces killed more than 50 anti-regime protesters on the 40th anniversary of the beginning of the 1973 October War. It comes after the junta has created an anti-protest law late November. The junta created a reactionary new constitution that has enshrined military rule. On December 25, the military backed interim government declared the MB a "terrorist organization" Mursi was toppled in the July 3 military coup. The military is cracking down on Islamist rivals. The junta's apparatus existed before the toppling the longtime dictator Hosni Mubarak. So, the junta wants to end the power of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt. The military regime is seeking to create an atmosphere of terror to forestall a renewed explosion in the working class, the main social force behind the revolution. The Egyptian Center for Social and Economic Rights (ECESR) recently published figures showing that workers held 2,486 protests in 2013. While 2243 took place under Mursi and the MB, 243 occurred under the military junta. There is still the violation of workers' rights in the junta. There is the Mahalla textile workers strikes in October, the Sukhari Gold miners’ strike last month—which was dispersed by police on December 15—and the ongoing sit-in of 5000 steel workers from the Egyptian Iron and Steel Company in Helwan for higher wages and production bonuses. Last Wednesday, Egyptian doctors also declared a partial strike, demanding higher minimum wages and an increase of the national health budget from 3.5 percent to 15 percent of the total state budget. According to the ECESR, November—the month when the anti-protest law was passed—witnessed the highest number of workers’ protests since the coup. The military junta is cracking down on other political groups too. So, the Egyptian military junta is violating human rights, cracking down on dissidents, and loves their reactionary constitution. The junta is working with the ruling class of Egypt too. The junta is totally wrong in its actions completely.


I look at many points of view to gain a great understanding about this subject. Here are my thoughts. I believe in self-expression and religious freedom. This image is sparking controversy and many Christians will criticize her for it for obvious reasons. I think that Beyoncé can use alternative methods to express her creativity other than the Last Supper motif. She has that right to express that image and folks have the right to agree with it or not. Also, that image of the Last Supper is from a man's interpretation of how Jesus and the apostles looked like it. It is not actually the image of Jesus and his apostles at all. I believe that Beyoncé can find alternative ways other than the Last Supper image to express her talent though. We also need to look at those behind the scenes controlling the mainstream popular culture engine too (as found in elite corporate interests who are also allied with the military industrial complex). Many of her followers calling her Beysus are wrong too. Legitimate critiques about this image are fine with me. Yet, I won't condemn her to hell, call her all sorts of names, and judge her in an inappropriate way. I AM NOT GOD. Imperialism, murder, exploitation, real religious liberty suppression overseas, and all injustices and mistreatments are more offensive than what Beyoncé did. Religious expression is important in the world and spirituality should be treated with dignity, concern, and respect. That is true. We have the right to pray for Beyoncé as a means for her to improve her life and to gain more wisdom. Her outlining her explanation would be interesting to realize. Art can stir debate and many artists can have multiple interpretations of their work. Sometimes, artists don't want others to get their interpretations. They just want the people to interpret for themselves the meaning of their work. We have to stand up for morality and righteousness too as human beings. Also, it is important for all of us to live our lives and embrace wisdom. It is very cool for us to help our neighbors, to have self-reflection, and to stand up against injustice. These actions are very important to us as a community and it is important among the whole human race in general.   Art is Beautiful. I love true art and it is diverse. Back in the day, I did sculpture, painting, etc. I know about African art, the Baroque style, Chinese art, Surrealism, etc. Also, folks are right that the artists use their senses and their imagination to create works. Great expression comes with it. I appreciate art in a progressive fashion. I knew great people who loved art as well in real life. Also, it is important to allow the artist to have freedom and accountability for their work too. I love how many describe art as a type of language. It is in the sense that it can be an extension of human thinking and human creativity. Being for justice and self-reflection are great things to adhere to. Sculpturing is a blast. You use sharp instruments and the fun thing about it is that you can get better at it (with practice). Art is wonderful since you can better at it at different ages too. Also, you get to learn about glazing, using a kiln, and painting too. Working with clay and mud is great work. Painting gives people time to enrich their soul. True expression ought not to be contained or limited in a truly free society. Folks have the right to agree or disagree with an artwork too. The artist can be very perceptive in his work. In many cases, false perceptions among some will exist until the truth will be revealed. Real clarification is fine for those who misinterpret the intention of an artist. We should have that balance. We can respect legitimate artistic expression and we should advance ethics and true improvement in our community at the same time.



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