Monday, January 27, 2014

The Needs of the People

Ron Paul has shown his cards. Some folks need to move on from his views. Ron Paul has promised to promote the evil agenda of destroying the economy by agreeing to austerity, stealing food stamps from the poor, etc. He feels that these acts will solve the depression, which they won't alone. It has been 18 months after his legendary betrayal. Some folks still worship him as some saint. Ron Paul never wanted to win his elections. Back in 2012, he never explicitly attacked Mitt Romney's reactionary political positions strongly at all. He said that he was just making sure that the youth would vote Republican in exchange for a good position for Rand Paul. Ron Paul loves the free trade agreements, which resulted in the outsourcing of U.S. manufacturing base. He even said the following words: "...There’s nothing to fear from globalism, free trade and a single worldwide currency” (Paul in Congress, 2001). If he followed up with his 1 trillion dollar austerity agenda, that would have destroyed the United States. In a ruthless libertarian fashion, he wanted to end all food stamps in a process while hardly denting the Pentagon budget. That action would create mass starvation in America. That scenario would be similar to the events of the Great Depression when millions died of hunger worldwide. This Ron Paul is the real one. He talks about central banks, but praises JP Morgan, Goldman Sachs, etc. that own the Federal Reserve Bank via its influence. He called these big banks as wonderful free market operations. A shill in my opinion always omits the crimes of Wall Street and the big banks. He promotes Austrian Economics like Lew Rockwell. Austrian Economics has been exposed as a multibillion decades old deceptive operation, which has been funded by the establishment too. Even Austrian Ed Griffin admits that the bankers own all of the gold. He evens woke up recently that the bankers are in it for usury. Bill Still was right all along including Ellen Brown. Via usury, the establishment has own big banks and tons of transnational corporations. We don't need a gold standard to have liberation. How can all the pundits miss that we had a Gold Standard up to the thirties (and via Bretton Woods actually up to 1971)? How can we forget the Rothschilds got rich from lending Gold to Sovereigns in the 18th, 19th AND 20th century? Capitalism is one giant global monopoly. Capitalism didn't bring us prosperity among the masses of the people. It brought us the despicable horrors of the Industrial Revolution with forced urbanization and the harsh 80 hour work weeks in sweatshops for corporate bosses. What brought us some prosperity was the uncompromising resistance by dedicated human beings against those horrible conditions. Many Americans are now politically independent, because folks are tired of the political games from the Republicans and the Democrats. We have repeated history as the old saying goes; those who refuse to learn from history are doomed to repeat it. The Roman Republic had an interesting history. We know that the plebs in the ancient Roman Republic constantly struggled for their rightful emancipation. There was the power of the patricians as well. The plebs lost. The Empire developed as a product of the consolidation of patrician power. When the Caesar ended the Republic, he also ended fiat money. Up to then, the Romans paid with copper coins, but from then on scarce Gold chained them until they were attacked by the Huns. They were ‘compensated’ with free grains and ever more bloodthirsty ‘games’ in the Coliseum. All paid for by the Empire’s plundering of the provinces, of course. This story sounds familiar. It sounds very similar to the History of the United States of America. Even Jesus Christ attacked the Money Changers for their economic exploitation of the sacred Temple. That is why populists want interest free credit facilities (in replacing fractional reserve banking from the FED and Wall Street. We don't have to pay interest to build up our country. Experts like Ellen Brown, Margrit Kennedy, Eisenstein, Greco, Dick Eastman, Stephen Zarlenga, and others talk about ending interest tyranny in our economic system) as a means to allow people plus businesses to refinance their mortgages and business loans there. We ought to have trials of any Wall Street banker or any person involved in the recession. We should provide interest free credit (or debt free money) to both the Government and individuals. We ought to reject imperialism and war. We should end the Empire and never give human rights to corporations. We have to condemn the evils found in the CIA, MI6, the Mossad, the FBI, etc.

We know that economists and policymakers have harmed the U.S. economy. We know that the economy has been damaged by the poor suffering and the offshoring of middle class jobs (for the benefit of corporate profits). It is self-evident that the Federal Reserve's policy of Quantitative easing has not worked. It is only primarily utilized to support oversized banks that the government protects from market discipline. QE not only distorts bond and stock markets. It threatens the value of the dollar and it has caused the manipulation of the gold price as well. It is easy to witness that when U.S. corporations send jobs offshore, the GDP, consumer income, tax base, and careers associated with the jobs go abroad with the jobs. Corporations gain the additional profits at large costs to the economy. The economy then suffers less employment, less economic growth, a reduced state, local, and federal tax revenues, wider deficits, and impairments of legitimate social services. When the policymakers allow the big banks to become independent of market discipline, they made the banks an unresolved burden on the economy. There has been no real, honest report on the condition of the banks made by the authorities. Time will tell if the Federal Reserve can create enough money to monetize enough debt to rescue the banks without collapsing the U.S. dollars. Allowing the big banks to fall and be reorganized would be much cheaper. That is why some want to break up the big banks too. Many economics and U.S. policymakers let their country bad badly. Some of them claim that these trends are necessary to develop the new economy from the old economy. Yet, for over a decade, U.S. jobs statistics show no sign of the promised new economy at all after jobs were moved offshore. The same policymakers and economists believe in the lie that the markets are self-regulating and that the financial sector could safely be deregulated (along with confusing jobs offshoring with free trade). It is obvious that offshoring jobs are destructive to the U.S. economy. As John Williams ( has made clear, “the recovery” is entirely the artifact of the understated measure of inflation used to deflate nominal GDP. By under-measuring inflation, the government can show low, but positive, rates of real GDP growth. No other indicator supports the claim of radical economic recovery. John Williams writes that consumer inflation, if properly measured, is running around 9%, far above the 2% figure that is the Fed’s target and more in line with what consumers are actually experiencing. We have just had a 6.5% annual increase in the cost of a postage stamp. The Fed’s target inflation rate is said to be low, but Simon Black points out that the result of a lifetime of 2% annual inflation is the loss of 75% of the purchasing power of the currency. He uses the cost of sending a postcard to illustrate the decline in the purchasing power of median household income today compared to 1951. That year it cost one cent to send a post card. As household income was $4,237, the household could send 423,700 postcards. Today the comparable income figure is $51,017. As it costs 34 cents to send one postcard, today’s household can only afford to send 150,050 postcards. Nominal income rose 12 times, and the cost of sending a postcard rose 34 times. Americans know about the destructive "free trade agreements." These agreements are nothing more than ruling class tools to moving jobs abroad. The new effort by the corporations to loot and defraud the public is called the "Trans-Pacific Partnership." The TPP deals with fast tracking. The bill allows corporations to write the bill in secret without congressional input. Some research proves that 90% of all Americans will suffer income losses under TPP while wealth becomes more concentrated at the top. The TPP deals with our lives from what we eat, the Internet, and to the environment.  According to Kevin Zeese in Alternet, “the leak of the [TPP] Intellectual Property Chapter revealed that it created a path to patent everything imaginable, including plants and animals, to turn everything into a commodity for profit.” The TPP is secretly drafted. It allows the executive branch to change existing U.S. law to make the laws that were not passed in secret compatible with the security written trade bill. Theoretically, buy American requirements and any attempt to curtail jobs offshoring would become illegal restraint on trade. The House and the Senate should never turn over their legislative functions to the executive branch at all. The financial media has helped the FED and the banks to cover the issues with the TPP up. Last week interest rates on 30 day T-bills have turned negative or people were paying more for a bond than it would return at maturity. An event similar to the Cyprus banks' limits on withdrawals, last Friday (January 24) the BBC reported that the large UK bank HSBC is preventing customers from withdrawing cash from their accounts in excess of several thousand pounds. We see threats about the value of the dollar harmed, possible high inflation, exchange controls, pension confiscations possibly, etc. We know that capitalist greed aided and abetted by economists and policymakers have harmed America a great deal. We should fight evil. I have hope for the future though. I never lost my faith in God or in real humanity.

Regardless of what folks think about Edward Snowden, we have to endorse civil liberties in the world. The NSA spying has been greatly exposed and the NSA's action makes a mockery of human dignity and human liberty in general. We should reject imperialism in the world and possible Western military intervention in Syria or Iran. In the culture of freedom loving peoples, we see human beings loving peace, civil liberties, and social justice. We carry onward with that spirit and tradition today in the 21st century. Also, many reactionaries support Snowden for different reasons than some do. I disagree with Snowden with his rights violated, but I don't view him as a super hero nor a villain. He is the fruit of the evils found in the NSA. Many reactionaries support Snowden for the reason of advancing their evil states’ rights, austerity, and anti-social safety net agenda. The reactionaries in many cases exploit the errors made by the NSA as an excuse to try to destroy Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security, and other legitimate civil rights laws. We should never ally with the JBS or likeminded organizations at all. Also, we should oppose the war on terror and the ongoing drone attacks that have killed innocent men, women, and children in multiple countries. These acts are justified on the notion of "humanitarianism" when there is nothing humanitarian about these attacks in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Pakistan, Congo, Sudan, Somalia, etc. We know that the rebels in Syria have been funded by Western interests. Assad almost certainly did not use sarin against the civilian population in Syria. The rebel FSA rebels are linked to Saudi Arabia and Al-Qaeda including the CIA. These groups are linked to white supremacy. Many of these rebels have been caught on many times trying to bring sarin and other toxic agents into Syria. Assad has agreed to quickly give up his chemical weapons stock pile to avoid being attacked by US/NATO forces. So, a war mongering military imperialist mindset ought to be rejected completely. Also, I am not pro-Assad. I am anti-US/EU/NATO military imperialism. Also, we should realize that the Republicans are not only filled with errors and extremism. Some Democrats are in error about things too. Many of them refuse to condemn gentrification, privatization, or federal initiatives that are privatizing public education. Some Democrats are just as neoliberal as many Republicans are. The free market never saved my soul only THE CREATOR DID. I have not heard the free market or a penny save black humanity morally or psychologically. The economic system of the oppressor (which was integral in the creation of the international slave trade centuries ago) is an economic system that I have the right to disagree with as Kwame Ture, Malcolm X, Dr. King, and Fred Hampton disagreed with when they were alive. I have their quotations. Sacrifice is made by both activism and spiritual motivation. I wrote that protesting alone never works. I did write that folks can create mentorships and do other independent programs as a means for fight for black liberation. Confronting the government and doing multifaceted actions including working on independent businesses have worked to end the Maafa and end many overt ills. Standing up for freedom legitimately has not a single thing to do with begging the oppressor. When Ella Baker and other heroes were standing up for freedom, they were never begging the oppressor. They were confronting the ruling class and the oppressor as a means to fight for legitimate change for black people. The sacrifice of Brothers and Sisters in the black liberation movement is remembered by us. In fact, the oppressor loves the status quo and loves it when people do nothing (or when people economically exploit people). The oppressor hates it when we confront the government, confront discrimination, confront injustices, and create independent self-determination. It is not a sin to help your fellow man if your fellow man legitimately needs temporary help. It is part of African black culture to believe in the communal spirit and to have altruism.

Back people facing racism and violence by Arabic racists is real. Racism has harmed black people in the U.S., Europe, and Israel. Also, this racism is a serious problem in the Arabic world from North Africa to the rest of the Middle East. Nick Chiles and others have written about this issue. The large black population in Iraq suffers racism so bad that it is similar to African Americans suffering Jim Crow 50 years ago. Many black people are regularly called slaved and called epithets by kids and adults. The Canadian academic Salim Mansur has claimed, “Blacks are viewed by Arabs as racially inferior, and Arab violence against blacks has a long, turbulent record.” A piece broadcast on a radio station in the Netherlands took a deep look at the racism experienced by sub-Saharans Africans in Morocco, where they are viewed with such suspicion by the local Arabs that an Arab shopkeeper even warned the European reporter to stay away from the Africans because “they might eat you.” Some black Africans are forced to live in the camp deep in the woods, because they can't find work. They are also frequently victimized by criminals who know the Africans can’t report it to authorities because they would face deportation. “Arabs hate black people. And that is not from today. It is in their blood,” Aboubakr, a young man from Senegal who is hoping eventually to cross over into Europe, told the reporter for RNW (Radio Netherlands Worldwide). “Friends of mine were attacked with a knife. Bandits target us because they know we cannot go to the police, even if we are robbed and hurt. Having no papers, we will be caught instead. Blacks have no rights here.” Aboubakr is also insulted that Moroccans “cannot believe many of us are Muslims too.” According to him, people are surprised when they see him kneeling for prayer. “They don’t think a black can be Muslim.”  These same Arabic monarchies have never responded to atrocities in places like Darfur and Sudan, because black Africans were being slaughtered. Black African guest workers in Egypt, Algeria, and Libya have spoken about being publicly ridiculed and physically assaulted by Arabs. Egyptian writer Mona Eltahawy has written about watching a Sudanese girl being assaulted and tormented on the Cairo Metro, concluding, “We are racist people in Egypt and we are in deep denial.” She says the Arab world has ignored the suffering of Darfur because the victims are black. “We only pay attention when America and Israel behave badly.” Some black Africans stay in Morocco and many Europeans refuse to have immigrants to come into their nations a lot. Ironically, even as the Arab countries continue to mistreat the black Africans, they also find themselves on the receiving end of racist treatment. The United Arab Emirates national soccer team just got an apology from the Asian Football Confederation for referring to them as “sand m____s”—on the AFC website! It is important to note that not all Arabic people are racist. Many Arabic human beings are progressive. We are talking about fighting racism and oppression and defending the dignity of black African peoples. Also, it is important to note that black people have been fighting Arabic racism for a long time also. Black African peoples have fought against European and Arabic oppression historically. The Zanzibar revolution fought against Arabic imperialism in Africa.

We know that corporate welfare has bankrupted U.S. cities, destroyed pensions, jobs, and city services. The bankrupt of Detroit and the suffering in Michigan is real. There has been the subsidizing of the Big Three automakers, the pharmaceutical industry, energy, companies, and many large Michigan businesses. Corporate give ways are bankrupting cities and towns nationwide. The bankruptcy court has been used for the ruling class to destroy jobs, pensions, city services, and other public institutions. The Fortune 500 wants more handouts. What was once considered extortion or bribery has become a normal business model. The blood and sweat of the working class demand the nationalization of the ill-gotten gains of the parasitic financial elite. Folks want the establishment of a society where jobs, housing, education, pensions, and culture are considered basic rights for all of society. First, this problem is not just an issue of the middle class. It is an issue of the poor too. We have to advocate for the interests of the poor and justice for the poor (much of the poor are not lazy and they are poor by no fault of the own. Many are poor via sequester, discrimination, unfortunate circumstances, etc.). This issue of poverty and economic oppression is complex and I believe that a monolithic approach will not solve this issue of economic inequality. We should use a multifaceted approach to handle this issue. There are individual and collective approaches that we can take. Individually, we should improve our families, improve our lives, help our communities, and work to fight for change via proactive means. Collectively, we should unite with independent organizations that are seeking to address poverty (and other important issues), we have the right to allow our voices to be heard nationwide, and we should work for social change in all levels of government. We should support legitimate black businesses that are enriching the lives of our communities. Also, the government should not be used as a total solution to our problems. The government should not dictate all aspects of our lives. It should be instituted as a means to ensure justice, it should represent the interests of the people (as a true government is by and for the people), and promote the general welfare of society. A true government should serve the interests of the people. Compassion for the least of these is a golden spiritual ideology. The issue is that much of our government has been infiltrated by reactionaries, extremists, and corporate interests. That is why you see little done by Congress on the issue of record income inequality including obfuscation by certain factions. The leadership of the 2 party system has harmed our communities. Others are right that we should oppose record bailouts sent to Wall Street banks. It is hypocritical for the ruling class to fund billions for banks and the military industrial complex, but will send lax funds to the poor and the suffering in America as Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was accurate to mention. Protests are fine, but we should do more like doing radical, independent programs and activist activities to address these issues. Community development programs are a must. We should focus on the gap, because the gap has been rapidly expanding in historic terms for decades (and even the rich say that the massive income gap is a threat to national security and a threat to the economy in general). Many Brothers and Sisters are right that we have to grow the culture of self-determination and self-sufficiency (especially in the long term). Pooling resources together as a means to solve our issues is fine with me as well. We created advanced civilizations, so we can solve our own problems with our own power. We also have to reject materialism, greed, avarice, and selfishness (these things contributed to the 2008 recession in the first place). We should find creative ways to grow JOBS, OUR INFRASTRUCTURE, AND OUR CULTURE.

By Timothy

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