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Andrea Muhrrteyn said...

By contrast, in the Western capitalist cultures of recent centuries, the statuses of slave and subject were both rigidly reserved for non-whites while freedom and dominance were monopolised by whites.

That (The status of slaves were not rigidly for blacks only, nor of slavemasters being rididly white) does not appear to be factually (or even generally speaking) accurate, considering that there is much documentation of whites who were slaves, in fact black slave masters who had white and black slaves; and the massive black slavery industry of blacks, by blacks and Muslims (in fact without blacks in Africa being willing to 'cull' their excess (or deliberately bred for slavery purposes) populations, by capturing them and then transporting them to slave markets; there would not have been any 'slavery products' for white slave masters to purchase. There were far more black and Muslim slave masters, than there were European slave masters; although in total there were indeed more black slaves in total, and probably also as a percentage of their racial groups.

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