Friday, August 26, 2016

A New era of the 2016 Presidential Campaign (in late August 2016)

Today, we have a new phrase of the Presidential election with Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump, and third party candidates speaking, debating, and promoting their views. The hate rhetoric and hypocrisy of Donald Trump is very abhorrent. He has shifted his views on immigration in order to try to gain support, but tons of people see through his charade. Hillary Clinton gave a recent speech at a community college in Reno, Nevada and in other places to condemn Trump’s fascistic views. She said that Donald Trump has ultra-right ties, which is accurate. It is no secret that the most reactionary members of the alt right movement are supporting Donald Trump from members of Breitbart to Alex Jones. This is not new. Barry Goldwater’s 1964 campaign appealed to conservatives and Richard Nixon overtly tries to appealed to Southern white racists in 1968 (these racists left the Democratic Party during the civil rights struggles and they came into the GOP in high numbers). It was Ronald Reagan, still invoked today as the chief Republican deity, who began his 1980 presidential campaign with a rally in Philadelphia, Mississippi, the rural town where three young civil rights workers were murdered by the Ku Klux Klan in 1964. Before an all-white audience, Ronald Reagan pledged to defend “state’s rights,” the banner under which the segregationists had fought their losing battle. I don’t agree with Hillary Clinton on some issues, but it is important to expose white nationalism and the alt right movement in promoting racism, anti-Semitism, neo-Confederate lies, sexism, xenophobia, Islamophobia, and other evils. These far right extremists hate socialism when many socialists fought for workers’ rights and equality for generations. Donald Trump has called Mexican undocumented immigrants rapists and criminals. He has tweeted out false crime statistics (against black people) and he said that African Americans can’t walk in the streets without fear of being shot (which is a lie). White supremacists have overly promoted the Donald Trump campaign. Donald Trump’s once advisor Roger Stone co-hosted a rally with right wing radio talk show host Alex Jones that featured the alt right racist Milo Yiannopoulos of Breitbart News as a speaker. Mio was banned by Twitter for his racist attacks against Sister actor/comedian Leslie Jones. I stand with Leslie Jones. Stephen K. Bannon is Trump’s campaign chief. Bannon is from Breitbart News and that site promotes the lies that birth control makes women crazy and praising the Confederate flag (which is evil). Bannon also has been accused of domestic violence and he has allegations of voter fraud in Florida. Trump has not apologized for his bigoted comments or renounced the anti-Semitic trolling of journalists by his followers.

Trump is not sorry about his slander of the Central Park Five or an American judge who is of Mexican descent either. So, I will never vote for Trump.  Trump’s views are anti-Muslim, anti-immigrant, anti-women, and anti-black. The day before Clinton’s speech, he appeared at a campaign rally in Mississippi with ultra-right British politician Nigel Farage. The former head of the UK Independence Party (UKIP), Farage spearheaded the successful “Leave” campaign in the recent referendum on continued British membership in the European Union, mounting a racist campaign against immigrant workers. Far right nationalist extremists are in England, Austria, etc. We are in a battle against fascism internationally. The GOP now is similar to the National Front in France, the Alternative for Germany, the Freedom Party in Austria, Farage’s UKIP, etc. Now, many Trump’s supporters are racists. Also, Trump’s support existed because of the economic struggles of working class people. We have a social crisis (caused by the right wing policies of the Democrats and the Republicans) where the poor and the working class feel desperate for survival. Some of the working class unfortunately ally with a bigot like Trump. Trump spokesman Rick Oltman of Novato, California had ties to white nationalist groups. Oltman has been a member of the Council of Conservative Citizens (CofCC), a white nationalist organization descended directly from the Jim Crow-era white Citizens Councils. He is adamantly anti-immigration. AltRight members readily send anti-Semitic messages and evil words to Jewish people. Reactionary nationalism comes about readily during social crisis in history. So, we have war and economic inequality in this administration and extremism promoted by Trump (who came about by the rise of a parasitic financial aristocracy whose fortunes are based on speculation rather than the development of industry). Trump has no plan to address the War on Drugs, poverty, immigration, racial discrimination, gender discrimination, and other important issues. Hillary Clinton’s weakness is that she is tied to Wall Street, imperial policies, she has real scandals with the Clinton Foundation including her email situation, plus contradictions yet she claims to be an economic progressive. Therefore, we have to have political independence. Regardless, I will not support Trump period. We, in America, are the most multi-ethnic and diverse nation culturally in human history. There is beauty in our diversity.

Any relationship should be based on reciprocity, respect, and commonalities. I have no problem with older people dating younger people as long as those people are consenting adults. People should be careful too as in some cases, the grass isn't always greener in every situation. Vetting should exist for those who are interesting in dating or marriage. In a marriage or any relationship, financial security should be discussed about. Yet, a true relationship is more than about money as we see many people who are wealthy experience breakups and dysfunction in their relationships. Regardless of how rich someone is, happiness in a relationship is caused by effort, sacrifice, respect, and caring for people. Without respect, there is no truly strong love connection. Therefore, there is nothing wrong with getting money legitimately, but we shouldn't be defined by the money. We can earn money, but the money shouldn't make us. That is why I reject materialism and deception. We want honesty, transparency, and cooperation in dealing with love. I have no problem with dating someone 5 years older than me. Likewise: No one is entitled to date anyone as dating should exist without coercion. No one is entitled to a woman's mind, body, or soul. Women and men should control their own bodies, minds, and souls. People are entitled to human rights. So, whether a younger woman dates an older man, a younger man dates an older woman, or people date within the same age bracket, everybody involved should be careful, vet, and make sure that romantic situations are healthy. People should have fun and use commonsense.

This is great point to be made. Despite the circumstances of life, we still rise. I am an African American and the record must be set straight about African Americans. The truth is that tons of African Americans not only have great intellectual curiosity, but we love our culture. Our culture exists in music, art, history, STEM fields, acting, dance, theater, and other diverse parts of the human experience. That is why African American museums readily show African American culture yearly. We should never forget about the Maafa and the experiences of our black ancestors. We know about the past, so we can be inspired to work in the present, and build a stronger future for our community. We are a spiritual people too and there is no shame in having faith. Also, we have to do the work in order to make our faith living. We are made up of great athletes like Serena Williams, excellent playwrights like Lorraine Hansberry, and excellent scholars like Paul Robeson. We include magnificent singers like Odetta and heroic freedom fighters like Fannie Lou Hamer. I believe in unity, but unity flourishes when we fight to end institutionalized racism, and other forms of structural oppression in the world. Unity builds strength and true unity is beautiful. Also, I will always show empathy towards black people. I am a black and Beautiful. Many people want to blame especially black poor people for everything under the sun and I don't get down like that. People should be treated with dignity and with respect. We will continue to fight for justice.
We still rise.

It has been 15 years since Aaliyah's passing in August 25, 2001. I remember the day like it was yesterday. I just came home from my grandmother's house. I was 17 years old when I heard news. I was stunned and shocked. Sister Aaliyah Dana Haughton was born in January 16, 1979 in Brooklyn, NYC. She was raised of course in the great city of Detroit. She was a very intelligent person who had great maturity and made straight As in her school. She was a trailblazer (in terms of music, fashion, and culture) filled with life and beauty. Her beauty wasn't just found in her outer beauty. Her beauty was found in her gregarious personality, her smile, and her tender compassion for fellow people. She always respected and loved her fans. Many celebrities and friends always told the public that she was one of the most nicest, down to Earth people that they have ever encountered in their lives. Monica said that she was a shy Sister. Missy Elliot and Timbaland (who are from Virginia. I'm from Virginia, so Virginia is always in the building) loved Aayliah too as a musician and as a friend. We all love her and we all miss her. We know that Aaliyah danced and sing gloriously about her life and about love, relationships, hurt, joy, pain, happiness, and hope for the future. She is the epitome of a young woman who exemplifies human grace and honesty. She was an actress too and she did plays before. She loved many genres of music. Aaliyah was a kindhearted woman. She was more than a woman. She was a great human being and she has especially so many in the world. Aaliyah was amazing and she was very blessed. We honor her legacy by living in the realm of the Golden Rule, promoting excellence, and inspiring people to follow their dreams as she would want us to do diligently and enthusiastically. She was only 22 years old when she passed away, but her legacy lives onward forever.
Sweet Dreams Sister. Rest in Power Sister Aaliyah.

By Timothy

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