Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Vote Your Conscience

I heard of a lot of myths. One myth is that we, who are black people, must be Republicans unconditionally, because of 50 years of Democratic domination. That is a lie since Republicans and Democrats dominated the White House for 50 years. There is a known history of both parties in that span of time enacting austerity, the War on Drugs, deindustrialization, various unjust wars, and other reactionary policies. Ronald Reagan supported the racist Southern Strategy and the War on Drugs. The haters also omit history. From 1960 to the early 1970's, the poverty rate in America was cut in half and there was an expansion of human rights in America. When President Johnson declared war on poverty in 1964, the poverty rate was 19 percent. By 1973, this was cut to 11.1 percent, approximately where it stayed for the rest of the decade. Poverty grew massively during the sharp cutbacks in welfare benefits that occurred during the Reagan years. One of the sick and cowardly things that these far right extremists have done is to blame single mothers for the problems we face instead of the system of economic exploitation, racism, and lax investments. We know that single mothers are courageous and have defended human rights for thousands of years. These haters forget that Democrats are not monolithic. Many of them are very conservative on issues of welfare, foreign policy, etc. The DLC is not far left. You can make the case that progressive policies caused Social Security, the Civil Rights Act, the Voting Rights Act, the Clean Water Act, etc. to exist in the first place. That is why Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. supported economic and social justice. That is why Malcolm X believed in opposition to Western imperialism. So, just because we oppose GOP extremists like Donald Trump doesn’t mean that we lack political independence. Black people are a smart people. Standing up against a xenophobe and a bigot like Trump, etc. is righteous. Some people in our generation even are trying to shame black people into supporting policies that harm our voting rights, our civil liberties, and our fight against police brutality. I’m going to speak up and stand up for what’s right. I will never tell anyone who to vote for since that is a personal choice. As for me, I will never vote for Trump. I will vote my conscience.

The white extremists (who brandish weapons) in front of the NAACP office in Houston have shown lies, hate, and disrespect. I'm not surprised that many of the white people there wore pro-Trump hats as many Trump supporters love the Confederate flag and anti-black lies. For them to call a moderate organization like the NAACP as a group to condone violence is sick and reprehensible. BLM is not involved in the promotion of unjust violence against innocent human beings. These lying racists readily condone the Confederate flag (which was used by racists to oppress black people), which is a symbol of hatred. They embrace their phony 'persecution complex' where they promote the lie that whites collectively are not benefiting more in America than black people collectively. The reality is that racism and classism are realities in America and no justice will come unless racial and economic justice exist. These extremists want to scapegoat many black people for the problems that white racists have caused in the first place (which involve the War on Drugs, the Maafa, the Southern Strategy, etc.). This tactic of blaming black people collectively is a tactic common among the far right crowd. BLM has nothing to do with the killings of police officers. These bigots refuse to acknowledge white privilege, economic inequality, and the epidemic of police brutality in the world. Ken Reed is a deceiver, who is trying to instigate hatred and lies in America. Reed's defense of the Confederate flag is representative of his heinous character. We, as black people, will defend ourselves. Therefore, we are in a situation where we will defend our human rights. We believe in black liberation and we will stand up for our principles.

People have the right to their views. My thinking is that do we want inclusion to the machine or justice? Is their something wrong with diversity? I view nothing wrong with us as black people showing our diverse stories, ideologies, or views. I don't want to be included in a system that exploits my people. I want to see the current system change into a system of real justice for humanity. We are descendants of the first humans on Earth. We have the creative power to create our own institutions, inventions, and forms of expressions regardless if others like it or not. I certainly respect Ava DuVernay's research into Selma and her other endeavors. I already know about the Selma movement, but her film Selma certainly inspired me to research Selma into a higher level. Now, I have a higher level of understanding of the civil rights and black liberation movements in general. The interview focuses on debates (about the end goal) that we have in our community all of the time. My value, as a black people, shouldn't be dictated on how non-blacks include me. Our value is given to us by birthright and it ought to be never taken away. Also, it is important to note that Oprah and Ava DuVernay made many points in their interview that I do agree with, so people can read the interview and make up their own minds. We are black people. We won't agree on everything. Yet, we should desire the same goal, which is freedom and justice. As for me, I won't eliminate diversity from my vocabulary and that's my personal choice. I will say that when other ethnic groups focus on their own institutions, museums, enterprises, and cultural representations, they are praised by the mainstream society. Yet, black people are criticized unjustly by the haters for advocating the same promotion of the creation of our own institutions that we control. In the final analysis, we desire black liberation and part of liberation is having human autonomy and owning our own resources that we control and pass down to our descendants. Also, it is about the love and the promotion for pan-African solidarity.

The Olympics has ended and I congratulate the athletes who participated. and those athletes who won medals. Also, I want to make a great point too. The Closing ceremony of the Olympics have shown great graphics. Also, we know the next point that must be made. We know that point. Black women have done superbly in track and field, swimming, gymnastics, and other sports. We certainly realize that and honor that as black women are the Mothers of the Human race. Rio was the place where history has been made in so many ways and 2020 is soon to be here. I will be 37 by that time and the same commitment to justice will remain in my soul too. Mary McLeod Bethune was an educator, a civil rights worker, and the founder of Bethune-Cookman College. She was was born in Mayesville, SC, on July 10, 1875. She worked with our community greatly and she desired total justice. She worked in Daytona Beach, Florida to educate black children there. During the 1930's, she supported programs to give black men and black women employment opportunities, so they could get jobs. She publicly stated that she wanted all people to honor and respect the contributions that black people have made in world history. She has displayed great determination and she was in the front lines in advancing education, racial justice, and peace in the world. Her legacy will live on for all of eternity.
Rest in Power Sister Mary McLeod Bethune.

I want to mention this. One big lie shown by the far right crowd and the haters of the BLM is that George Soros funds every aspect of the BLM. Usually, I won't talk about this issue, because it isn't necessary. Now, it is time to address this issue though. BLM was created by 3 black people. People have the right to agree or disagree with their views, but to lie about them is wrong. Soros is a neoliberal financial person. He is an international financier and billionaire. Therefore, he isn't a socialist or a Communist. I don't support George Soros or his agenda at all. Many people have used the Communist slander against civil rights heroes from Dr. King to other human beings. Communism is an economic system that is diverse not monolithic. What these haters omit is that Claudia Jones was a Communist. Paul Robeson and WEB DuBois were Communists. Fred Hampton was a socialist. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. praised democratic socialism by his own words. Malcolm X criticized capitalism in 1965. Therefore, many of our people had diverse ideological views, but they didn't lack their love for black people and their commitment to justice remained strong. Even America has a mixed economy where the public and private sectors are intertwined. We are in a class struggle and there is nothing wrong with the poor and the working class fighting against capitalist exploitation. Therefore, we are against right wing attacks against the BLM. We believe in help for the victims of flooding in Louisiana, an end to police brutality, and economic justice. I will never be ashamed of believing in universal health care and believing in compassion for humanity. Yes, Black Lives Matter. We should never be ashamed of what we stand for. Many people want to shame people who believe in social justice, but we ought to tell the world that we love social justice. I believe in helping the environment. I believe in expanding health care. I don't agree with imperialism. I honor economic justice and I believe in the protection of civil liberties. I also believe in the defense of the human rights of black people, especially of black women. So, we have every right to stand up for these principles. I'm always inspired to carry forward with this audacious journey. Now, the torch has been passed to a new generation of people who are not in support of the status quo, but want a transformation of society whereby justice is made real and wisdom is maintained. She is one of the great heroes of our generation. She is Leymah Gbowee. She is a peace activist of Liberia. She has helped women also in Africa. Her work helped to end the Second Liberian Civil War in 2003. She, along with Ellen Johnson Sirleaf and Tawakkul Karman, were awarded the 2011 Nobel Peace Prize "for their non-violent struggle for the safety of women and for women's rights to full participation in peace-building work." She is involved in programs to cause more reconciliation and hope for the citizens of Liberia too. She has assisted children and others who have suffered injustice. She is a praying woman. She has earned numerous degrees, she has tons of awards, and she is a living example of courage, honor, and grace.
Bless Sister Leymah Gbowee.

By Timothy

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