Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Alabama's Historic Time

I only have one response: I had faith. It is ordained that the South can redeem this nation. First, it was Virginia. Then, it is Alabama. This election proved that tons of people in Alabama have took a step forward for decency, for humanity, and against bigotry. My Birthday came about yesterday and this is one event that I will cherish as a gift. The people of Alabama have rejected Roy Moore (who believes that pre-Civil War America was great, which is ludicrous and wrong). Voters (of every color and of every background) have come together in unison to not only vote, but to come about together to make history. Doug Jones even admitted that the work is not over. He wants to make common ground and he wants to rejoice. Doug Jones has certainly expressed a powerful speech which outlines the truth clearly that the people of Alabama have moved a little closer among the moral arc of the Universe into justice. ALSO, AFRICAN AMERICANS WERE KEY TO GIVING THIS VICTORY FOR DOUG JONES IN A MASSIVE TURNOUT AS WE (WHO ARE BLACK PEOPLE) HAVE GREAT POWER. OVER 90 PERCENT OF BLACK PEOPLE VOTED FOR DOUG JONES. Black media matters too. Grassroots political campaigning is key in victories. This victory for change happened on my Birthday, so I will remember this forever. My state of Virginia has done the right thing and Alabama has made history too. The people of Alabama rejected the agendas of Trump (recently Trump expressed a disgusting, sexist Tweet about Congresswoman Kirsten Gillibrand), Bannon, and Moore at the same time. This is Alabama's moment and from Jim Crow to near 2020, Alabama has grown into a better state with this victory. When people gave up on Doug Jones, Jones continued forth in his campaign with passion and zeal. I had faith, because I knew that the people of Alabama would do the right thing. You can be respectful of human dignity and still be from Alabama. This is a victory for us since real Americans love diversity and human rights. This era is a change. It signifies that the South has something to say and the South has many progressive voices who will change the world greatly.

Moore is so extreme that he believes that the Constitution should stop after the 10th Amendment. That means that there would be no voting rights for women, no end to slavery, no Civil Rights Act, not 15th Amendment, no Voting Rights Act, and no other laws legally. Therefore, Moore is an extremist. Today is the time of an important issue. Today the election of a Senate seat among Alabama candidates is over. Doug Jones has won. The stakes are high. Also, it is important to reiterate about Moore's bad character. Many women have heroically came out and said that Moore abused him and that he's a pedophile. These women have suffered slander, disrespect, and lies from extremists. So, this post is dedicated to these victims. Roy Moore is so extreme that many Republicans have publicly repudiated him and refuse to vote for him. Moore was a prosecutor and former judge on the Alabama Supreme Court. His supporters include white nationalist and right wing extremist Steve Bannon and extremist Donald Trump (who has been caught disrespecting women for years. People want him to resign, because women have come forward to give their stories about Trump's sexual misconduct against them). Roy Moore is a stone cold bigot.

He said that that the pre-Civil War era in America was great when back then slavery was abundant. Moore called Asian people and Native Americans slurs. He said that Islam is responsible for 9/11, which is a lie. He wants military troops on the U.S./Mexico border, which is ludicrous. He claims that 1965 was when new rights were created, which is a lie. The 1965 Voting Rights Act wasn't about new rights. It was about rights that are inalienable being enforced on the federal level. The right to vote is a human right. Moore certainly doesn't want expansion of health care rights, civil liberties, economic justice, social justice, and environmental justice. Therefore, we know the truth and hopefully the people of Alabama did the right thing and rejected Moore's bigotry, intolerance, and extremism. Also, it is antithetical to spiritual principles to deprive human rights, to abuse women, to be xenophobic (as the Good Samaritan story pretty much promotes compassion to the immigrant or the refugee), and to embrace bigotry. We, from Virginia, did the right thing to reject Gillespie. Now, Alabama has done the right thing. There are some people who are in the wrong side of history from pro-segregationists to others. The good people of Alabama are what we support. People have voted and rejected Roy Moore. We reject Moore's views 100%.

Yesterday was the Birthday of Dionne Warwick. She was 77 years old. She was born in East Orange, New Jersey. For decades, she has shown class, grace, talent, and true love of music. She is second only to Aretha Franklin as the most-charted female vocalist of all time, with 56 of Warwick's singles making the Billboard Hot 100 between 1962 and 1998 and 80 singles making all Billboard charts combined. Many of her relatives are gospel singers. Her cousin was the late, great signer Whitney Houston. Today, she continues to show compassion, great insights, and an appreciation of her journey. She motivates us to see how critical musical expression is. She has children and she loves her family. I wish Sister Dionne Warwick more blessings. Yesterday was the Birthday of Sheila E. She is now 60 years old. She can sing, dance, and play instruments galore. She was born in Oakland, California. Many of her relatives were long time musicians. She played music in the mainstream level since the 1970's. She is a producer and actress too.

She played with Marvin Gaye, Diana Ross, George Duke, and Prince. On June of 1984, she debuted her album The Glamorous Life. The song of the same title was very popular during the 1980's. It is no secret that she loved Prince as a deep, close friend. She continues to send tributes to Prince. Now, she has used music for modern films and has inspired musicians in our generation as well. I wish Sheila E. more blessings. Yesterday was the Birthday of Sister Regina Hall. She is now 47 years old. She is a woman with a great personality and she is a great actress too. She was born in Washington, D.C. She graduated from Fordham University in the Bronx, NYC. She had a bachelor's degree in English. She has a Master's Degree in journalism from New York University in 1997. She loved to write. She was on many shows and movies. She has been on dramas and well known comedies from Scary Movie to King's Ransom. She continues to work and she will show future projects in 2018 and beyond. We all appreciate and love your funny personality, your genius, and your passion to make excellence part of her everyday life. I wish Sister Regina Hall more blessings in her life.

By Timothy

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