Friday, April 07, 2017

The U.S. strikes at Syria.

More than 50 tomahawks missiles were launched (from U.S. forces) against Syria territory. Reports say that the strikes are near Homs, Syria (in an airfield). The missiles came from 2 Navy Destroyers. This comes after Syrian civilians were victims of a chemical attack. These events represent a new era of the war on terror. He or Trump is in lust for a military conflict. That is why he promoted such strikes before he was selected as President. He is a militarist not a populist. It is a known fact that Al Nusra not only have chemical weapons, but have used them in Syria. I'm not in support of an autocrat like Assad, but I reject imperialism. There should be an independent, international investigation. You have noticed that the corporate media is now silent on the U.S. causing civilian deaths in Mosul. We express sympathy with the plight of the Syrian victims of chemical attacks. There should be accountability against those responsible for the chemical attacks. Yet, we don't agree with imperialism. These actions contradict Trump’s non interventionist rhetoric about Syria. The CIA and the NSA are applauding Trump’s actions, because they want Trump to use more aggressive policies against Syria and Russia. Rex Tillerson has made more bellicose statements against Russia too. Trump is intimidated by the war mongering neo-conservatives. Also, this doesn’t negate the investigation of the Trump cabinet for corruption. People are seeing what will be next. Each of the 59 Tomahawak missiles cost $500,000 each. So, that is over 29 million dollars total, yet Trump promotes the deception that Meals on Wheel must be cut. The Syrian government criticized the assault as an act of aggression. The Russian military was reportedly told that the U.S. would strike the air base. The air base is at Shayrat. The United States accused Assad of using chemical weapons against civilians while the Assad government denies the allegations. These occurrences are a result of the multi-year Syrian civil war. During this time, Chinese leader Xi and Trump met in Florida. Moreover, the Trump administration has been threatening to launch a pre-emptive attack on North Korea and trigger a catastrophic war on China’s borders. The missile strike on Syria will remove any doubt in Chinese strategic and military circles as to whether Trump would be prepared to order such action. The Putin government in Moscow, backed by Bolivia, has signaled that it will demand an emergency session of the UN Security Council on Friday to condemn the American strike. Russia said that it will bolster its air defenses in Syria. Iran had condemned the actions. There are Iranian military personnel in Syria and Iraq. They are fighting alongside Shiite militias against ISIS. In Syria, the Saudi- and Turkish-financed and armed Islamist Ahrar al-Sham militia declared that it “welcomes any US intervention through surgical strikes.” The Israeli government has issued a statement voicing its complete support for the American operation. Turkey had already given blanket support in advance of the strikes. These strikes outline a new phase of the war on terror. In the final analysis, Syria must be an independent nation (not ruled by the autocratic nationalist Assad and not by puppet-U.S. backed agents either).

We will let the truth be known. French Montana is a coward, a misogynist, and a liar. He's another leech and a culture vulture. First, we don't tolerate disrespect of black women period. We live in a time where many black women are slandered by rappers, by politicians, and by other people worldwide. French Montana is a low down person who has exploited the money of many black people for profit. His racism is similar to many Arabic people's racism against black people for decades and centuries. He is known to use the N word and known for degrading black women for a long time. He uses the weak excuse of since his child has some African heritage, then that gives him a license to degrade black women, which is ludicrous. French Montana will never tolerate anyone calling Arabic women those names. Therefore, we will never tolerate anybody disrespecting black women period. Many people in hip hop not only agree with French Montana's sick views, but fund him. We have to take a stand and not fund his career. He should be boycotted. I have noticed that when French was having his issues with 50 Cent, he didn't call 50 Cent those names on Twitter. He's a coward. In the final analysis, we are all we got as black people. Corporate music executives fund him and they are just as complicit in misogynoir as are the rappers spewing anti-black women hate speech. A black woman's hair is beautiful and black women are beautiful. We will defend the human rights and the human autonomy of black women forever.

The Pepsi commercial blatantly was insensitive and it doesn't promote real social change, because real social change doesn't exist by drinking a Pepsi. Also, the problems of racism, Islamophobia, xenophobia, and other injustices are complex and Jenner sending a soda to a cop (many of whom are complicit in the oppression of black people) is a transparent sugarcoating of our plight. Our plight shouldn't be commercialized as the real revolution won't be completely televised. That is the point that the Pepsi commercial omits. The ad has people showing non specific signs and it shows the opposite of the reality of police brutality and other forms of injustice. You have crooked cops killing innocent people. You have people banned from coming into America because of their nationality. You have a so-called President opposing even the policies of legitimate environmental regulations. Jenner is viewed in the commercial as the face of the resistance when she is not extensively involved in black liberation efforts or anti-police brutality efforts in real life. During the events of Ferguson in 2014, there were no smiling cops in that location. Cops readily used tear gas and other weapons to harm peaceful protesters and arrested even innocent journalists. We are opposed to culture vulture tactics. We know one black woman in real life who confronted armed police. Pepsi has economic privilege and wants to exploit the courage of Sister Iesha Evans (who didn't send a cop a Pepsi, but she confronted the police overtly in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Iesha opposed the crooked police). Pespi knows this information. They aren't ignorant of our plight. They just wanted to make economic profit (which has existed for centuries as corporate interests have made billions off of the deaths and sufferings of black people). Actions speak louder than words, so many people are boycotting Pepsi. Black Twitter has used great satire to disagree with the ad. A soda isn't needed to fight oppression. Resistance, defiance, courage, and stand up for our rights are needed to make real change.

In the 1950’s, the civil rights movement grown in to new heights. In McLaurin v. Oklahoma State Regents (on June 5, 1950), the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that a public institution of higher learning could not provide different treatment to a student solely because of his race. During the date of June 5, 1950, in  Sweatt v. Painter the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that a separate-but-equal Texas law school was actually unequal, partly in that it deprived black students from the collegiality of future white lawyers. The Supreme Court abolished segregation in railroad dining cars in Henderson v. United States in June 5 of that year too. By September 15, 1950, the University of Virginia under a federal court order admitted a black student to its law school. In 1950, the Leadership Conference on Civil Rights was created in Washington, D.C. to promote the enactment and enforcement of effective civil rights legislation and policy. Orlando, Florida hired its first black police officers in 1960. Dr. Ralph Bunche won the 1950 Nobel Peace Prize for his actions in the Middle East. Also, Chuck Cooper, Nathaniel Clifton and Earl Lloyd broke the barriers into the NBA in the same year. On February 2 and 5 in 1951, there was the execution of the Martinsville Seven. The Maryland legislature ended segregation on trains and boats in February 15, 1951, but Georgia legislature back then voted to deny funds to schools that integrate.

During the day of April 23, 1951, the high school students in Farmville, Virginia, go on strike: the case Davis v. County School Board of Prince Edward County is heard by the U.S. Supreme Court in 1954 as part of Brown v. Board of Education. A federal court ruling upheld segregation in South Carolina public school in June 23, 1951. There was a riot of white residents destroying property in July 11, 1951 in Cicero, Illinois when a black family tries to move into an apartment in the all-white suburb of Chicago. The National Guard dispersed them in July 1. In July 26 of the same year, the United States Army high command announced it will desegregate the Army. The famous "We Charge Genocide" petition (on December 17, 1951) was presented to United Nations by the Civil Rights Congress which accused the United States of violating the Genocide Convention. The home of NAACP activists Harry and Harriette Moore in Mims, Florida, was bombed by a KKK group. Both human beings would die of injuries on December 24, 1951.  The Regional Council of Negro Leadership (RCNL) was founded in Cleveland, Mississippi (on December 289, 1951) by T.R.M. Howard, Amzie Moore, Aaron Henry, and other civil rights activists. Assisted by member Medgar Evers, the RCNL distributed more than 50,000 bumper stickers bearing the slogan, "Don't Buy Gas Where you Can't Use the Restroom." This campaign successfully pressured many Mississippi service stations to provide restrooms for black people.

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