Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Growing our Consciousness

A police officer pointing guns at 5 innocent kids is totally unacceptable. If there were 5 white kids, would the officer point the gun at them like that? That's an important question to ask, because study and study prove that anti-black racial bias exists in the police institution. There is no excuse for the police officer to treat black children as criminals when they are innocent and unarmed. This is what tons of black people go through everyday in the streets of America. The DOJ proves that many cops have enacted police brutality and economically exploitative measures. Yet, many police agencies refuse to change their protocols since some of them believe in the myth of police infallibility. Some believe that the cops should be given more privileges than citizens (which is an evil philosophy). The police is no master to me. We pay their taxes. They should serve us not vice versa. Therefore, revolutionary change is needed. I feel for the parents of the five black children. It's a shame that innocent kids fear the cops abusing their human rights when they just came from a basketball game. This story refutes respectability politics and makes us more inspired to oppose cop tyranny. I am in opposition to tyrants with badges.

I want to make this point too. It is always important to acknowledge the heroes who helped us along the way. Also, we should have self reflection from time to time. That is important since life will never be a crystal stair. It will be filled with adversity and challenges at times. Yet, with hope, faith, and constructive action, we can achieve an excellent amount of blessings that benefit others and our own lives. We are all interconnected directly or indirectly as human beings. We cherish our heritage without malice and without apology. Likewise, we seek the same thing that others seek. We seek the strengthening of our families, the improvements in the lives of our neighbors, and a world that has justice and true freedom. We will fight for this Dream since our ancestors (who experienced chains and indescribable turmoil) never gave up. They suffered a whole lot worst than us today. When we do what is right, we make our ancestors proud and the Creator proud too. I won't quit. I won't give up. Work is necessary and having time to relax and have humor at times is fine too (for life is not just about bread and work alone. Life is about the complex display of enjoyment and fun too). Also, it is important to make a distinction between bad Americans and Americans who are doing what is right. There are still many Americans who are helping the sick, helping the poor, standing up for voting rights, believing in social justice, standing up for freedom, and speaking truth to power. There is still a remnant of Americans who not only believe in equality and justice, but live it in their everyday lives. So, I do honor the outstanding Americans and other people in the globe (irrespective of their nationality) who are following in the path of true liberty.

Yesterday was the Birthday of Sister Gina Torres. She is now 48 years old. She is a famous actress. She loves science fiction and that is why many of her movie and TV roles deal with science fiction and adventure. She is a very talented woman. She was born in NYC. She lived in Washington Heights, and then moved to the Bronx, NYC (or the Boogie Down). She's a great singer too. Torres, a mezzo-soprano, began singing at an early age and attended Fiorello H. LaGuardia High School of Music & Art and Performing Arts in New York City. She also trained in opera and jazz and performed in a gospel choir. Today, she is acting in many diverse roles. Her husband is Laurence Fishburne. She has children too. I wish Sister in a Torres more blessings. The stories about Henrietta Lacks and Georgetown should be shown. It is a historical fact that the unjust exploitation of black people have caused massive financial profits among many corporate institutions at the expense of the blood of our people.. There must be compensation involving the rectification of injustices. There is also the double standard. When non-black people call for compensation of atrocities they have experienced, much more people advance that compensation (in dealing with the Holocaust, the Japanese interment camps, the Native American genocides, etc.). When black people even ask for a moderate amount of compensation or reparations, then many in society either are hesitant about it, minimize it, or resist it. We know that life is a struggle and many elitists make dollars, but they have no sense in how they conduct their lives. Henrietta Lacks was a brave woman and her story signifies how health care must not only include efficiency and adequate coverage (Immense power and influence resides among large insurance companies without question). It must encompass human integrity too.

I'm pro-black and I make no apologizes for it. Being pro-black has nothing to do with hating other people in an evil way. It has to do with standing up for black people, loving black cultural expression, honoring Blackness, and believing in black liberation. No one should use tactics of shaming people who are pro-black. That is wrong. What is right is being pro-black and I will continue to show pro-black messages here without regret. Therefore, I will always stand up for my core convictions.  Days ago was the day of Nina Simone's passing since 2003 at the age of 70. She was a legend in every sense of the word. For decades, she suffered the evils of racism, sexism, and colorism, but her spirit lives on eternally. Her legacy is extensive. One of her greatest friends was the late Lorraine Hansberry, who was a great writer and playwright in her own right. Also, Nina Simone has a glorious daughter fighting the good fight in our generation. She played the piano magnificently and she sang. She didn't just sing. She sang. Her words outlined the aspirations of black people desiring freedom and the legitimate anger at injustice. She showed joy and happiness in her music too. Nina Simone wanted justice for our people and she loved black people. We love her. We love her walk, her talk, her songs, and her Blackness. We love her inspirational tone in seeing us cherish the gift of life. We honor her lyrics and her legacy of hope, strength, and expressing life. Nina Simone was a gorgeous black woman who was the living manifestation of Black Womanhood. She gave power to generations of Sisters and Brothers. She lived in France for years. She believed in liberation and we miss her. Still, Nina Simone would want us to continue to live and to fight for freedom. Yes, we are:
Rest in Power Sister Nina Simone

Black women have every right to show their voices. Shea Moisture have made it clear that they wanted to go into a direction that disregarded the interests of black women hair care. Therefore, they issued that ad campaign, which failed. That is precisely why Shea Moisture backtracked. It was not because of sincerity. It was because they were afraid of the legitimate power from black women. Many black women are not buying their products anymore and this shows the massive economic force that the black community possesses. Great people here have written about Black Wall Street. That example not only shows great black entrepreneurship. It describes how institutions are key in building up a power base in our community. Black Wall Street in Tulsa, Oklahoma had stores, restaurants, and other facets of society. There was a Black Wall Street in Durham, North Carolina too. Urban renewal harmed Durham's black population. Urban renewal is about the 1% using policies to relocate people, end structures, and radically change communities. People from across the political spectrum have outlined the mistakes of urban renewal. Today, the people have firmly and rightfully spoken in strong opposition to Shea Moisture. The glory and beauty of black women hair must be honored.

By Timothy

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