Wednesday, November 08, 2017

Early November 2017 News

Today, the people have spoken. Ralph Northam has been elected as the new governor of my State of Virginia. I voted and I knew that he would win. Once again, my state of Virginia rejected bigotry, rejected xenophobia, and rejected unwarranted fear mongering. We are the future of America and we proved it today. We are the New South and we are the quintessential representation of the essence of a real, progressive America. Gillespie lost and now we can celebrate. Also, this celebration is just the beginning. We have a long way to go and this is not the end of this journey for human justice. This is a renewal of a new era in our history and the continuation of the same battle for social justice. Also, Justin Fairfax won in Virginia as Lt. Governor. He is the second Lt. Governor of Virginia who is African American. The first was Douglas Wilder, who was the first black Governor in American history since Reconstruction. Congratulations to Sister Vi Lyes as the first African American woman mayor of Charlotte, North Carolina. Congratulations to Sister Shelia Oliver as the new Lt. Governor of New Jersey.

Last night, Donald Trump gave his speech about North Korea. He spoke at the South Korean Assembly. He gave an ultimatum to North Korea to follow his way or face military attack potentially. For over 25 years, there is a long history of many people in the States (after the Cold War) advocating war under controversial, faulty pretexts. The regime of North Korea is headed by Kim Jong-un. Trump wants North Korea to go into the path of unilateral nuclear disarmament while North Korea refuses to go into that direction. Kim Jong-un's Stalinist authoritarian regime have harmed civil liberties, but Trump's claim that North Korea is a worldwide threat is not true. Also, America also must realize that civil liberty violations, racial discrimination, and economic oppression are found in America too. Trump is meeting with China too in order for hoping that China can constrain North Korea. Trump has used massive militarist rhetoric and bluster, which is typical of him.

Sister Frederica Wilson has spoke her mind a lot. She is 75 years old and she was born in Miami, Florida. She is a woman who has stood up for justice and truth. She has confronted the lies from Trump and Kelly. Also, she is a committed role model who has helped so many human beings in her community too. Her maternal grandparents were Bahamian. Wilson earned her bachelor of arts degree from Fisk University in 1963, and her master of arts degree from the University of Miami in 1972. Fisk is in Nashville, TN. She was a Miami school principal and she created her own mentorship program called 5000 Role Models of Excellence. She was in the Florida state Legislature for a number of years before she was in the U.S. House of Representatives. She has opposed hazing and bullying. Representative Frederica Wilson has advanced education, and she opposes the political agenda of the Tea Party. She recently defended the family of the late Sgt. La David Johnson. She is also a woman who loves her hats as she has an extensive collection of a diversity of hats. She has defended us for decades and we will defend her.

Today, this comes a day after the tragedy in a Texas Church. Many people once again believe in the myth that guns must be deified no matter what and that no solution can come about to prevent the acts of mass shootings with guns. This problem was caused by a deranged, evil human being and the problem of mass shootings can be solved by human beings. The problem is that some people refuse to believe in any limits to the Second Amendment. There are limits to the First Amendment, but some believe that any new gun limit is equivalent to a total gun ban, which is a lie. 26 people were murdered and at least 20 people have been injured as a result of this massacre. People from age 18 months to 77 years old were murdered. Today, the CDC is even prevented from conducting extensive research on gun violence. Many Americans are disgusting to accept mass shootings at the expense of worshiping an innate object like a gun. Most polls show how most Americans want more reasonable regulations involving guns, but the gun lobby is one of the most powerful lobbies in America. The gunman used an assault weapon. He was discharged from the Air Force, because he assaulted a woman and a child. So, the murderer was a coward. This is beyond politics and this is more than a mental health issue. It is a gun issue too. People have always talked about solutions like banning bump stocks, expanding background checks, spread gun information across state lines, and gun education. Yet, people ignore that since they believe in the lie that nothing can be done to cause positive change. That's like saying that the Civil Rights Act can never be passed because of the existence of racism. That is a lie too. When an Uzbek national killed people, that person in the White House calls for more immigration regulation, but when a murderer in Texas kills over 20 people, he always talk about mental illness alone. So, the double standard is real.

Yesterday was the Birthday of Sister Melyssa Ford. She is now 41 years old and she was born in Toronto, Canada. She is a well known Canadian model and actress. When I was a teen and young adult, she was seen in many magazines, music videos, and interviews. As of 2014, Ford participates in the Bravo Network television series Blood, Sweat & Heels, documenting her social life against the background of her struggles of becoming a realtor in New York. As time goes on, she certainly is very outspoken on the corruption in the industry and she desires real change in our society. I wish Sister Melyssa Ford more blessings in her life. The slander of the FBI of black activists of being labeled "Black Identity Extremism" is an old tactic of the FBI to monitor and demonize any black person who is opposed to racial injustice, police brutality, and any form of discrimination in general. This slander omits white supremacist extremism and the increase of hate crimes in America since Trump was selected as President. Right wing extremism has been in epidemic levels in America. Over 400 groups of white supremacist groups exist in America alone. The FBI tactic of monitoring black activism is truly disgraceful.
Black Lives Matter.

By Timothy

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