Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Mid May 2018 News

We can escape supporting the 2 extremes of Trump's crude nationalism and the imperialist's neoliberal globalization. Crude nationalism scapegoat races of people unfairly, violates human rights, and advances overt bigotry. The other extreme of imperialist neoliberalism promotes brutal wars, dominates resources unfairly, and creates a climate of exploitation. One person who promoted imperialism is George W. Bush. When he was President, he executed the unjust Iraq War, used DHS to racially profiling many and religiously profile Muslims, used a lax response to the victims of Hurricane Katrina, and established other bad policies. It is the Western imperialism overseas in the Middle East, Africa, Asia, etc. that has contributed to the growth of chaos, dictatorship, oppression and inequality. For example, the CIA has been involved in numerous coups against democratically elected nations for decades. The other extreme of Trump's nationalism forgets that humanity is not just national. We are international in scope. Trump is wrong to promote the policies of reaction, and advancing oligarchy instead of democratic freedom. The solution is to promote international solidarity with people worldwide in addressing these issues while promoting policies that uplift the people not corporate exploitation.

One of the most important stories about what is happening wright now is the relase of Brother Rakem Balogun. The U.S. government has issued surveillance of him and falsely assumed that he is some "terrorist" when he is not. He is a family man who promotes black liberation on the Internet and outside of the Internet too. Recently, the government promoted the slur of BIE or Black Identity Extremist. That term seeks to slander any black activist who desires unconditionally black liberation against racism and oppression in general. Before he was arrested, armed men with highly powered weapons came into his house. He found out that he was investigated by the FBI for years for posting words on Facebook that criticized the police. For the record, the police who act crooked by definition are terrorists. This story proves that FBI monitoring of activists didn't end during the 1960's (with programs like COINTELPRO). They continue today. The events that happened to Balogun is not only tyranny, but a violation to real democratic freedom. Yet, we are not surprised since America has a long track record of violating the freedoms of its inhabitants starting with Native Americans and others (including black people). Prosecutors couldn't prosecute him. Balogun has helped the poor, promoted self defense classes, and supported black gun owners in the midst of large white racist terrorist activity worldwide not just in America. In addition to an overall decline in police deaths, most individuals who shoot and kill officers are white men, and white supremacists have been responsible for nearly 75% of deadly extremist attacks since 2001. Therefore, we have to fight tyranny regardless of its manifestations.

Yesterday was the Birthday of Brother Emmett Smith. He is now 49 years old. He is one of the greatest running backs in NFL history. He was born in Pensacola, Florida. He the second-leading rusher in American high school football history while playing for Escambia High School. Smith then attended the University of Florida, where he set numerous school rushing records over a three-year college career with the Florida Gators. He was an All-American in 1989. Later, he came into the Dallas Cowboys to win 3 Super Bowls. He has other accomplishments too. He came into the Pro Bowl 9 times. He was the AP MVP of the NFL in 1993. He has the most career rushing yards in NFL history. He has a wife and children too. Today, he is in the real estate business. To this very day, he has motivated a lot of people to pursuit their own aspirations. Brother Raphael Saadiq had experienced his Birthday recently too. He is now 52 years old. He is a world famous singer, producer, and songwriter. He was famous for his solo career and for being part of the group Tony! Toni! Toné! Since the late 1980's, that group promoted old school R&B music with much new school flavor. They made many multi-platinum hits. He produced songs for TLC, D'Angelo, En Vogue, Kelis, Mary J. Blige, Ledisi, Whitney Houston, Solange Knowles and John Legend. Saadiq's critically acclaimed album, The Way I See It, released on September 16, 2008. For the 1990's, he was one of the greatest artists of that decade and he is one of the greatest musicians of our generation period. He was born in the great city of Oakland, California. He continues to produce to this very day. He continues to perform worldwide. He has amazing talent.

Today, Trump and Netanyahu (who are allies and men filled with scandals) made Jerusalem the location of the new U.S. embassy. It was once in Tel Aviv. This was historic and controversial since no major negotiations caused this to occur among the Palestinians. Trump doesn't give a care about the plight of the Palestinians. While there is no justification for terrorists to kill Israelis. There is also no justification for Palestinians to be murdered by Israeli military terrorists either. Many journalists in Gaza have been shot by military Israeli forces recently. The Palestinians have a long history of experiencing unjust occupation, discrimination, and racism. There is racism in Israel too where black African migrants are forcibly removed and black Israeli residents experience racism on a daily basis. This is real. I'm not just typing this words. I have researched this information for over 10 years. One Israeli Sephradi rabbi Rabbi Yitzhak Yosef made racists comments against African Americans too. He believes that non-Jewish people in Israel must follow the Noahide laws which is ludicrous. He made a sexist remark about secular women as well. He is a deception. From the Six Day War to the infitadas, the history of the Israeli/Palestine conflict has been filled with occupation, bloodshed, and other problems. Regardless of the Trump lies, the protesters in Gaza are not collectively Hamas agents. Many of them have sincerity in desiring Palestinian liberation. Israel is basically an ethnocentric state. Israel came about after one of the worst crimes in human history which is the Holocaust. Many early Israeli leaders were descendants of refugees from Poland and Eastern Europe (back then Stalin's pogroms caused many Jewish people to came into Israel. Stalinism isn't socialism, but totalitarianism). Massive economic inequality exist in both Israel and Palestine. Also, Israelis include Yemeni, Iraqi, Sephardi, and Mizarahi Jewish people. 70 years since 1948 (which is called the Nabka or the catastrophe by Palestinians) or the year when Israel was formed has been filled with controversy indeed. There is no solution to this crisis unless an international plan exists where both Jewish and Arabic people work together to build working class liberation and liberation in general for those who live in the region excluding occupation & oppression.

There are continued stories where the lives of black people have been harassed either by white racists or by overzealous, crooked cops. One black graduate student in Yale named Lolade Siyonbola was just sleeping in her dorm room. Later, a white woman called the police on her for no reason. The police came and interrogated Lolade like she was a criminal when she wasn't. She verified her identity and her right to sleep in the dorm. Later, the cops left. People are legitimately outraged at the mistreatment of Lolade too. This is not new since for years, innocent black people have had the police called on them for no reason whatsoever. On May 8, 2018, 3 innocent black women who were checking out of their Airbnb rental were called the police on by a white woman. The black women showed proof of being guests. In April, two black men were arrested in a Philadelphia Starbucks after a white employee called the cops. They were just sitting at a table and waiting for their friend. You have a disgusting cop stripping the clothes off of a black woman in a Waffle House in Alabama. Another young black man was thrown to the grown and choked by a North Carolina police officer near a Waffle House. Then, you have a convicted felon (with his convictions later overturned) Oliver North being the head of the NRA. North made the racist statement that pro-gun control children activists are akin to racist anti-civil rights extremists of the 1960's. Also, North compared young activists in Florida to terrorists. Oliver North was a person involved in the Iran Contra scandal of the 1980's (which was about North and his allies aiding far right Contras in Nicaragua). More and more people are speaking the truth that an inanimate object like a gun is not divine and you can never allow any person (especially criminals) to own any gun they want without restraint. Human life is always superior in value to a gun. There is no question that we have an epidemic of police brutality, harassment of black lives, and other forms of bigoted extremism. This is a fight for the right of black lives to be safe. It is about a fight for black liberation and the realization that my presence on this Earth as a black human being is a blessing.
Black Lives Matter.

By Timothy

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