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Friday, October 21, 2005

Reflections Part 2

"There is neither Jew nor Greek, there is neither bond nor free, there is neither male nor female, for ye are all one in Christ Jesus." (Galatians 3:28)

Welcome to the new era. Going through lows and ascending into great heights is normal for any human for the full human experience is composed of those parameters. For me, this is only the beginning of my total intellect. I’ve refuted people before and I won’t submit or acquiesce my agenda. The only thing people can do if they want me is to say my name period. A lot of people disagree with me and that’s fine with me, but false generalizations about real Bible-Believers and my people are things that I can’t stand. Pure honor must be expressed though. I’m not with agitation, but inspiration and real manhood to make the facts apparent. Forever, I remember many Holocausts for centuries like the Slave trade holocaust killing 50-100 million black men, women, and children, Hitler’s Holocaust killing 15+ million Jews and Gentiles, the Russia/Chinese Holocaust butchering 50+ million Orthodox & Chinese Christians, and I will never forget the American abortion Holocaust killing 50+ million unborn babies for no legitimate reason. All of them convince me of the evil capability of mankind. Regardless, hope eloquently presides in my mind. I see racism everyday in my life plus evil, but God will replay for all of the sin committed. America is a nation filled with conspiracies, assassinations, and corruption. Brutality is real here friends. From slavery, the assault of religious dissidents, corrupt police using dogs on people wanting liberty, Randy Weaver, Waco, OKC bombing, 9/11, Hurricane Katrina, and a black man plus a journalist being assaulted by deranged policemen recently in October of 2005, etc. Where did I start discovering about the New World Order? Well, it began in the Spring of 1997 (when I was enrolled in the eight grade of Middle School).

I saw Jim Hagee talking about the Pyramid on the back of the dollar bill, the Illuminati, and the New World Order. That interested me since I haven’t heard of those subjects before. Jim Hagee is definitely a Bush follower, over exaggerates on some issues, and follows the false doctrine that Jewish people don’t have to be saved when Jesus Christ said convert all people. I researched more then in 1999, I saw Robert Howard’s HardTruth website. It was amazing with graphics and tons of prose making it the best conspiracy site of all time. It was gone in 2003 and then the Forbidden Knowledge website (that I first saw in 1999 to witness information about Washington D.C.’s occult symbolism) revived it at 2004. In 2001, things began to change. I ascended into learning tons of extra information about the New World Order from Fritz Springmeier and Eric Jon Phelps. A couple of more outlets increased my intellect in realizing the plot of the globalists like Cutting Edge, Northstar, Liberty to Captive Ministries, and many others. Once again, the is still mocking the rapture when the early church and the Bible believed it for 2,000 years.

Manifold theologians have validated that point. The Second Coming is one of the cardinal tenets of the Christians faith. They are stewards of the Peak Oil theory, which is promoted by the CFR, Club of Rome, and Bilderberg Group. Alex Jones, WING TV, Paul Watson, Dave McGowan, and many others have pointed out legitimate information that dissents with Peak Oil. Just because someone disagrees with the premise that all of the oil is running out [which some predicted in 2003, but it never occurred and new oil production is occurring now] doesn’t mean that all people who don't agree with Peak Oil are shills. Zuerrnnovahh-Starr Livingstone wrote a letter to Ken Adachi that oil is plentiful in Alberta, Canada. Dave Ebner wrote an article for the Globe and Mail that oil in Alberta is wroth $1.4 trillion. Ottowa have many billions of dollars worth of oil as well. Many scientists point to oil as abiotic and continuing to develop inside the Earth.

Once again displays animosity to Bible Believers. The person heading it is a Jewish guy named Mark Rabinowtz. I called Oil Empire out plenty of times and the only thing they have to do is to say my name, then it’s on. When I say that it’s on, it’s on. When it’s on, I will display tons of critical information blowing their deception out of the water. You can guarantee that. They still believe that Bush is some right wing Christian, when Fundamental Christianity is being demonized in the media and Bush is a member of the occult Skulls and Bones plus Bohemian Grove Secret Societies. Oil Empire still link to websites distorting (like the anti-Christian Theocracy webpage) conservative Christianity and bashing sincere religious folks since most religious conservatives oppose a theocracy and the Dominion Theology. Real conservative principles of this Republic aren't representated by the corporate and governmental rulers of this country. These people will never outline that big business interests like the Rockefellers help set up the United Nations and many far left groups have supported population control and sterilization programs harming the Third World. The Georgia Guidestones call for 500,000,000 people alone to live on Planet Earth, which is a sick depopulation scheme supported by the Global Elite.

As for Harriet Miers, she is a Bush Neo-Con yes woman. Andrea Stone, from USA Today, reported that Miers said to Freemason Chuck Schumer from New York that she didn’t make any promises on how she will vote on abortion. In other words, we will have to guess what she will decide on whether killing unborn babies is good or not. What a shame. A decent human being would say that I’m opposed to modern infanticide and blood letting that the pagans did centuries ago. That’s abortion. It’s paganism period. Back thousands of years ago, people sacrificed their children to Molech and shed blood. Abortion is important to talk about since God wants the lies of “reproductive choice” (really abortion prevents the reproduction of a child) to justify killing babies to be exposed. Now, you go Dr. Phil supporting Planned Parenthood and homosexuality. is one site with rational evidence and stirring though rebutting Planned Parenthood’s propaganda. Never forget that Margaret Sanger (a drug addict, occult member, and promoter of segregation with Nazis on her staff) invented that group. The American Girl company, a subsidiary of Mattel Toys, Inc., launched the "I Can" campaign. They sent the money to Girl Inc. that supports abortion and even lesbianism. Miers is still ambigious on her views on critical issues. Tons of other women, minorities, etc. are more qualified than her, but Bush chooses her instead. I viewed the Million More March in Washington D.C. on C-Span.

My impression is that I agreed with some of the people there and disagree with other points. I agree with them that black people should act in an even more radical in helping our communities. With all of the improvements, numerous problems still remain. I agree with the speakers' opposition to the Bush administration, the Iraq War, FEMA negelience in the response to Hurricane Katrina (validated by tons of Patriots, Christians, and lovers of truth), voting corruption, and other forms of vice in this country. I disagree with a minister wearing the occult ankh symbol on his neck. I don’t agree with some of the speakers that blaming conservative Christians is the way to go as well. Now, this march was supported by Louis Farrakhan. He’s the leader of the Nation of Islam and said controversial statements before. I can never aligned with him since Eric Jon Phelps, Ali, and other sources prove that he is a FBI informat, is in a false faith [that even orthodox Muslims don’t accept], and fosters ecumenicalism. I’ve seen a lot of the people saying Allah when it’s a pagan false diety from Arabia thousands of years before Islam was invented by the “prophet” Muhammad. Masons Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton was there as well. The riot in Toledo, Ohio was unjustified even if some brainwashed, racist Neo-Nazis wanted to protest in a mostly minority neighborhood. I honor self-defense, but not rioting, especially in your own neighborhood. To see the rest of "Reflection Part 2" , you can click on this link.

By TruthSeeker24 (Timothy)


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