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Tuesday, October 11, 2005


I agree with WINGTV about Alex, but they are still bashing conservative Christians. First off, WINGTV, the end times is mentioned in the Bible for anyone with clear since. Second, it is not fear mongering to outline prophecy in a nice, logical way plus the Bible perfectly says that the world will not end and the New World Order will be defeated by God and his believers period. Third, Tammy Faye and her ilk aren't even real fundamentalist Christians, but apostates. I tell you that this bashing is getting annoying. I've been through debates before. If WING TV wants a discussion about this issue, I'm here. Fundamental Christians have been fighting the New World Order for decades like Watch Unto Prayer and Cutting Edge Ministries. It's a lie to put conservative Christianity into the category of perpetual fear mongering. Real Bible Believers don't live in fear, but live with strength and honor. It's obviously that WINGTV expose the Zionists (and rightfully so), but almost nothing from them is on the Knights of Malta, Le Cerle, Opus Dei, the Jesuits, high-level Freemasonry, etc. I've been bringing all my life. I'm not like Alex since I will defend my position against anyone regardless of ideology. I do respect their activism and they aren't shills, but their conservative Christian bashing is tired, old, a distraction, and a 100% lie.

First they issue an article by Michael Langston when a child can understand that Jesus Christ is called God in the NT the this nonesense. The end times is in reference to the present age before the tribulation and is not about the world blowing up and being destroyed, which is unscriptural. Isn't it ironic that some of these people are bashing Christians when if it weren't for Christians and other religious people, the criminals running the government would enslave us. Also, many folks don't want to talk about the Atheistic communists killing 50 million+ Orthodox Christians or the 2 million African Sudan murdered or the millions in Chinese murdered by cold blooded atheists many of whom are Christians. It seem like they blame religion for everything. It kinda makes me sick basically. I get this anti-religious conservative trash on TV, on the street, on the Internet, etc. almost everyday. Who are they kidding? I'm a warrior and they don't call me TruthSeeker24 for nothing.

By TruthSeeker24 (Timothy)


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