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Friday, October 21, 2005

More on Ann Coulter and 9/11


I think people exposing Ann Coulter are correct. She had made many contradictions and is a Bush follower for the most part. She doesn't discuss much about the civil liberty problems with George W. Bush and other real issues in this nation. She is right on a few issues, but her many outrageous comments ruining the rest of the limited credibility that she possessed. As for religion, many folks have always distorted religion to achieve an end. I don't even consider many extremists a spokesman for any sincere religious individual. Many folks don't want to mention the Atheistic Communists genocide of millions of people in Russia and China. Ann Coulter is caught up in the Left/Right paradigm. She doesn't look at Bush being part of the Bohemian Grove and Skulls and Bones, the evidence pointing to the inside job of 9/11 (proven by folks like WINGTV, Alex Jones, etc.), the CIA leak scandal, the depopulation agenda, Big Brother, how the government trained many "terrorists" before, and the evil Neo-Con agenda threatening the world. The Project for a New American Century outline that rather clearly. The corporate media including tools and puppets like Bill O'Reilly, Sean Hannity, Rush Limbaugh, etc. may feed some people spin, but honorable people can learn the real truth and counterract this savage agenda.

By TruthSeeker24


The New Jersey Badger: I read, once, a fictional character's commenting that one should never call someone else crazy when hearing a statement that sounded that way. Instead, one should ask the speaker what s/he meant.What _do_ you mean, 'Timothy (TruthSeeker24)'? :confused: :crazy:

Response: To New Jersey Badger:You know what I meant. I believe the government was involved in 9/11. Many evidence point to that including folks like Alex Jones, Dan Corner, WINGTV, and tons of other folks in the world. This forum isn't about 9/11, but these links discuss about it in more detail:

*The government have been involved in terror attacks for thousands of years, so it's not insane to assume that the government had a role in 9/11. Not to mention that many of the hijackers are alive, they were trained in government bases, and government foreknolwedge have been proven time after time again. Like always Ann Coulter is a brainwashed Neo Con who needs to wake up.

By TruthSeeker24 (Timothy)


Here's a new debate with the New Jersey Badger in October 25, 2005:

New Jersey Badger: If you honestly believe that stuff, then you are seriously deluded, and/or as nutty as a fruitcake. Your theories require that a substantial portion of the human race be "in on it", while existing, proven-in-blood conspiracy praxis requires that as few as possible persons know the truth in order to keep any secret.I will bandy words with you no longer; if you choose to reply, the field is yours for the last word. We have no common ground of perception, you and I.New Jersey Badger, signing off.

Response: I honest believe that stuff since they are validated by real sources and it's a very logical conclusion. I'm not nutty and many folks subscribe to my notions like Morgan Reynolds, Victor Thorn, Alex Jones, military people, scholars, engineers, and tons of human being around the world. Obviously all of those people aren't insane or nuts. This is not a theory, but a conspiracy fact. Conspiracies by definition means more than one person planning and executing a plan to achieve a specific end. By that definition alone, tons of conspiracies have existed throughout human history. Even the Bible mentioned conspiracy, so people describing conspiracies aren't irrational. Conspiracies can be compartmentalized, so a select few can know all of its details, while the common people are oblivious to the plot.

All information must be evaluated to develop its credibility, but 9/11 being an inside job have stood the test of time and review. As for conspiracies, all of the human race don't realize it. That's normal for things done in secret can be withheld from people. Just because few people know about real history, doesn't mean that real history doesn't exist. Few people realize that select American industrialists supplied Hitler with arms, but that doesn't mean that Hitler wasn't funded by no American businessmen. I realize that we have no common ground. I accept the view that government today is corrupt and we have a responsibility to expose evil in government. I believe that Bush's oath to the evil, dark Bohemian Grove and Skulls and Bones are innapropriate if he wants to proclaim himself as moral or some sort of "Christian." The facts are there with people waking up everyday about them. The links I've prevented to you not only display the fallacies of the accepted story of 9/11, but gives the fact of select people in government desiring to own oil resources, fight illegal/immoral wars, and promote an one world government agenda. Even now, folks are bashing alternative natural medicine through the Codex scheme. Ann Coulter is a useful tool of Bush and the corporate people plus the rest of the Elite controlling him.

My hope is that you can wake up since the door is there.



Encouragement from a Fellow Patriot:

Brian Hall
Re: Reflections Part 2
Fri Oct 21, 2005 16:59
Could you please contact me (Brian Hall) at . It is very important to all citizens of this U.S. A mentor of mine has stated what an impressive leader christian patriot and intellectual you are. We are all on the same side. Thank you B.H.


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