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Thursday, July 27, 2006

C Span


C-SPAN tentatively schedules 9/11 truth symposium for Saturday July 29

Alex Jones anounced on his GCN radio broadcast this week that C-SPAN has tentatively scheduled a panel from his 9/11 Scholars Symposium on Saturday night, July 29 as part of its "American Perspectives" programming block. Jones went on to say C-SPAN indicated that they might delay it another week to August 5. concurs with Jones' suggestion that interested viewers should call in to C-SPAN's morning "Washington Journal" program to ploitley ask hosts to verify that the program will be airing.

Jones introduced the discussion which panel featured , Webster Tarpley, Prof. James Fetzer, Col. Robert Bowman (U.S> Army, Ret.) and Prof. Steven Jones.

For some reason, misinformation has been spreading at sites such as and that the program is scheduled to air Wed. the 26th. Again, the program is scheduled for Saturday July 29. Weeknights on C-SPAN typically feature replays ot tape-delayed broadcasts of the day's events. The American Perspectives programming block airs Saturday nights.


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