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More Jesuit tidbits in July


Some stuff i came across during my symbolism hunts, dunno if it was posted here before in wich case i apologize..

found them when i came across that site..

make sure you look at the staff photos, those jesuit fellas are creepy f***s thats f'sure.. btw i found that quiet interesting thats the Family Crest on the Loyola Family Home (Romulus and Remus ? - the ''founders'' of rome) also have a look at these sites ah ye, the basketball team of Loyola University in LA is called: oh the symbolism - peace



Alexandra: Bloomfield Hills, Michigan!?That's not too far from where I grew up (Detroit suburbs).

Brother Nicholas Rivera: See this webpage- and see the Espana (Spain) stamp picturing Loyola and a sun with the all-seeing eye of Horus/Lucifer/Satan. I sent this to you sometime ago and you displayed the actual photo so people could see it for themselves that the the Sons of Loyola head the NWO and the Illuminati and according to the late Brother Alberto Romero Rivera-Loyola founded the Spanish Alumbrados so it all makes sense. Illuminati/Freemasonry is openly secular and the Jesuit Order is openly religious. According to Unam Sanctam (1302) by Papal Antichrist Boniface VIII. Though he was not referring to the Jesuit Order or the Illuminati at the time it was written you can see how Unam Sanctam is applied today and why the Jesuits love it so and incorporated its claim of universal spiritual and temporal power of the Papacy controlled by the Black Pope in their evil and bloody Council of Trent and Extreme Oath of the Fourth Vow.

This is what a Professed Fourth Vow Jesuit lives for and the end that he believes justifies the means to achieve this diabolical aim."Both swords, therefore, the spiritual and the temporal, are in the power of the church. The former is to be used by the church, the latter for the church; the one by the hand of the priest (the Jesuit), the other by hands of kings and knights (Knights of Malta and Knights Templars perhaps? They were the forerunners of Scottish Rite Freemasonry), but at the command and permission of the priest (Jesuit namely the Black Pope) Moreover, it is necessary for one sword (Illuminati/Freemasonry) to be under the other, the temporal authority (Illuminati/Freemasonry) to be subject to the spiritual (Jesuit Order); for the apostle says, "For there is no power but of God: and the powers that be are ordained of God" [Rom. 13:1]; but they would not be ordained [i.e. arranged or set in order; note the play on words] unless one were subjected to the other, and, as it were, the lower made the higher by the other...The Black Pope-the head of the Roman Catholic Institution behind the scenes wields the spiritual sword (false doctrine of Romanism/Sun worship) and the temporal sword (openly secular Freemasonry, Illuminism, and all secret societies all subject to the Black Pope on Borgo Santo Spirito).

We therefore declare, say, and affirm that submission on the part of every man to the bishop of Rome (the Antichrist Papacy) is altogether necessary for his salvation" (this why the Bible believer and the Papist have no common ground) The Pope is a usurper and a tyrant being a fascist and his master is the quintessential fascist, Socialist-Communist, Luciferian, (the Jesuits say this about anyone who opposes their order and Pope both White and Black).The Bible says otherwise so the Pope is a liar and he is of his father the devil and the lusts of his father he will do. Yea, let God be true but every man (including the Pope and his master the Jesuit General) a liar (Romans 3:4).

-Brother Nicholas N. Rivera

Just wanted to clarify this: The Pope (both White and Black) is a usurper and a tyrant. (these are the labels the Jesuits give anyone who opposes their order and their Pope both White and Black).

-Brother Nicholas N. Rivera



Fwd: Yassir Arafat and the Black PopeWed Apr 24 09:48:39 2002152.163.197.82Date: Tue, 23 Apr 2002 18:15:06 -0700From: "Eric Jon Phelps" [add to address book] [add to spam block list]Subject: Fw: Yassir Arafat and the Black PopeTo: "Wendy Billiot" , "Timothy Healy" , "STS" , , "Seaeagle" , "Robert Keator" , "Robert Auerbach" , "Rip Rockett" , "Rick Martin" , , "Paul Carroll" , "O & E Carson" , "Muhammad Salaam" , "Mike Rouleau" , "Mccabe, Chris" , "Mary" , "Mark Swetz" , "Marie L Miller" , "Lorah Layser" , "Londa Wiegand" , "Keith Hansen" , "Jonathan Levy" , "Jim Millard" , "Jim Leighty" , "Jim Bitner" , "Jenny Tarbell" , "Jeff Adams" , "jackcrew" , "GHYMEL" , "G Edwards" , "Florence Weisman" , "flora" , "Eliezer" , "Derek Brown" , "deb aaron" , "Danita Layser" , "Dal Seok Seo" , "Constance Gravestock" , "colman mccarthy" , "Charles Ashley Moore" , , "Bobbi" , "Bill Medeiros" , "Ben Phelps" , "Barry Rosenfeld" , , "Andrew Paul" , "adullum" , "Abel & Judy Verastegui" ----- Original Message -----From: Eric Jon PhelpsTo: Joel BainermanSent: Tuesday, April 23, 2002 6:11 PM

Subject: Yassir Arafat and the Black Pope

Dear Joel,

After reading Gordan Thomas' Gideon's Spies, I believe that I finally understand the true use and purpose of the most illustrious Yassir Arafat. But first a short review.As I have stated, the Masonic Jewish Zionists and theMasonic Islamic Dynastic families all work together under the supervision of the Jesuit General. In the early 1920s the first British High Commissioner to Palestine was Sir Herbert Samuel. This Masonic Jewish Zionist was the son of a wealthy Jewish banker whose fortune was tied to England's House of Rothschild. Samuel, before the First World War had ended, advocated a British protectorate over Palestine once Turkey was defeated. (Thus, the true purpose of the British "Lawrence of Arabia" was to unite the Moslem Arabs against the Moslem Turks, drive the Turks out of Palestine, put Palestine under British control and then set aside Palestine as a "homeland for the Jews" under the British Mandate.

The Jesuit General, in control of Britain since 1800 via King George III, had used the British and a united Arab front to take Palestine from the Moslem Turks. By designating Palestine as a homeland for the Jews who were intended to be used to rebuild Solomon's Temple unknowingly for the Pope, the Jesuit Order, using England as its front man, betrayed the Arab people and later assassinated their King Feisal.) This Herbert Samuel, in working for the British in conjunction with the Masonic Islamic Husseini Dynasty, appointed Haj Amin al-Husseini the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem in 1921. This man was Yassir Arafat's uncle.Therefore, we should not be surprised to see the leading Masonic Jewish Zionists working together with leading Masonic Islamic Dynasties, as both are controlled by the Jesuit General at the top via his International Intelligence Community. That Community includes the Mossad. Now we understand how Arafat, Bin Laden and Peres can be joint business partners in the Arab Palestinian phone company, Paltel.This brings us to that mysterious enigma known as Yassir Arafat.

What is his real purpose, really? He was trained to be a terrorist in the early 1950s during the Cold War Hoax in the Jesuits' Moscow, the Order having taken Russia during the Bolshevik Revolution. He has been the greatest agitator of Zionist Israel since the founding of the Jewish State in 1948, OR HAS HE BEEN ISRAEL'S GREATEST AID IN MAINTAINING ITS EXISTENCE?Is it not true that the Mossad could have eliminated Arafat many times during the last fifty years? Why not? Guaranteed, if Arafat was a genuine enemy of the Black Pope's Zionist State, Yassir would have been eliminated years ago. Why not? Why did Peres sign the Oslo Accord in 1993 effectively bringing Arafat out of Tunisia who then called for Intifada? Why do both Peres and Arafat make regular trips to New York's Council on Foreign Relations - secretly controlled by the Knights of Malta (William F. Buckley, Jr., Alexander Haig, Frank C. Carlucci, George Tenet, etc.), they being the soldiers for New York's Edward Cardinal Egan, the most powerful Archbishop in North America? Why have both Peres and Arafat kissed the ring of the Pope? Because the Masonic Jewish Zionists and the Masonic Islamic Dynasties both serve the Jesuit General who in turn controls of the Pope.

Therefore two of Arafat's purposes are these:1. To bring forth Arab leaders who are true enemies of the Pope's Zionist Israel in order to be identified and executed by the Mossad around the world. The principle of smiting the shepherd and scattering the sheep is fully employed.2. To be used to create sympathy for "the rights of the Palestinians" resulting in anti Jewish fury in all nations harboring a large Jewish population. The purpose for this calculated agitation is to drive back the Jewish People to Israel for their attempted mass murder in the future by the final Pope who will rule the world from the Third Temple yet to be rebuilt. Arafat is the key presently being used by the Jesuit General's International Press to create massive anti Jewish fury within the United States and in Europe.In conclusion, Yassir Arafat has been mightily used by the Black Pope in identifying Israel's true enemies enabling his Order's Mossad to eliminate them. And since the House of Saud, the Bin Ladens and the Husseins have not been eliminated those dynasties are not truly the enemies of the Pope's Zionists running Israel via the Labor Party today.

Therefore, Arafat will never be eliminated as he is the GREATEST TRAITOR TO THE EVIL ISLAMIC ARAB CAUSE, HAVING BEEN OUTLINED IN THE PALESTINIAN COVENANT OF 1968, IN THE HISTORY OF ISLAM.The price for this secret treason in maintaining his cover and furthering the Arab Israeli agitation have been the lives of thousands of unsuspecting Israelis and Arab Palestinians further enabling the Pope to have the final arbitration in this evil predetermined conflict. The ultimate prize in that arbitration will be the possession of Jerusalem and the rebuilding of the Temple the greatest golden wonder of the world.Meanwhile, God, who worketh all things after the council of His will, has used the Devil to establish His elect nation of Israel after 1900 years of international dispersion. Both the Devil and the risen Son of God intend that nation to remain, not to be overrun by any Gentile host for the moment. The Devil will use Jerusalem to manifest his coming risen Pope - the Beast - to the unbelieving world.

The Son of God will use Jerusalem to be the first city of Israel He that will deliver through His mighty power when His feet touch the Mount of Olives once again.And it is outside of Jerusalem, where he was crucified for the sins of His beloved Jewish brethren and Nation that he will judge all Gentile nations having survived the "time of Jacob's Trouble." The deciding factor as to whether these surviving Gentiles will not be executed and enter into the Messiah's earthly millennial kingdom promised to King David WILL BE HOW THEY INDIVIDUALLY TREATED THE JEWS DURING ISRAEL'S FINAL ATTEMPTED HOLOCAUST. Only saved Gentiles will protect the Jews during this most terrible time of the risen Son of God's judgment upon the nations of the earth. Dear truth-seeker, how will you treat the Jews in that day if you live to see it? Your answer lies in how you treat the Jews today. And in America it looks like we are going to be put to that test very shortly.

Sincerely in Faith,

Brother Eric

2tuff: By the way folks if your wondering, Eric Jon Phelps is perfectly fine right now.

Alexandra: I'd been wondering about Eric, what with all the flooding in Pennsylvania and everything.That's good to hear!


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