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Thursday, November 30, 2006

Lock and Loaded

Iraq (a nation that has an interesting history from the Sumerians to today) is still a serious issue to write about. Bonesman Bush [who had to be in a ritual ceremony to become the "Knight of Eugolia" back in 1968] met with Shia Iraqi Prime Minister al-Maliki to discuss the present civil war. Even a new Harris Interactive poll cited that 68% of American classify Iraq as civil war. Bush said to Al-Maliki that he will escalate the training of Iraqi forces. The Prime Minister said if that occurs, then possible troop withdrawl might occur in June 2007. The new Iraqi Commission is in (headed by former Secretary of State James C. Baker III [a Bush family ally] and former Indiana Rep. Lee H. Hamilton [a Democrat and a CFR member]). Their basic recommadations included no immediate withdraw of all troops. They desired to withdraw half of its troops then have strong summits with nations like Syria (a nation carved up after WWI by European colonial powers) and Iran (once an ally of the U.S. after WWII). The Study Group didn't even advocate a timeline. It's almost identical to Bush's status quo agenda for the Middle East. Also, the Study Group desired to create negiotations among America, Syria, Iran, and possibly the U.N. What's the truth behind the Iraq Study Group (or the ISG)? Little changes are made to the status quo. US Institute for Peace (USIP) is the main sponsor of the ISG. The USIP isn't really indepedent, but is composed of Pentagon officals and Washington elites (involved with intelligence). Even the members of the ISG are Globalists. Edwin Meese is connection to Iran Contra and PROMIS software scandal. William Perry (who wants an all out military approach or nuclear responses) and Vernon Jordan are Clinton allies. Larry Chin wrote more information on this non-independent, but bipartisan group.

Xin Fei from the Epoch Times on Thursday at November 30, 2006 had information that was bad. Xin wrote that 3 Christians were secretly killed in China. Xu Shuangfu, Li Maoxing and Wang Jun (these Christians' names), leaders of the "Three Grades of Servants" underground church. Now, the only churches in China that are permitted to exist are the approved churches. The underground church community have been presecuted for many years. With their organ harvesting, forced abortion, and evil one child policy, America has no business giving China favored nation status. Not everyone in China are evil though. Many real Chinese Patriots are protesting their country's corrupt governmental policies. Big Elites like the Rockefellers, the Li family, etc. have heavy sway in China and the Far East region. The FDA last week approved flouride in bottled water (in order to "prevent" tooth decay). The FDA said that 0.6 and 1.0 mg/L total fluoride is good. The Reality is that flouride is a notorious poison that can increase the risk of cancer, bone damage, brain damage, etc. The Nazis used such chemicals to dumb down populations. Even in some European nations, they don't flouridate their water supply like we do in the USA. Associated Press on November 30, 2006 had an article written. By KASIE HUNT. Kunt outlined that a record 7 million people are in jails, on parole, or on probation. That's bad news.

Now, there has been a resurengce of the haters. I'm ready for anything like always. MAD from constantly ask people questions (which is OK with me). Let me answer them with ease. MAD had a discussion with Eric Jon Phelps months ago and certainly knows that there is a Vatican/Jesuit link to globalization and a new world order (as promoted by many people). He first accuses 2tuff of hating gays. I never seen 2tuff personally hate gays, but dissent with the radical homosexual agenda. Just because a man dissent with homosexuality, doesn't mean they hate gays. Also, MAD said that stuff about Israel and racial segregation. 2tuff never believed that Israel was God's chosen people. He believes in racial segregation, which I don't. Just because a man believe in certain views, doesn't mean a man is wrong on everything. That is what MAD doesn't accept. If I rejected showing information from those I disagree with, then I wouldn't show much information. Also, many legitimate conservative Christians do believe that Israel is God's chosen people not for racial supremacist reasons. That reason is they believe that they are chosen in the sense of bringing the Torah and other contributions in the world. Being chosen isn't necessarily equivalent to racial supremacy. I've always criticized the evil in Israel (like Ariel Sharon, the Masonic Supreme Court Building, and the corruption of the Israeli government). I also criticize Muslim radicals. MAD doesn't get that like he doesn't get it on many other issue. For example, I may be chosen to play a sport, but that doesn't mean I'm racially superior to white people. It's hilarious that people are claiming that 2tuff is a shill, which he isn't to me. People have right to question someone's motives, but not to put words in someone's mouths (without going unchallenged). I don't agree with 2tuff and Eric Jon Phelps on everything, but I do respect their information about the Jesuit, Vatican, SMOM, Opus Dei, K of C, etc. MAD, you have to do better than that. I've been here for a while and I'm better than ever with my intellect. People like MAD want to take almost subliminal shots, but I see right through that.

I believe in net neutrality. People should see and write what they want on the Internet. I hate pornography, but buying software (individually) to handle that can easily censor pornographic trash. People like Olbermann are right about condemning Gingrich for wanting to limit freedom. Yet, folks like Olbermann and Matthews see it solely as a Republican and Democrat issue (i.e. Republicans mostly are the enemy). The truth is that both parties have a real history of limiting free speech plus violating the Constitution from Roosevelt, Clinton (just look at Waco [where innocent children were burned to death by military tanks via cowardly feds] and the Carnivore program), to Bush (just look at the Real ID Act & warrantless wiretapping of American citizens or the spying of peaceful protestors by the Pentagon). For real, you have some in both parties that don't care about real issues. Then, you have people in both parties (like Ron Paul) that want constitutional protections, abhor the North American Union, oppose GM foods, and want real solutions to problems. There have been interesting new information about Alexander Litvinenko (the journalist who died by radiation poisoning). Traces of radiation have been found in Berezovsky's office. Berezonvsky is an Russian oligarch [Modern Russia was created by Amero-European power houses in banking and secret Societies [like high level Freemasonry like Armaud Hammer plus Henry Ford and the Jesuits]) who was a business partner with Neil Bush. Some believe that Alexander was killed by Israelis or Putin or Russian Intelligence. Time could tell the whole story.
There's more on what I want to make manifest. I've seen a link with more information about Le Cerle. Le Cerle is something that many even in the "alternative media" don't talk about. Le Cerle is an international discussion group made up of bankers, politicans, kings, military officers, and intelligence agencies (interlocked with the CIA, SIS, FSB, Mossad, MI5, MI6, etc.). Many of them have ties to Great Britian and the Vatican (i.e. Knights of Malta & Opus Dei). Some of these men actually are some of the most powerful people on the planet like Prince Turki bin Faisal (Jesuit trained at Georgetown, and was once head of Saudi Intelligence), and Le Cerle founder Otto Habsburg (he is in the Sovereign Military Order of Malta and a prominent of the European Union [its logo has many stars]), and Zbigniew Brzezeinski (a founder of the Trilateral Commission along with Rockefeller). Even Nazi and CIA founder Reinhard Gehlen was in Le Cerle. Le Cerle is one missing link in explaining the plot of globalization of world society. December 1st is the time of the Global AIDS Day. I don't consider AIDS as something totally part of one specific group of people. AIDS is serious and any real treatment should be used include oxidation and irradiation technology. Solutions to our problems (about the nwo, etc.) include activism, education, constantly learning more information, help our neigbhors, never accept hatred of anyone for any reason, and continuing doing what is right. It's common sense. I'm always lock and loaded to defend my core convictions.

By Timothy


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