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Michael Collins Piper and Carto

Interesting that it's Michael COLLINS Piper. According to Fritz Springmeier, it was the Collins family that first brought witchcraft to America.


AntiSionist: I find the comments about Carto to be unsurprising. Chris Bollyn since he was fired from AFP told Eric Hufschmid on Daryl Smith's oct 11 show that Carto's Spotlight magazine used to have 200,000 readers but Carto's AFP now only has 20,000. Hufschmid speculated in an essay that Carto may be working with the Zionists since nearly everything he starts ends up going the way of the do-do. Bollyn said the day he was brought in to the Spotlight, Jerry Myers who brought him there asked him, "Who do you think the plants are?" This would seem to be the correct train of thought except for the fact that zionists don't rule the world and that Hufschmid is the brother in law of Rupert Murdoch's son James. For anyone who cares, here are excerpts from said interview.


Bollyn talks to Hufschmid. I guess Bollyn has been suspicious of AFP for a long time long before he hooked up with Hufschmid. He comments on Sam Danner. When he wrote about him, he put in necessary caveats. "IF this is true," "if this is correct," Wingtv and others are trying to make it look like Hufschmid gave Danner a hoax and convinced Bollyn to say that Danner's testimony is unquestionable. But if you read his articles, you'll see Bollyn made caveats and wasn't manipulated by Hufschmid to take Danner as gosepl truth.The first day on the job at AFP, the man who brought him in asked him who the plants were. So Bollyn was suspicious for a long time. He's seen agents come and go from AFP long before Hufschmid started raising questions. Bollyn says Piper told Carto that Bollyn shouldn't come. He gave an ultimatum. Me or him. I think I'll believe Bollyn especially since Piper said Bollyn couldn't make it due to some family thing. Bollyn called Piper a liar. He was invited, was told he'd get transportation to the conference and was ready to come. "But then I got these emails about the 27th of august and there was the email campaign going on. Michael Piper tried to create some conflict becaues I wasn't happy about how I'd been treated on the radio with Makufka and I said I felt it was a setup because I was told we'd talk about my attack and then he allowed Makufka to change the discussion and hit me with questions about Eric Hufschmid." Secondly, that article Makufka wanted Bollyn to criticize, Bollyn hadn't even read it yet. So is Bollyn lying when he said this? He is part of the criminal network?Carto set up the legal defense fund for Bollyn which Piper said, "We didn't have to do."

In the AFP issue of Bollyn's recount of his assault, he says there was a coupon saying to make the cheque out to American Free Press and not Bollyn. Rather Bollyn care of AFP. "The day or two days after I was beat up on a Tuesday, I got out on Wednesay, wrote the article. It said readers can send assisatnce to the Chris Bollyn legal fund care of AFP. It says please make cheque or MO out to American Free Press. When I went to court a month later, I hadn't received anything. I called them up a day before I went to court and asked if anything had been collected. I said, "I can't retain a laywer. I have no money." I had to go to court the first time by myself and I said to the judge that I don't have a lawyer and I need 30 days to find a lawyer and raise funds."Bollyn also says that when he talked to Carto about his firing, Carto said he agreed with the email Petherick sent to Chris where he fired him. Bollyn says, "I spoke to Mr. Carto and I asked him if he knew I was being fired. He said he read the memo and agreed with it. But it's absurd because Chris Petherick can't fire me without Petherick's approval. I said to him I should get my last paycheck. And that's another thing Eric. They talk about me like I'm a star reporter, but after I visited you and then Steven Jones, I was told by Petherick that I can't travel anymore. These are important people i saw after I came back from Europe. I went to see Jones and others. I was reluctant to stay in my area because I was being surveilled.""So after you did all those interviews, they cut your funds?""Yes. Prior to that I had been given, Willis said I could spend a thousand dollars, or Euros a month for research, hotels, newspaper, for all I needed.

My basic salary is low. It's been cut several times. FOr me to do my stories, I have to have the business allowance. In June, Petherick said no more.""This is after you do all your important interviews like Professor Kayhill. That's where we learn about health problems.""When we talked about those nanoparticles in the air with each other, about these particles coming out from October until Christmas I asked him, 'what can produce these nano-sized particles?' he said, 'only temperatures at the boiling point of metal.' That means this molten metal below the world trade center was well above the boiling point of steel." "And that verifies what Steven Jones was saying about thermite. So after you do these really importantarticles, they decide to ax your travelling. You would think that after you broke these stories, they'd say oh man this is great keep it up. Let's boost his salary. That's the exact opposite of what we'd expect.""Eric, ever since I've been writing about 9-11, I've been pushed to the margin and penalized, They cut my salary twice and I don't get to go to the AFP conference. I did all this work in the western united states and my visit with Jones was important. I was then told to stop travelling and basically suck the stories out of a pen. I need to travel."Bollyn also recounts how he was once in Germany and he wanted to go to Lebanon and Syria. What does Carto do? Tell Bollyn to go to Venezuela and try to get Chavez to donate a few hundred thousand dollars to AFP instead of writing good articles and doing research. Bollyn wasn't impressed with this. He also doesn't like how the readership has shrunk from 300,000 (The spotlight days), to now like 20,000 (AFP). He thinks it's just bad management but Bollyn said Carto was allegedly threatened by the CIA years ago and that their readership better not grow.He also calls Piper...says he's not a straight shooter. Michael Piper sent him "vicious emails on the 26 and 27 and said you're not allowed to come to the conference. At the conference they said my son was in an accident or something. That comes to me from someone I know who was there. My daughter had a broken collar bone but we were travelling anyway. So much abuse and so much of this attack on me from my own newspaper...

but I wasn't going to quit."And this is because he says despite it all, he thinks AFP is a great paper in spirit and is a great forum for the kind of material that needs to be dispensed, i.e. what Bollyn writes about. "I was writing about 9-11 from sept 11 2001, Eric. I was in New York city that day. I was invited to speak in Moscow in dec 2001. The same thing happend there. I was trying to get my Visa to go to Russia and I got a nasty email from Michael Piper. It was so rude and offensive I thought surely Michael didn't send it. Someone must have hacked it.""What was the message?""Yeah, it was just foul language. The worst kind of stuff. I haven't talked about this. I thought this must be some intelligence hacker or Russian hacker writing in very fluent English. I couldn't think he'd do it. But then he did the same thing this time when I got tasered. Like I said on the 26, 27 of August, Piper sent us another email and he kept calling me a liar. He told Mr. Carto (I got this from three pelple at AFP) that Piper gave Carto an ultimatum. Either he goes or I go. He even said he's go to Indonesia and boycott it if I went. I thought man, is his ego that sensitive? I really can't say that I know Michael Piper. I asked for Petherick to clarify where I said AFP is controlled and he won't respond. I don't know Petherick very well. I know he edits the paper." Bollyn goes on."I always thought Petherick was an odd fit when I started there. I had a ponytail, had a stud in his tongue...he wasn't a Christian. He wasn't part of the patriot patriot. My understanding was he was into black magic. But someone told me he was a satanist at that time and I thought my god. Look, I don't poke into people's...

Willis said you would know what goes on here Bollyn. I told Carto I wouldn't investigate everyone at AFP. I said to him, 'I"m willing to join forces with you. I have my research.' I worked for them. But I let a lot of things kind of go by. It's been clear for the last year or so that they wanted to get rid of me. Makufka of wingtv even seemed to known about that because he said they've been trying to distance themselves from me for a while.""Well what reason would this be? What else have you done?""You know my position on 9-11 research. It's become focused on Israeli involvement. When we were on the European tour, I was the only one who talked about that. In Vienna, I didn't get to talk because they thought it would be too sensitive. But I always said that if anything happens to me, it would be beacuse of what I've wrote about Israel and 9-11."Then he goes on to talk about Lisa Guliani. He says her name was misspelled and was not Italian. He went to a library, looked up the proper spelling of Guliani and found a ten year old article about how she used to live around Minnesota. He contacted her inlaws and they told him about how Lisa walked out on her family. And here's a bombshell. Bollyn said that contrary to what Scott Makufka said, he told them who he was, and who he worked with and that he did not use deception or use false pretenses to get information about Lisa. Her inlaws confirmed that she walked out on her family. And Lisa never denied it either. She just called Bollyn a child abuser for exposing this.Listen to it all. It's quite an interesting interview. Just be sure to keep certain caveats in mind such as who Hufschmid is related to by marriage and how Piper and Carto always omit things about the knights of malta from their work, etc.

2tuff: Folks must remember that FRITZ SPRINGMEIER is rotting in jail FITTED UP on crimes he DID NOT commit. So whilst Jordan Maxwell claims he stole his work and others like him walk FREE, Fritz is in trouble for what he said. Remember folks Fritz was BANNED. So you can do well researching FRITZ!

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