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Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Persistant Notes

Living life is part of my activities now. What interested me today was Aaron Russo's revelations. He said that Nick Rockefeller told him that the Rockefellers and the elite's goal was a microchipped population (includingpopulation control) to allow the bankers (and the elite) to control the world. That's true, because even mainstream news accounts list the advance of Big Brother and microchip technology in animals and human beings. Also, Prince Philip, the United Nations, Ted Turner, and other internationalists promote population control for decades. These proponents endorse the lie that the Earth is housing too many people. They omit the facts that world population growth decrease as a percentage per decade since 1960, that underpopulation epidemics are in Russia and South Korea, and all humans can fit in the state of Texas given 1,000 sq. ft. each. That's much of the elite's plans to enslave us. Nick Rockefeller (according to Aaron Russo) said to Russo that the Rockefellers funded the women's liberation movement. That's true, because even Gloria Steniem admitted that the CIA funded her Ms. Magazine. There is nothing wrong with women's rights or a women recieveing the same pay as a man. Yet, these "feminists" seem to forget that the leadership of their own movement have been funded by the Rockefeller Foundation, CFR, and other interests. Russo also said that Rockefeller told him that the women's lib movement was a scheme to tax the 2 genders of male and female more effectively, indoctrinate students, and destroy the traditional family model (that's why you see high divorce rates and record out of wedrock rates in many races in the USA). Radical feminists are more powerful now than back then. Today, their names are Hillary Clinton, Gloria Steinem, Eleanor Smeal, Maureen Dowd, Kate Michelman, Ruth Bader Ginsburg (a Supreme Court Justice, CFR member, and even wrote literature promoting sex child with adults. She was a professor of law at the Jesuits' Georgetown University Law Center), and even Sex and the City's Carrie Bradshaw. Yet, I'm not going to be ignorant of their nefarious devices. We ought to be strong, active, and educate our neigbhors about what's really occuring in the globe.

Raw Story on Tuesday, at January 30, 2007 discussed about something news. It said that the President signed an executive order giving more executive control over federal agencies dealing with public health, safety, etc. Some like it in protecting the interests of small businesses. Critics feel that it will increase the control of the White House and hinder the public agencies' duty in helping the public. It's apparent now that the executive has too much power as it now. Allen Dershowitz is hilarious for calling for a war with Iran. Let's show facts shall we. Iran has yet to develop a nuclear weapon, yet nations like America, Pakistan, Israel (which has a Masonic Supreme Court funded by Rothschild money. There are good Israelis, but the leadership of Israel for a longtime have been pro-socialist communist, pro-evil Labor Zionist, and wicked. Labor Zionist Weizmann intentionally allowed many Jewish folks to die in the Holocaust according to Ben Hecht's research. What's also wicked are the leadership of mostly Arabic nations like Egypt, Saudi Arabia, etc.), North Korea, and many other countries have hundreds of nuclear weapons. Iran hasn't attacked America directly, although many neo cons and some neo-liberals (like Joe Liberman) yearn for a military strike against Iran if neceesary. Barnaby J. Feder from the NY Times at Tuesday on January 30, 2007 described a billboard promoting RFID chips. RFIDS chips are ever present in clothing, trees, cars, and all across the world. There is the issue of smoking. I don't agree with smoking and smoking is bad for one's health. On the other hand, I disagree with dracoanian and fascist legislation banning smoking in private homes and private locations though. Maria L. La Ganga from the LA Times on Tuesday at January 30, 2007 produced information on how San Francisco is proposing legislation in banning smoking in private homes. People have a right to act foolishly as long they don't violate the law or violate the morals of society.

Yesterday, I heard Bill O'Reilly talk about Iraq and the anti-war protestors. I only agree with Bill on this issue that the anti-war crowd in that march must be more foreright in their opinions of Iran. O'Reilly said that the Iraq War was legal because of U.N. Resolutions. This is a faulty argument, because that's the U.N.'s business. The Constitution cites that we don't conduct a war without Congress declares it. Congress didn't declare it, but the President made Congress pass a war Resolution. The U.N. has been anti-self defense, anti-life, and been riled with sex scandals. How are they are reliable agency in conducting warfare or using its words for a justification in wars? Also, what do about Iran? When is firm negiotation cowardice? It isn't. A negiotated, yet firm discussion is much better than warfare among America and Iran. They aren't a direct threat to America and bombing these nations have nothing to do with real American national interests. Also, the outcome of the Iraq War is terrible including thousands dead, the D.U. poisoning, etc.

There is a Climate Change situation talking about "global warming." The truth is that there is an increase in temperature. Yet the solutions made about by the U.N. and others is nothing more than global government, global taxes, and other population control procedures. Legitimate voices have existed that don't agree with man-induced global warming. Also, the Solar system is warming by the Sun without any inteference by mankind. As for Joe Scaraborough, this guy went from a man with a little spin to a p.c. "conservative" that's afraid to not speak his total mind in my judgment. I guess he doesn't want to talk about a female staffer found dead in his office. Scarborough is right on some issues though. There has been an update on the 7/7 bombing. Daniel Obachike, was a witness of the bombing on the lower deck of number 30 bus. Daniel said that 2 cars diverted the Hackney bus. He claimed that after the bombing, men calmly monitored the scence. This is one circumstance out of a whole list questions surrouding the 7/7 bombing.

It's time to get rid of our complanency. Some liberals have been complacent about endorsing the getting rid of the Patriot Act, the Military Commissions Act (that ends habaes corpus and possibly gives enemy combatant status to American citizens), etc. Real patriots who are liberals, conservatives, libertarians, and indepedent will have to continue to fight for liberty. If want to see the dots connected, we will have to realize that the CFR, big money Foundations, and corporate interest control (in a monopoly system) most of the mainstream liberal and conservative organizations. They keep individual citizens distracted so real solutions and real unity isn't realize in Americas plus nations globally. Threats to society are real from the Security and Prosperity
Partnership Of North America, the amero, proposed Mental health screening of all children in some states, Big Brother, and economic corruption. I will keep on writing notes. I forgot about writing about Singularity. From my research and heart of heart, I know that one of the final plans of the pro-new world order crowd is Singularity. What is it? Singularity is about using high technology and merge it with human beings (those who believe in it believe that man can have "god-like" power by inheriting this technology). The Internet is a good thing when used the right way as a tool to get legitimate ideas across.

By Timothy


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