Friday, September 14, 2007

Globalization is Bad

I'm back here. Recently, I've visited the country areas of Virginia. They were located in Southampton County, Courtland, Drewyville, and Boykins, VA. A lot of people there (including some of relatives) spoke with deep Southern accents. It was fascinating. The land looked rich in several locations. I've enjoyed the trip. Now, news days continued to fly high like a potent air ballon. There is the Ed Brown situation. Ed Brown refuses to pay income taxes since he assumes that income taxes constitute an illegal measure. Recently, supporters of Brown and his family were arrested. The Department of Homeland Security has also flown helicopters over the house. BATF agents were at Ed Brown's house as well. I don't agree with all of that firepower for just a person refusing to pay income taxes peacefully. The situation with government now is very apparent. They want to control society via programs and instiutions. They want depopulation and the centralization of sovereignity (which strips sovereignity. That's why Bush, Mexico, and Canada are having talks about integrating the powers in the 3 nations in a North American atmosphere. That is why the Trans-Texas Corridor is strongly proposed in causing globalization lowering the right of inspecting foreign trucks. Such a plan for a NAFTA Superhighway is called the North American SuperCorridor Coalition, or NASCO, was originally named the North American Superhighway Coalition. CFR member Robert Pastor (who agrees with the amero currency for all of North America. King Of Malta Juan Carlos is the head of the Cintra corporation who wanted to built a huge highway across North America) said in June 9, 2005 to the Senate that: "The North American Council should develop an integrated continental plan for transportation and infrastructure that includes new North American highways and high-speed rail corridors." That's the smoking gun proving a plan for a North American highway exists. These proposals having been approved by Congress at all. From my years of research, the architects of this one world system are in the Vatican/Jesuits, the Pilgrim Society (which control and helped invent the CFR, the Trilateral Commission, the Bilderberg Group, and the RIIA), and high level Freemasonry (whose members even in 1950 supported a new order for the world).

Globalization is about the government and other political entities centralizing wealth and power into the hands of the few (via programs, big multinational corporations flowing the nations with as much resources as possible without much inspection, and other tactics). Frankily, Globalization is bad since it institutes a monopoly over independent thought, independent markets, and suppressing our inherit freedoms. The United nations is part of that. Although, the UN isn't the most powerful group on Earth, they certainly have heavy influence in promoting population control, the control of many of our lands in America (plus our national parks, Biospheres, etc.) plus globally, and brainwashing some folks into supporting the evil concept internationalism at the expense of forcing nations to eliminate their sovereignity. The Vatican connection (a simple example is how in the 1980's Pope John Paul II gathered dozens of religious leaders in support of a one world religious atmosphere.) John Paul II and Pope Benedict XVI both called for a new world order. The Vatican is at the forefront of the Ecumencial Movement. Some even want the Vatican to unite with the Anglican Church of England. The Knights of Malta are very powerful and head many corporations like William F. Buckley Jr., Gustavo Cisneros, Joseph A. Unanue is the head of Goya Foods, a powerful banker named Geoffrey T. Boisi, & Steven Saxton is one head of a major Hollywood International company, and are in the globalization agenda. Not to mention that the SMOMs have a history in funding WWI, WWII, the Russian Revolution, the Cold War, and many avenues of history today. The Jesuit order have been at the forefront in training world leaders from Clinton to others. Many Jesuits support far left causes from abortion to gun control. The Jesuits' goal have been to destroy the Protestant Reformation and they have been condemned by John Adams and other intelligent men. Jeb Bush is a famous 3rd Degree Knight of Columbus member to the NWO must be exposed as well. Some even in the alternative media won't talk about it (i.e. the Vatican) for whatever reason, but I will write about it and speak on it. That's part of freedom of speech.

By Timothy

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