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Thursday, September 20, 2007

Something new

I'm here. Today is the beginning of more massive protests involving the Jena 6. What is it about? It's about a group of black people assualting a white man. Many of them recieved harsh prison sentences as tried as adult. Protestors in Jena, Louisiana believe that the judgment was too harsh and is an example of unfair punishment harbored against blacks and other minorities. That's the controversy. Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson (both Prince Hall Freemasons) are there to protest. Frankily, the mainstream (especially "liberal") black leadership have been infilitrated by corporate elites, the Jesuits, and Freemasons for many decades. That's why Jackson, Julian Bond, Sharpton, and even John Lewis are all Freemasons. Freemasonry in a 1950 New Age article called for a new order and a new race for society, so Freemasonry is definitely involved in the NWO plan. Many Masons are quoted as praising Lucifer and accepting the paganism of the Mystery Religion. Masonry is occult and evil. My opinion on Jena 6 is that people have a right to protest and the judgments in the case was too excessive. I want to mention this as well. There has been a lot of sucking up to Ronald Reagan (who was a 33rd Degree Freemason and researchers believe that he's also a honorary Knight of Malta).

The truth is that Reagan was an agent of the Elite. He passed an anti-gun law called the Mulford Act in 1967 (and legalized abortion in California in 1967 also). He allowed diplomatic relations with the Vatican in 1984 when the Vatican is responsible for evil intrigue for centuries. When you get down to it, those who have most of the political power are in the Vatican and other places in Europe (i.e. the Black Nobility families, high level Freemasonry, the Pilgrims, etc.). They want a feudal system similar to the Middle Ages. Reagan is an ecumencial who's an ally of many Jesuits. Reagan allowed himself to viel himself as a "conservative" but the result wasn't a radical improvement in America nor the positive reception of conservative values. In fact, most of the media don't like pro-life ideals, pro-gun ideas, and pro-national sovereignity ideals (That's why nations like China control a large portion of our ports. They want to be the biggest navy on planet Earth). I see it everyday. That's a sign that we have to be careful on whom we praise.
The Iraq War is going really in a destructive manner. The Iraqis want Blackwater out of Iraq for their use of aggressive tactics. Many of them are accused of murdering Iraqi civilians. The truth is that Blackwater has been an aggressive organization. Despite the vast majority of the American public wanting the Iraq war to end, Congress is very little about since they fear George W. Bush's veto power (and failure to earn enough votes to get anything done). Our freedom is not what it should be. For example, Congress reject a call for just accepting habeas corpus, a man gets tasered for no reason (The man's name who was arrested was Andrew Meyer. He asked Kerry about the election corruption in 2004 and if Kerry was a Bonesman like Bush is. Kerry is a Bonesman and an elitist. The S&B is an occult low level entry level position that propel many students into the real Global Elite), religious folks have been arrested for peaceful expression, the expansion of the anti-4th Amendment FISA program, the forced drugging of our people, free speech zones are all over the nation, in some Bush rallies you can't go to it without signing a contract, and other facts of reality. That isn't legitimate freedom. Real freedom is to express your right to live your life as you don't violate moral principles of honesty, being anti-murder, etc.

By Timothy


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