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Are Jesuit-Controlled Government Plants Taking Over NY 9/11 Truth Rally?

According to several government informants in the know, the arrest of Alex Jones looks like a staged event in order to put the focus on "one of their plants" while taking the focus off the real purpose of 9/11 truth.

By Greg Szymanski
Sept. 9, 2007

The evidence pinning the Vatican-led U.S. government with complicity in the 9/11 tragedy is overwhelming.But trivial things like hard evidence doesn't stand in the way of the deceptive Jesuit Order controllers and their minions. It doesn't stand in the way because they have firm control over everything that counts in America, including the 9/11 truth movement.What counts now about 9/11 is putting on a clever, deceptive show of sincerity, including phony investigations and staged rallies designed to fool people into believing that something consequential will eventually be done to nab the real perpetrators of the mass murder of more than 3,000 people.And a good deceptive show led by planted government operatives is exactly what will be going on in New York this week at the 6th anniversary of 9/11.According to insiders who have worked for the CIA in the past, the 9/11 anniversary rally every year is designed to discredit truth seekers who fill the New York streets.

The movement is discredited by placing government plants in strategic positions in order to depict to mainstream Americans that 9/11 truth seekers are crazies. This was accomplished one year by placing people like Victor Thorn and Lisa Giulliani, with their band of whacked-out looking followers holding banners and screaming nonsense with a "crack head" leading the way, right in front of the speakers during the morning the names of all the fallen dead are read out loud.This, of course, gives a bad name to the entire movement while in the eyes of mainstream stream America, leaving a taste in their mouth that the whacko 9/11 truth seekers are disrespecting the dead.Furthermore, each year the government plants are instructed to keep the main focus of the 9/11 anniversary off the solemn mourning of the victims and their family while staging events that incite loud shouting and violence.

According to former CIA insiders, this year activist and Jesuit operative Alex Jones was arrested on Sept. 8 in New York as part of a planned event putting the focus of attention on him while taking it off the real purpose of the 9/11 anniversary, mourning the dead.In fact, if Jones and other fake leaders of the "so-called" 9/11 truth movement were at all sincere and, in fact, not working for the government, they would quietly have respect for those who died on 9/11 and their families, saving their activism for the rest of the year.And according to several informants and the analysis of former FBI agent and infiltrator of militia movements, John Peeler, people likeJones and other hidden operatives have turned the 9/11 anniversary into a "dog and pony show" where family members are given little consideration, the dead are forgotten and the real perpetrators are given another free ride as they look on from their penthouses at the futile efforts of those who may have come to New York with real sincerity in their hearts.In honor of the family members who lost their loved ones on 9/11 and, at the same time exposing and denouncing the insincere antics of agent provocateur, Jones, the Arctic Beacon reprints a feature story about Donna Marsh, a mother who lost her pregnant daughter running from the South Tower.


Mother Talks About Pain Felt Losing Daughter at Ground Zero
Donna Marsh-O'Connor made an impassioned plea at a recent New York 9/11 truth rally, demanding Bush be removed and calling for Americans to demand a truthful investigation into what really happened on 9/11.

By Greg Szymanski
Sept. 17, 2005

The morning began with the highest of highs and ended with the lowest of lows. It had all the makings of a perfect September day but turned quickly into one ordered up by the devil as if a black curtain had been thrown over the entire world.On the morning of 9/11, Donna Marsh O'Connor started out to Toronto with high expectations, hoping her husband Robert's film, Buffalo Soldiers, would fair well in the prestigious film festival held there every year.It ended with the deepest feelings of despair and desperation and a life or death race back to New York City after hearing about 9/11, knowing her 29-year-old daughter, Vanessa, who was five months pregnant, was working on one of the top floors in the South Tower.Many stories of horror and tragedy have been told about 9/11, but this one somehow is a bit different. It's different because, four years after the fact, it places the entire picture of 9/11, both the tragedy and political ramifications into proper prospective from the eyes - the thoughtful and intelligent eyes - of a grieving mother who only wanted justice from the very beginning, something she claims she never has gotten.But before delving into politics and social injustice, this is the type of compelling story that needs to be explored from the human side. It's the type of heart-wrenching, sad story that can't be easily wrapped up in a neat, little package with all the answers plainly visible on the cover.In fact, it's the type of story that leaves an eternity of unanswered questions, perplexing questions like why good people die young and why some people like Marsh-O'Connor are given an extra-large dose of sadness and grief, given enough turmoil and disappointment to fill up the lives of a million people combined.But in between the unanswered questions and mysteries of life, this is a story about the greatest human tragedy of all, the story of a loving mother losing a daughter and, in the process, upsetting the entire balance of nature and progression of life.

It upsets the entire balance because children aren't supposed to die first and parents just aren't supposed to outlive their children. But when it happens, when the young are ripped away for no good reason, it's like turning the entire planet upside down and driving a stake through its core and, at the same time, driving it through the mother's heart as she watches her child die before her very eyes.And Marsh-O'Connor knows what it's like to have that eternal stake driven through her heart, knows how excruciatingly long the pain can last, realizing it may last forever and perhaps even longer than that.She knows all to well how the pain started on the black and horrid morning of 9/11when she first collapsed on the roadside after frantically calling from a phone booth on her way back to New York City, trying desperately to talk with her daughter.She knows what it's like to rush as close as she could get to the rubble at Ground Zero, staring endlessly into what was nothing more than a bottomless pit of smoke and debris, wondering if her daughter was dead or alive.She knows what it's like to live on pins and needles for 13 long days, holding on tight to every last glimmer of hope that her daughter, Vanessa, would somehow miraculously walk through the door, giving her a big kiss and a hug instead of forever remaining just a memory.

And she knows what it's like when that last glimmer of hope faded out on September 24 when she was told Vanessa died fleeing the South Tower, being one of only 289 bodies found in tact at Ground Zero out of the 3,000 who perished."For months after she was killed, I would call her cell phone just to listen to her voice on the answering machine," said Marsh-O'Connor from her home in Syracuse after spending the weekend in New York for the fourth 9/11 anniversary ceremony held every year at Ground Zero."Her face is like a screensaver in my mind. And on that horrid 9/11 morning I physically felt like I was going to explode. I called my son, James, who was 14, and he said: 'Mom, Vanessa!'

The whole thing is surreal. My husband broke into tears."Vanessa loved the towers and she knew I hated them. The last time we talked we made up for an argument we had and then I remember she said 'I love you' and then we decided to go away for a few weekend trips. That never happened."Then on July 25, this year, Vanessa's husband Timothy died. He starting drinking after 9/11 and never stopped. He loved her very much and never was the same after she died. I think he died for Vanessa."So, four years later, the 9/11 death toll increases by one as Timothy's name won't be added to the official victim's list, but nonetheless calls shocking attention to the magnitude of the pain and suffering going on within all the families who suffered losses at Ground Zero. It also calls attention to the many other social, political and economic problems surrounding the aftermath of 9/11, problems Marsh-O'Connor said need immediate attention since the victims and families deserve the truth and nothing but the truth. Last Sunday on the fourth anniversary of 9/11, Marsh-O'Connor at a 9/11 Truth Movement rally near the United Nations made an impassioned plea to more than 300 Bush protestors, saying it was time for both Bush and Cheney to be removed from office.She claimed the 9/11 investigation mounted by the government was a sham, adding that four years later there still exists a media blackout and little support among the American people to get at the truth."Look in the crowd," she said at the rally. "We need more suits out there. We simply need more awareness if we ever want to get anywhere." Back at home in Syracuse, she added more depth to her emotional statements made at the rally:"I swear to God I don't know if we will ever get these guys. I hold Bush and Cheney responsible 9/11 and for blocking any type of meaningful investigation. I would like to see the truth come out in my lifetime, but I just don't know."But Bush, Cheney and Karl Rove, at his demonic best, have blocked all chance at getting at the truth. When a crime is committed, you look to who benefits for motive. Bush and Cheney had the most to benefit. All I ever wanted was the questions to be answered. Where was NORAD?

Eighteen minutes is a lifetime in air traffic control and if they would have acted, my daughter would be alive today."Besides the mystery surrounding the disappearance of NORAD, Marsh-O'Connor provided a litany of unanswered questions not addressed by anyone in government, including the 9/11 Commission. Some of the questions she personally wanted answered included why were the Saudis allowed to leave the country right after 9/11 when all other flights were cancelled? Others included why were those in the South Tower not told to evacuate right after the North Tower was hit and why, in general, does Bush think he has the right to refuse answering questions about the discrepancies in the official government story when millions in America don't believe it?"When my daughter was running for her life, why was George W. Bush reading to second graders?" she asked, adding Bush, the person, is even more frightening than Bush the politician. "I have a knack at reading people and Bush is a nasty little brat. "He is belligerent, narcissistic and insecure. His entire life is spent covering up and it is painful to watch him talk with his constant pausing and groping for words and sentences."Saying that Bush and his neo-con band of thugs are dangerous, Marsh-O'Connor puts nothing past this gang of criminals in the White House, saying she is prepared to speak out anytime, anyplace or anywhere in order to wake-up America to the reality that the enemy of America lies within.

"Bush scares me," she added, "because he and his friends are willing to do anything to get what they want. We have to start preparing ourselves for a biological attack. There are just so many things he has done since 9/11. Why did he take away bankruptcy from the people? Why is there going to be higher minimum payments on credit cards in the near future?"Giving a lesson in the American psyche and also asking a tough question to the American people, she added:"What we say about ourselves is different than what we see. If we allow Bush to get away with everything what do we have left? You tell me what freedom means?"Concerning Hurricane Katrina, she said lessons from 9/11 haven't been learned and the 'Bush MO,' as she likes to call it, is being repeated all over again in New Orleans. "We see the same Bush pattern in New Orleans," she said, referring to the fact that the Bush administration appears to want to maximize pain and suffering instead of minimizing it. "When are people finally going to get it?"



September Arctic Notes

Listener and Reader, Rick Friedrich, comments about corrupted alternative media.
Referring to your Arctic Beacon article at, I too have cautiously examined Jones since 9/11 and have made the same observations. One key observation beyond the support of Hutton and Mel Gibson was his Bohemian. Grove filming. This sort of thing cannot happen unless allowed. Granted some people may be allowed and not be part of it, but it is not likely in this case. As a student of American history, and American slavery on the side, I am aware of how the slave trade has modified itself in history. And I have always feared that these charismatic conspiracy figures are actually setting the stage for a violent conflict that they really desire to profit from. Like you wrote, just follow the teaching of Alex himself and he does spell this sort of thing out. They want to gather people together under organization for many reasons. The evil ones must always control opposition as well. The devil can only convince people of lies with a lot of truth. Asa Mahan wrote long ago: "Naked error is powerless to deceive, and borrows all of its effectiveness from mere fragments of the truth with which it is associated." Jones has much truth, but has an unspiritual presentation, that does not address the real need of the hour. You point out a neglect of various facts, but really the whole presentation does not address the fundamental problems in our world today. So long as people generally abuse themselves with sin natural law will return the favor. Becoming educated with "info" is only one responsibility we all have. We also must be virtuous with sound judgment. That means not selecting facts and ignoring others of equal importance. The fundamental problem with modern education and media is the teaching and promoting of prejudice from the cradle to the grave. Few know how to think for themselves, and fewer still how to think honestly. Until this is changed, and this selfish training is really exposed and dealt with, men will always be slaves with more or less oppressive prejudice and selfish rulers over them living for the same ends. As Charles Finney wrote so many years ago, the correct form of government is not merely some democracy, but depends on the virtue and intelligences of the people. People will naturally get rulers suited to the general population's virtue and intelligence. These Joneses look at the matter in the Greek error as if "to know the good is to do the good." Information is useless unless it is honestly processed unselfishly. The method is everything.

Jesuit Order Infiltration

What the Black Pope, Jesuit Gen. Fr. Peter Hans Kolvenbach, would say if he ever told the truth, according to listener and reader, William Wellman:
"We shall mercilessly pit the enemies of Rome against each other, and enslave the survivors with debt.. We will tax every man, woman, child, beast, plant, mineral, manufactured good, and all services under the sun.. We are currently training the Chinese Army for Operation World Inquisition.. Governors, make ready the work camps, and think of the resources to be saved on shipping when we have slave labor camps in the United States. I want to thank the leaders of the United States for being so willing to allow us to silently prepare for the slaughter of their people.. Don't be alarmed when a Chinese soldier comes to drive your family and your Sports Utility Vehicle to the local interrogation center.. We will kick off Operation World Inquisition in Afghanistan, then on to Palestine, ....."



Reports surfaced recently through CIA operatives posing as alternative media personalities that nukes were seen being moved at the Denver International Airport.Here is a response to that report, first reported by Hal Turner, by author of the book Vatican Assassins, Eric Phelps:

"Jesuit Coadjutor Hal Turner has been given some correct information. I saw the CNN news report of the B-52s moving the nuclear warheads in the Denver airport and knew this was possibly the beginning of placing nuclear devices in targeted cities here in the US. Following the detonations, Al Qaeda will be blamed, Mecca and Medina blown to bits by CIA/Al Qaeda with pre-placed special weapons, martial law declared, the roundup of all American Moslems (as portrayed the Order's Hollywood movie in which military officer Bruce Willis rounds up American Moslems) and the opening of the concentration camps."This movement of nukes is indeed a Criminal Conspiracy carried out by Bonesman George Bush under the leadership of his Knight of Malta father who is the mere vassal of Knight of Malta and Archbishop of New York City, Edward Cardinal Egan---directed by Jesuit Avery Cardinal Dulles at Fordham University whose SMOM uncle and ex-DCI Allen Dulles was a co-conspirator in the murder and cover-up of JFK."Hal Turner has put out some real truth here but for what reason? He is a White Roman Catholic, pro neo-Nazi, Jew hating, pro Knight of Malta Pat Buchanan, Jesuit shill. Hal Turner, by putting out this info, will be vindicated in his pro-fascist position and draw millions of White Roman Catholics, apostate Protestants and Baptists into his org---as intended by the Jesuits.

The Order's "terrorism" is in fact a political ecumenical movement to culminate in a military dictatorship first attempted back in the 1930s via Knight of Malta John J. Raskob, a kingpin in the Democratic Party and controller of DuPont, one of the country's foremost munitions manufacturers."With the iniquity of the Americans having come to the full, maybe this attempt by the Order will be successful."

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