Wednesday, December 31, 2008

The Last Day of 2008




Oregon wants to have a mileage tax and a tracking system in their legislation. A year ago, the Oregon Department of Transportation announced it had demonstrated it a new way to pay for roads. They want to have a mileage tax and satellite technology in order to do it. Hasso Hering from the Albany Democrat-Herald on December 29, 2008 described this issue. Today, Governor Ted Kulongoski want the Oregon legislature to take the next step. He wants this to be apart of a transportation related bill that he has filed for the 2009 legislative season. The government wants a path of transition away from the gas tax as the central funding source for transportation. The Governor comments on his website that: “As Oregonians drive less and demand more fuel-efficient vehicles, it is increasingly important that the state find a new way, other than the gas tax, to finance our transportation system." Kulongoski's policies online propose to continue the work of a special task force that came up with and tested the idea of a mileage tax to replace the gas tax. The governor wants the task force: “to partner with auto manufacturers to refine technology that would enable Oregonians to pay for the transportation system based on how many miles they drive.” Typically, the governor maintains that privacy concerns are addressed for rural Oregon. A task force utilized a study and test. Critics believe that the technology could be used to track where vehicles go, not just how far they travel. This information would even be stored by the government. The Governor's proposal is so typical of the statist threat that has overreach in our daily lives. If the government can add new taxes in our mileage, they can propose new taxes to anything imaginable. The reality is that controlling our lives more hasn't worked. There has to be more liberty and other solutions if you want more serious improvements in our country's infrastructure.

There was a boat incident relating to the Israel and Gaza conflict. An Israeli patrol boat intercepted a yacht carrying three tons of medical supplies to Gaza in international waters early on Tuesday. The Israelis claim the boat was trying to run an Israeli blockade. Those on the boat believe that the Israeli military intentionally hit their humanitarian boat on purpose. There were 16 passengers on the boat. These people include doctors, journalists, and human rights activists. ex-Congresswoman Cythnia McKinney was on the boat. She ran for the Green Party during the 2008 Presidential Election. McKinney was one of the few Congresspeople calling for an independent investigation of 9/11. I don't agree with her on gun rights and abortion, but she has been one of the sincere liberals that wanted justice in the world. She told CNN about the boat issue from Lebanon. He told John Roberts that: "...Our boat was rammed three times, twice in the front and once on the side." McKinney called the comments of the Israeli Foreign Ministry as disinformation. The ship supported the Free Gazar Movement. They sponsored the relief mission in order to end the seige of Gaza. Also, the members inside of the boat desire to give medical supplies and food to the victims of the Gaza attacks in Gaza. Blasts are occuring everywhere there. There were small boats and they didn't cross into Israeli waters at all. The truth is that rockets bombing Israel is wrong. Also, the acts of Israel in Gaza have been disproportionate and wrong. Many civilians have died and even a school was bombed. McKinney appealed to President elect Barack Obama to say something about the humanitarian crisis that the people of Gaza are experiencing. McKinney is known for opposing Israeli policies. The boat was named Dignity. It appears that the governments of Israel, Gaza, Hamas, etc. just like the American government have done wicked policies in their actions. The bombing of Gaza continue. Civilians are dying in high numbers because Gaza has a high population density. This doesn't justify these bombings, but puts context surrounding these events. This doesn't mean all Jews or all Arabs are blamed for this violence, but a small few of extremists. I believe Jewish people and Arabic have a right to live in Israel, but you can never support injustice among any side.

The Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich had chosen Roland Burris as the replacement for Barack Obama's Senate seat. Now, Rod still is having controversy over being accused of selling Obama's Senate seat to the highest bidder. Now, Rod denies all of these charges. Even though Rod is an unsavory character, a profane language talker, and an anti-liberty proponent, he is still innocent until proven guilty under the court of law. Rod has promised to fight this case until the end. Now, Roland Burris is famous in Illinois as being the former Illinois attorney general. I never heard of him until yesterday. Senate members though plan on rejecting Burris because Blagojevich named Burris as a candidate. If this occurs, this could be brought to the Supreme Court to figure out if Roland Burris gets the Senate seat or not. Bobby Rush (who is an ex-Black Panther and famous Illinois politican) said that Burris should have a fair hearing and not be lynched like Blagojevich was hounded. Top Obama aides, including his selection as White House chief of staff, Rahm Emanuel, are coming under fire for reportedly talking to Blagojevich about the appointment. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid has written that he will oppose the Burris pick. Roland Burris is the first African American to serve statewide office in Illinois from 1983 as comptroller. He was Illinois' Attorney General from 1991 to 1995. During his tenure as the state's top attorney, he came under criticism from pro-life advocates for determining that the state's anti-stalking law is gender-neutral and declaring that it could be used to prosecute pro-life advocates who offer information to women outside an abortion center. Burris was also accused to twisting the law to prosecute pro-life sidewalk counselors to curry favor with abortion advocates prior to a bid for governor. So, he is definitely pro-abortion. What's interesting is that I found out that Roland Burris is a Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity member. He is also a 32nd Degree Prince Hall Freemason. Roland Burris ran and lost his bid for Governor of Illinois twice. Time will tell what will happen to Roland Burris in his quest to get the Illinois Senate seat or not.

Vic Livingston from the NowPublic on December 30, 2008 reported on more evil forms of torture. It's easy to prove the reality of domestic torture. This was done by corporations and governments for thousands of years. There has been new technology. This technology revolves around radiation weaponry that has been around for years. There are energy weapons existing now. One type of weapon is called D.E.W. It is called directed energy weapons. The radiation exist in various forms ranging from mircowave energy, sound waves, X-Rays, and evne gamma rays. Some of these weapons are in the experimental stage. Some are bukly that the Army have demonstrated in a microwave weapon. The Active Denial System is such a weapon that can create ear spliting sound. The government justifies the outlines of these devices in claiming that these instruments are "non-lethal" when in fact a dosage of radiated energy can be hazardous to people. That energy can stun, maim, burn, cause strokes, cause, aneurysms, and induce illnesses (like cancer) or kill. The April 2008 FBI Law Enforcement Bulletin had an article in describing the D.E.W. There is community stalking where citizens are targeted with DEW weapons. This is certainly fascism since many innocent people (under the guise of being called dissidents, radicals, undesireables, and whistle-blowers) are targeted with these D.E.W. radiation weapons. According to Nowpublic, journalists have been targeted as related to this pervasive surveillance. Even some in the government want to institute shock devices in the aircraft. For far too often, we do little about our constitutional rights being violated all of the time. There are plenty of evidences to validate this point of a civil liberty crisis. They include the Patriot Act, warrantless wiretapping, warrantless checkpoints, militarized polices, random searches, and the military handling domestic affairs throughout America. Some of these victims are not even charged with any violation of the law. Justice should be made toward victims of these events.

Peter Schiff believes that government interference only makes the problem worse for our finances. He went on CNBC to debate economists about the bailout. These economists believes that the ballout was necessary and inevitable. The problem is that the bailout law had blacked out sections in it about who would fund the money, it gives the Federal Reserve draconian powers, it had pork in it, and it does not have adequate judicial review toward the Federal Reserve at all. Schiff said that the word stimulus is a minsnomer, because that government had proven itself incapable of stimulating the economy and has only sought to “interfere with the free market’s ability to create legitimate wealth." These policies in Peter Schiff's mind have lead into more inflation and more destruction of the American economy. Others challenged him with the notion that stimulus programs ended the Great Depression in the 1930's. Schiff responded by saying that had the market been allow to run its natural course absent the interference of government or the FED, the Great Depression wouldn't of have existed. He added that capitalism had the cure for the disease with which the government has infected the market. “The problem was in the 1920’s, the Federal Reserve blew up a stock market bubble, when it burst we needed to have a severe recession but Hoover wouldn’t let that happen, he tried to intervene, he tried to prop up companies, he tried to keep companies from failing, he was the most interventionist president up until that point - he started the Great Depression,” said Schiff, adding that Roosevelt then compounded the problem through the rest of the 30’s. Not to mention that some of FDR's policies was stricken down by the Supreme Court. The Court said back then that some of the New Deal was monopolistic (because people were getting arrested for violating food controls). Now, the military build up during WWII ended the Great Depression. The government economic mandates haven't created an economic stimulus in the later half of 2008 at all. Schiff predicted that the ultimate bottom for the Dow would mean it was worth just one ounce of gold and that it would hit a low of value between five and seven ounces of gold next year. The lesson is we should be anti-debt, pro-investment, pro-balanced budget, and cut spending that isn't needed for our country at all. Sound economic principles have always been solutions to our economic crisis.

Women have been strongly pro-life for centuries. Maria Vitale from (as an Editorial Columnist) from December 30, 2008 focused on this truth. Now, January 22, 2009 is the date about the March of Life. This is a time when peaceful pro-life protestors of every background protest the evils of abortion. Women have always been an outspoken voice in the pro-life movement. This is especially witnessed among those women who regreted their own abortions. Alveda King is a such a woman, who is the uncle of Dr. Martin Luther King. Alveda deeply regreted the 2 abortions she experienced. One was without her consent and the other was at her request. She has said, “My birthday is Jan. 22, and each year, this day is marred by the fact that it is the anniversary of Roe v. Wade and the anniversary of death for millions of babies. I and my deceased children are victims of abortion, and subsequently the Roe v. Wade decision has adversely affected the lives of my entire family.” Alveda King isn't alone in her grief. The Silent No More Awareness Campaign is made up of women from around the nation that exposes the pain, emotional, and physical negative consequences associated with abortion. Jennifer O'Neill is the group's celebrity spokeswoman. She is an actress and model that experienced depression after he suffered her abortion. O'Neill said in a Capitol Hill briefing, “Of course the protection of the unborn child is at the center of my heart. However, the aftermath of abortion can be equally deadly for both mother and unborn child. (A woman who has an abortion) is sentenced to bear that for the rest of her life.” Abortion indeed does have adverse side effects. Research has shown that about 60 percent of women who experience post-abortion after-effects have thoughts of suicide and 28 percent try to kill themselves. A study of women eight weeks after their abortions found that 44 percent experienced nervous disorders and 36 percent had sleep disturbances. Damage of the uterus and other forms of sexual dysfunction can come about as a result of abortion. Patricia Heaton, Emmy Award-winning star of TV’s “Everybody Loves Raymond,” is the honorary chairwoman of Feminists for Life. Better child care and housing options for women are solutions that people can agree to in order to stop abortions. It's ever more apparent that women deserve better than abortion. Even Sarah Palin did the right thing to perserve the life of her son Trig despite of him living with Down Syndrome. Compassion is what's needed in our society and abortion isn't apart of compassion at all. Abortion is murder. Especially after Roe v. Wade, abortion is exposed as a destructive practice.

2008 is almost over. This year has been greatly interesting. I've learned about real facts concerning history, politics, the economy, etc. I've been through many debates with Freemasons (who claim that Masonry is beign when high level Freemasons from Albert Pike to other admit that Masonry is related to the occult Mystery Religions plus the unscriptural Kabbala), anti-Semites, skeptics, and other people. 2008 exposed a lot of crooks. This year has also been the increase of my works to be popular to people on a higher level. I've exposed the Vatican, the Masons, and other nefarious organizations. I will not back down from my core convictions at all. This year is like a rebirth of my commitment in finding the truth in society. 2009 will be an interesting year. Barack Obama is the new President. He wants an economic stimulus. According to him, a stimulus package will jump start the economy. The future will tell if Obama's policies will improve the conditions of this bad economy or not. One thing is certainly etched in stone. The precise discernment I have with George W. Bush, I will continue to have for Barack Obama. There will be new deceptions in the horizons in 2009. On the the other hand, more human beings will wake up in 2009 as well. I reject bigotry and racism, so I won't back down some those who want to intimidate people into blaming one group of people for all of the evils in the world. There will be new challenges, but the truth will remain. God, who is the Truth will exist forever and ever.

By Timothy

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