Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Glen Beck's deception and other news

Some people classify him as the leader of the conservative movement in 2010, but he a fraudulent conservative. Now, he agreed with flawed view of man-made global warming. He told USA Weekend magazine about this after years of "assuring" his viewers that he was on the side of the skeptics who questioned the science between anthropoegenic global warming claims. In an article entitled Don’t judge Beck by his cover, Beck tells interviewer Dennis McCafferty, “You’d be an idiot not to notice the temperature change.” That's silly since raises and falls in temperature change occured throughout human history (CO2 has little influences in those chagnes a back then). “He also says there’s a legit case that global warming has, at least in part, been caused by mankind,” writes McCafferty, under the subheadline, “He believes in global warming.” Beck's conversion to the debunked man-made global warming belief is certainly shocking to the conservatives he claims to represent. Beck once railed on behalf of global warming alarmists that the debate isn't over on the view of man-made climate change. This has been criticized greatly after the ongoing Climategate scandal. Even before Beck arrived in FOX News, when he still had his CNN show, he was attacking global warming as the greatest scam in history. Beck devoted a whole chapter to deriding AGW in his Inconvenient Book, and has constantly attacked Al Gore as a promoter of alarmist claptrap about climate change while slamming the draconian measures being pushed as a “solution” to the problem. Beck has provided a regular platform for prominent global warming skeptics such as Weather Channel founder John Coleman and Lord Christoper Monckton. Beck is easily a chameleon to change his political views to suit the company that he keeps. He acts as an action since he fake cries and acts as a grass roots conservative leader when he has abandoned every true conservative principle. Glen Beck is a neo con posing as a libertarian (when ceaselessly calls for more taxes on the American people). He supported the bailouts under Bush and then claimed he had opposed it all long with Barack Obama became President. He's trying to infiltrate the Tea Party movement, which opposed large amounts of taxes. He flip flops, which is decieving some conservatives. Beck reprepresents the establishment in containing and continuing forth the left/right paradigm system.

The trial begin in Michigan for a Michigan man who is accused of killing a pro-life advocate. The man's name is Harlan Drake. He is accused of killing pro-life advocate James Pouillion as he protested abortion outside a local high school. It begins on Tuesday. Prosecutors say it may be difficult to get a fair jury to consider the case because local people knew both men involved. Jury selection begins soon. Some fear that the small town won't give him a fair hearing (whether they love or hate abortion). However, Judge Gerald Lostracco, according to an AP report, says he will not move the trial unless he becomes convinced a jury pool will not be impartial. Drake is a 33 year old truck driver being charged with double homicide in the case that saw him kill a local businessman with whom he had a feud wand then Pouillon (who he reportedly didn't like because he would sometiems use graphic pictures to oppose abortion). There is a twist to the case. The prosecution has asked to move the case to another county to find impartial jurors. Assistant Prosecutor Sara Edwards talked with the Flint Journal about the problems. “I felt that there were definitely strong opinions of Mr. Pouillon and didn't know if it would affect a jury’s decision,” Edwards said. “We have to attempt to get a jury. If we are able to select a jury, that’s great. If we're not able, the judge may in fact change the venue.” Meanwhile, Drake's defense attorney said that the plan is to present a case to the jury claiming Drake was temporarily insane at the time of the shootings. The public defender believed that Drake was insane when he shot Pouillon. If Drake is convicted by reason of insanity, he will be sent to a state mental facility for evolutation and possible treatment. Yet, he could be released back into the community. Drake has already been treated for mental health issues after he was declared incompotent to stand trial and his competency was later establishment by the court. Pouillon was a regular protester at the Feminine Health Care Clinic in Flint, Michigan, operated by abortionist Alberto Hodari. Since his death, Hodari has placed that abortion clinic up for sale in the wake of a lawsuit filed by Caitlin Bruce who alleges that Hodari forced an abortion on her there even though she had withdrawn her consent after viewing her pre-born baby on ultrasound. Operation Rescue eventually named Pouillon its pro-life person of the year.

Rousas J. Rushdoony is someone I never agreed with. He may be right to oppose abortion and believe in individual rights for people, but his advocation of a theocratic empire is just as wrong as the Papal theocracies in Europe centuries ago killing innocent human beings. He was a libertarian scholar being recruited from by the 2nd director of the Volker Fund named Ivan Beirly. He is the father of Christian Reconstructionism or that you should form a theocracy in the OT format to herald the coming of the Lord Jesus Christ. That's a heresy of course. He supports John Calvin. Rushdoony was the founder in 1965 of the Chalcedon Foundation and the editor of its monthly magazine, the Chalcedon Report. He also published the Journal of Christian Reconstruction and was an early board member of the Rutherford Institute, founded in 1982 by John Whitehead. So, Rushdoony didn't like democratic forms of governmetn that allows freedom of religion, freedom of speech, etc. His work is related to Dominion Theology. He claim that Ludwig von Mises was his intellectual mentor. Mises believed in of Austrian Economics. Rev. R. J. Rushdoony served on the Council for National Policy Board of Governors for an unknown period of time, since the CNP membership directory has been not disclosed for many years. The CNP or the Council for National Policy is a conduit group made up of CFR members, Freemasons, neo-fascists, etc. that try to infiltrate religious conservatives. Mosaic Law does not command the execution of heretics or the Israelites would have been required to conduct mass executions of the Gentiles. So, Rushdoony's agenda has no real basis in the OT and especially the NT. Rushdoony is a major apologist for the Confederacy, he advocated segregation, and opposed interracial marriage. He is a racist by mocking the contributions of black people and using other vile language as well. Rushdoony called Zionism “national socialism,” i.e., Nazism. He said, “The Jews of Europe are not really Jewish in blood… There are no Jews with more than a trace of Jewish genes from antiquity.” So, he is anti-Semitic. Reconstructionists would deny that they believe or teach salvation by works. Yet their spiritual father, Rushdoony, believed a Christian had denied God if he did not actively work to transform society. The Great Commission was about Christians spreading the Gospel not trying to dominate the Earth politically to form a religious empire.

Some view Zeph Daniel as being a Christian, but he has acculumated with many errors. In the (now deleted) audio, Rock Code Red, Zeph mocked the hymn, "What a Friend We Have in Jesus" and the truth that we can have a friend in the Lord Jesus Christ. Jesus was wounded for our iniquities and it is he who is really being mocked in this presentation. Zeph Daniel promotes Stewart Best on his ex-website called "The Lamb Report." He still promotes him. Best believes in a obscure counterfeit narrow Gosepl that is similar to New Age initiation (along with saying the heresy that we can have union with God). Zeph promotes the Miracle II Industrial Size Structural Water Unit and lauds its "energizing aura." He uses the pool of this system for baptisms. Heartland Enterprises has recently removed Zeph's endorsement from their website. He used to have occult runic and point in the circle images on his site. The point in the circle relates to the generative principle and sun worship. Runes are common in divination as divination is forbidden by God as found in Deut. 18: 10, 11). On August 24, 2004, a "Bible verse" was placed on that denies the deity of "Messiah Yahushua," thus revealing that Zeph's YAHushua is not the Lord Jesus Christ. The Bible is clear from Philipians 2:5-7 Jesus Christ is equal with God. A verse from the Talmud is on the main page of when the Talmud is man-made tradition (that originated from Babylonian Mystery influences). He quotes Lao Tzu when he was the father of Taoism. Taoism teaching the occult, dualism, etc. It teaches the people following the path can harness energies of the Universe when some Christians believe this can open people to demons. He quotes pantheistic thologian Meister Eckart saying that thanking in prayer is enough. That's wrong since Jesus Christ taught his followers on how to pray from Matthew 6:9-13. Zeph promotes the anti-Jewish racist, and Bible code proponent Sherry Shriner. Shriner opposes the apostle Paul and maligns the authority of the King James Bible. Zeph's remark, "Basically, the spirit of Yahweh is in everything created by Him..." is Hindu Panentheism. He claims to be a Christian, but recommends a twisted horror thriller film that he produced, wrote, and directed. We don't need evil film to get our spirit moved to holiness: "...Incline not my heart to any evil thing, to practise wicked works with men that work iniquity: and let me not eat of their dainties..." (Psa. 141:4). Zeph Daniel like L. Ron Hubbard view human beings as housed in meat bodies, but the Bible says that humans are fearfully and wonderfully made in the image of God. Evil people use slick language to demonize and show contempt for the human race, but I won't. All human beings are created in God's image and have equal value.

There is a tremendous value and dignity in labor. The establishment in the left/right paradigm promote laissez fair capitalism or cartel capitalism. In recent decades in America, the establishment use mostly middle class neo con puppets joining with upper class elites to blame the poor for the injustices that have appeared as globalization have taken over. Some of them want to ban even all services, all welfare, and any help to the poor (thereby making them live in the streets). Some of them scapegoat the poor as the reason why the state budgets are underfunded in America. The reality is that corporate taxation is at 76 cents for every dollar (that families and individuals have paid in federal, state, and local taxes) in the early 1950's. In the early 90's, it was just 31 cent per dollar. This anti-poor propaganda was done by corporate propaganda from Wall Street and from the gurus of many neo con economic think tanks. Corporations have paid less taxes over decades. Bonuses have been given unto multinational corporations recently in 2009 and 2010. Laissez faire propaganda say that workers stop asking for so much can cause an economy to prosper. Yet, GDP and standards of living, plus labor can define the measure of economic growth. Radical globalization have decreased the rate of GDP growth in Latin America and other nations in the Third World. It's easily proven by some in Big Business have tragets against labor and promoted globalization (This accelerated under Reagan and Bush since corporatives payed less taxes than individuals. Also, corporate expansion increased when the profits of corporations and the wages of their pampered CEOs were skyrocketing). Cartel-capitalism say that workers are asking for too much concessions, but GDP growth in various nations have slowed down since globalization came about. From Latin America the per capita GDP grew by 75% (in the first period of 1960-1980), but it only grew by 6% in the last period from 1980-1998. The economic productivity of a nation is determined by its GDP and labor not by globalization per se. That is why the median real wage in America is pretty much the same since 1973 despite some economic growth. The WTO has controlled global trade as well. That anti-labor attitude by the international elite is exemplified by Ronald Reagan firing the striking air traffic controllers and dissolved their union in 1981. Some bankers socialized their lending risks to the public, while privatizing their profits to themselves. Even under Reagan and Bush, the the US Agency for International Development (AID) used anti-labor tactics (This is about AID telling farmers to relocate into low wage Caribbean and Central American countries where no unions exist with U.S. taxpayer assistance. Thousands of US workers have lost their jobs as a result, especially in the apparel and electronics industries). This doesn't benefit the Third World, because those zones were free trade, tax free zones were workers in those Third World nations were paid 40 to 50 cents an hour (below poverty level wage even by these countries' standards) and prevent real standards for better working conditions. "Our report breaks down the myth about AID," says Labor Fund's Kernaghan. "The government said it was to develop the region, to create jobs, to create democracy. They lied. They did this stuff to give US companies access to low wages. Period. Now the government is finally admitting it." This is documented in a National Labor Committee (NLC) report on AID policies that was published in 1992, entitled "Paying to Lose Our Jobs." Journalist Patricia Horn summarized the report. People led Congress to paid bills banning taxpayer moneys to finance AID, but NAFTA was passed in 1993. Manufacturing jobs lost and the peso losing its value were results of CFR-sponsored NAFTA being passed. The journalists John Pilger document how the IMF and the World Bank use corporate slave like policies against workers in Indonesia (i.e. workers in Indonesia creating shoes are paid half the living wage in some factories and the workers exist in bad conditions in some factories). This proves that corporate corruption is still around and we should oppose it. The economic system of many international bankers have been exploitation, cutthroat policies, and greed. If the "free market" is to operate unchecked and ruled by undemocratic institutions like the World Trade Organizaiton (without any oversight from the people in nations), then the rich will get richer and the poor will be enslaved economically plus socially. As Peter Goodgame so eloquently wrote: "...The fate of the worker in the Third World, a fate that is threatening the worker in the West, is but one symptom of the evils of the dominant oppressive economic system that rules the world..."

By Timothy

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