Thursday, September 29, 2011

U.S. Invented Soviet Threat

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Andrea Muhrrteyn said...

Ahh it is all so nice and dandy for all the alternative news org's and peace pacifists et al to blame the 'militarty industrial complex'; for wars.

Have these people never read Tragedy of the Commons; or Homer Lea's Valour of Ignorance? Do they think people can just breed like rabbits on viagra on a finite planet and no war or violence shall occur?

But of course these pacifists and alternative media organisations luv the masonic slave and cannon fodder breeding exponential growth paradigm, so they can 'grow' their little media business, by exploiting the trust commons; just like the farmer in Tragedy of the Commons exploits the feeding commons with his extra cows and wives and children....

It is easy to blame the military industrial complex, and I am not saying they are blameless; but they are simply one of the consequences of a fucked up slave and cannon fodder breeding Tragedy of the Commons paradigm, which shall probably end up in nuclear war, as resource depletion escalates and resource war pressures intensify; all cause everyone is addicted to bandaid to braintumour blame game bullshit fake problem solving; and not enough people, and not enough are willing to commit to real root cause problem solving and adopting a new paradigm that does not involve breeding children like cannon fodder.

Anyway, I observe and sigh with relief that I don't have any children... What else can you do? ;-)