Saturday, March 31, 2012

Truthorator's Honest Words

Truthorator says:
The only reason the Illuminati are running rings around the anglo-germanic branch of the white race, is because of the lack of awareness of most whites. White racism is a creation of the Illuminati. Black dislike of whites is a reaction to the effects of racism.
You have to look beyond the surface to find the correct cause of things. Racism has allowed the Illuminati to use most whites as their stooges, in the process of subjugating and owning the world. When whites stop being racist, the power of the Illuminati will end. But this can’t happen because to many whites, benefit from the unjust way the world is currently set up. That’s why the libertarian movement can’t make a real difference.
White racism is a trick that the Illuminati plays, and many libertarians fall for, which prevents whites from focusing on the enemy within. They know, that all those gun toting whites that so love freedom, are seeing blacks in the minds eye when they practice their gun craft on the range.
As long they keep thinking of shooting blacks, the libertarians pose no threat to their real enemy at all. Judging from many of the posts and comments on Infowars, the Illuminati has nothing to worry about, as far as the libertarian movement is concerned, because it is mainly composed of hypocritical racists, who love to hate blacks, far more than they hate the Illuminati.
The Truthorator
I’ll Be Black…


Police Racist Deadly Misconduct Goes Beyond Trayvon & the South

IN just one month's span there's also: Rekia Boyd- a Black woman shot to death by a Chicago Cop in an incident where no weapon was found.
Anna Brown incident in St Louis- who went to a hospital complaining that her legs were in serious pain- but she was a Black homeless woman, so the hospital called the cops who arrested her. When she told them she couldn't walk they dragged her into the police station & then left her on a cold cell floor - where she died of blood clots- from her legs that lodged in her heart- shortly there after.
So in a month's time there's Trayvon & these 2 sisters & that's only the ones we know of.

At Common Dreams site many supposed liberal / progressives commentors [of article's on Trayvon's case posted @ CD] apparently didn't like my tone RE: how this whole Trayvon case is being spun in the MSNM media. One person even accused me of playing the so-called 'Race-Card'. So I threw out this challenge: Name the last time they could recall the cops in the USA shooting [or beating] to death an unarmed non-violent white person since Kent State in 1970. - One person [the same one who said I was playing the 'Race-Card'] told of an incident involving an 'upset' white guy w a KNIFE [Duh-UH!]. Another talked about the Ruby ridge incident which involved a shoot-out & prolonged armed stand-off w FBI, & ATF [Duh-UH!] & also an off-duty cop who killed his wife & her boy-friend [Duh-UH!].
I told them that I, off the top of my head, could name 10-12 incidents [& probably more than 2 dozen if I really did some research] of cops involved in the suspect shooting deaths of unarmed Blacks in just the past 10-15yrs.
White folks can talk about a fairy-tale so-called 'Post-Racial' USA & accuse Blacks who say that's a bunch of BS- of playing the 'Race-Card' all they want to. Until most whites get at-least half as upset & outraged about Trayvon's murder & Rekia's killing & Anna's negligent homicide [& Aiyana Jones, Oscar Grant, Sean Bell, Kathryn Johnston, Timothy Stansbury, Ousmane Zongo, & Amadou Diallo, the New Orleans / Katrina Danziger Bridge Murders, & on & on & on...] as so many of them [including so-called 'liberals' ] were/are over the OJ's acquittal, there will NEVER be a so-called post-racial USA!


blacksheep says:
The entire landscape of criminal justice in America was shaped by Ronald Reagan. The prison-building boom, the exponential increase in the number of Americans behind bars, the billions poured down the drain in the so-called war on drugs, the racial-profiling scandal on the nation’s highways, the attacks on habeas corpus and the exclusionary rule, the exaggerated hero worship of the police officer – all of these can be laid at Reagan’s doorstep. The law-and-order debate in America has always been a spawning ground for demagoguery, but the forces of reason and dispassion had the upper hand for much of the middle decades of the last century. Reagan helped make sure that criminal justice questions would close out the century steeped in hysteria. Since he established crime as a potent wedge issue, politicians across the country have been falling over one another to press for tougher criminal statutes, whether they make sense or not.
The Man Who Sold the World, Ronald Reagan and the Betrayal of Main Street America
by William Kleinknecht


Truthorator says:
The problem with Infowars analysis of Obama’s 2012 election strategy, is that Obama does not need to race bait to win the next election. Romney is such a poor opponent and Ron Paul has been contained by his own party. So Obama is likely to win regardless.
If anything the Trayvon case could back fire against Obama, as it divides the nation along racial lines causing many white and white hispanic democrats to vote for a white candidate, in support of Zimmerman.
It’s highly unlikely that whites will vote for Obama out of guilt, over the Trayvon issue. The Infowars race baiting spin on the Trayvon case, is just a way of pandering to its core followers.
There are much bigger issues, that the Trayvon murder raises. Namely the way the blacks are being criminalized in the USA. It’s high time the remaining racial injustices in America are addressed. Alex needs to stop oversimplifying the matter. It’s not all about whites being evil. It’s about the systematic criminalization and destruction of the black male in America. This effects the lives of all black people in the country. Everything that Alex claims he is fighting against and wants to prevent from happening to whites, has been happening to blacks for decades and also centuries. If whites want to make their country better, stop giving the powers that be a group to practice their evil on.
If the white supporters of Alex Jones had any sense they would be fighting for Zimmerman’s arrest. Because if Zimmerman get’s off it will result in more gun control and the self defense and stand your ground laws being changed. It will also give cops even more of a power trip, that they can get away with anything. Whites just don’t seem to understand that they need to support the civil rights of blacks if they want to prevent their own rights being taken away. Ignorance of this simple fact is why Alex and his followers are losing the fight.
The NWO is counting on the fact that the range of genuine concern of the libertarian movement will remain to narrow to care about actual injustices as they happen to others. As long as whites don’t care about racism and injustice towards blacks, they will never be able to protect it for themselves.
Why isn’t Alex Jones mentioning any of the evidence against Zimmerman. Stop being so damn biased Alex. Represent both sides of the evidence, if you are against stoking a race war. Help you own core followers to see both sides and to see, the evidence that supports Zimmermans guilt, not just his innocence.
If you can’t do that, you are the one stoking the other side of what could become a race war. So stop being such a d___ hypocrite. Obama is a con man , but this is one con he does not need to run to get re-elected.


Truthorator says:
Yeh, that’s what Alex is trying to claim to give more credence to his hypocritical stance on Trayvon. A week ago he was saying it was about re-election. But since that looks it might back fire he is upping the anti now and claiming its about declaring martial law to postpone the election etc.
Obama does not need to postpone and election he is going to win anyway. And if anyone is stoking a race war right now it is Alex Jones himself, inflaming his own core following. So maybe if people like you would and Alex would calm down and show more concern for justice, the race war that you claim Obama is stoking, but which Infowars is stoking more, won’t happen.
Infowars has more need of it than Obama does, to bring the NWO out into the open. Maybe that would be a good thing to expose them, but just be clear why things are really being said, before you jump to simplistic conclusions. If a race war did come that resulted in martial law, finally whites would understand what blacks are complaining about. So go for it sucker.


I’m still laughing at how Drudge, Fox News, Infowars, and the mainstream media convinced the public that “Zimmerman” was a Latin surname.
Zimmerman’s father, Robert Zimmerman, is a retired Orange County magistrate judge. Which explains why Zimmerman got away with his previous run-ins with the law, and why the cops covered it up from Trayvon’s family.
Trayvon Martin was put in a morgue for 3 days as 'John Doe' after mom reported him missing.
Florida government/Police officials are leaking negative Trayvon propaganda to the Orlando Sentinel and local Fux News channel, using unnamed sources (Which Matt Drudge, Joker Jones, & Fux News then disseminates).
The Skin-head governor of Florida, Rick Scott, has appointed a racist special prosecutor “with the intent of toning down the rhetoric and preserving the integrity of this investigation.”
The officer in charge of the Trayvon murder scene was the same officer who failed to arrest a police lieutenant’s son who was videotaped attacking a black homeless man. The police lieutenant’s son was later arrested after local news broke the story.
The cops were witness tampering and ignoring witnesses that don’t go along with their narrative.
They’re paying off thirsty house negroes to be character witnesses for Zimmerman.
There is police and cellphone recordings all over the place clearly showing that Zimmerman was the initial AGGRESSOR!
Florida is thoroughly corrupt, and thoroughly RACIST!
You will see a lot of these FOOLS wearing hoodies, but the “Greek,” Freemasonic, Boule, sellout, HOUSE NEGROES won’t dare run ruffshod over FL state law and prosecute Zimmerman, and risk Obama losing this SWING STATE!


Zimmerman's Pop Ex-VA Hi-Magistrate_Top Cop's & DA Pow-Wowed

From [@ ]: 'George Zimmerman's father served as a Supreme Court magistrate in the Virginia court system until five years ago, serving as a court officer who dealt with criminal cases.' - Note Zimmerman's pops lives in a nearby community.
Also from 'Surveillance video of George Zimmerman walking into the Sanford police department shows none of the injuries Zimmerman's supporters claim he suffered during his "life and death struggle" with Trayvon Martin. There are no [obvious] blood or gashes that are visible on the back of Zimmerman's head. And The tape does not show Zimmerman with a visibly broken or even bloody nose [nor bloody shirt].
The tape could prove damaging to the narrative being put forward by the Sanford police department and Zimmerman supporters, since it shows an uninjured, and seemingly unperturbed, Zimmerman walking into the station with police.

See the tape [@ ] - MSNBC's Larrry O'Donell & his guest go on to say that not only did the Sanford Police lead homicide investigator come to the scene that Sunday night of Feb 26th - But also the Police Chief! - And afterwards they both met with the county DA! Apparently it was the Police Chief & the DA that made the decison to release Zimmerman.
So did the lead investigator, the police chief, & the DA pow-wow w Zimmerman's dad, who's a retired hi-Magistrate in Virginia, & then released Zimmerman after concocting this suspect story [IE: LIE] about Trayvon putting the beat-down on a guy that out-weighed him by 50 - 80 lbs- apparently w only 1 arm- since Trayvon was on the phone w his girl-friend at the time???

In Fact- Listening to the closest impartial witness to the scene of the crime- it damn near sounds like Zimmerman executed Trayvon -&- then the cover began immediately afterwards - Note: } Mary Cutcher, who lived closest to where Zimmerman shot Trayvon to death said- 'I heard a young boy crying & then a gun-shot & then the crying stopped. To me mind if it had been Zimmerman crying - he would have continued crying after the gun-shot. I've tried to tell this to the Police several times but they refuse to take my statement...' [Mary Cutcher, whose back door was steps away from where Trayvon was shot, said she heard a boy crying, then a gunshot, then the crying stopped. - “I heard someone crying – not boo-hoo crying, but scared or terrified or hurt maybe,” said Cutcher. “To me, it was a child.” - Cutcher and her roommate said they rushed outside to see Zimmerman Standing Over Trayvon, with one foot on either side of Trayvon’s body. In one hand, Zimmerman held a .9 mm handgun, his other hand was on Trayvon, who was face down in the grass. ] Note:

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