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Political Information in nearly 2013

Some Syrian rebels are saying that after they finish with Assad, they will fight the U.S. That is evil and wrong of course. These same militants are support by the current administration. Some of these rebels are links to those who killed U.S. troops in Iraq. There is the wild report from McClatchy Newspapers. The newspaper’s journalist David Enders revealed something. It showed that the militants are now on the front lines of the rebel uprising in Syria. The rebels include many Al-Qaeda terrorists who killed U.S. troops and openly desire to fight the U.S. after they topple Bashar Al-Assad. Some people want to deny the existence of Al-Qaeda terrorists in Syria completely. They were forced to admit that they were there. Yet, they wanted to downplay their role as limited and not characteristic of the rebel uprising. Enders documented how Jabhat al Nursa (or a group directly affiliated to al-Qaeda): "...has become essential to the frontline operations of the rebels fighting to topple Assad,” that the group is “critical to the rebels’ military advance” and how it conducts the “heaviest frontline fighting” in “battle after battle across the country.” A journalist cited in the article mentioned that Nusra's fighters are on every frontline he visited. Jabhat Al Nusra has claimed responsibility for numerous evil suicide bombings and other attacks that killed hundreds of innocent people. There has been disturbing footage of one of their members slaughtering prisoners in cold blood. Extremist militants of course have ransacked Christian churches and carried out sectarian beheadings. Syrian rebels are known to burn U.S. flags on 2 separate occasions recently. Rebel supporters chant anti-Americans slogans as they torched the American flag in Homs and Aleppo. This is important since the West supports the rebels, yet they burn the flag of the USA. Another opposition fighter recently spoke of his desire to see the Al-Qaeda flag fly over the White House once the rebels are victorious across the region. He isn't joking. The Syrian rebel fighters are photographed regularly wearing the Al-Qaeda motif. There are opposition forces flying the Al-Qaeda flag. French Surgeon Jacques Bérès, who worked at a hospital in Aleppo, commented that at least half of the militants he treated for injuries were Al-Qaeda terrorists whose goal is to impose sharia law across Syria and the whole region. A German report estimated the figure of foreign fighters in Syria to be even higher - a staggering 95 per cent. The Jadhat al-Nusra killed U.S. troops in Iraq and the group uses the tactics that fuelled Al-Qaeda in Iraq. Nusra members in Syria admit to this via interviews. Now, the White House signed off giving over 200 million dollars to aid the FSA rebels. The CIA works with Saudi Arabia, Turkey, and Qatar to funnel heavy arms to rebel groups in the region. The rebels heavily aren't made up of some democratic uprising. Many of them want reactionary policies as admitted by Iyad al Sheikh Mahmoud. “Eighty percent of Syrians want Islamic law,” he said, referring to sharia law, an arcane and inherently brutal system of justice, with harsh punishments for those deemed to have broken its moral code, including torture and execution for sins such as adultery, homosexuality and robbery. The law also stifles free speech as it criminalizes criticism of Islam, the Quran, and the Islamic prophet Muhammad. Why is the White House supporting armed extremists that killed U.S. troops in Iraq on the behalf of al-Qaeda? Many of them want to impose sharia law across the Middle East. It seems like they figure that if a puppet state comes in Syria, then they will have more leverage in dealing with Iran (a mostly Shia state). It's all about making a geopolitical change in the Middle East where pro-Western puppets dominate that part of the world. That is why they want to follow that policy.


One doctor says that genetically modified wheat is a perfect chronic poison. Cardiologist and author Dr. William Davis said that it's not gluten that makes modern wheat a perfect, chronic poison. It is the fact that genetically modified wheat has become the wheat we know today. Dr. Davis spoke on "CBS This Morning" during early 2012 about one of agribusiness' biggest creations. Davis said the following about the genetically modified wheat: "...“[Modern wheat is] an 18-inch tall plant created by genetic research in the ‘60s and ‘70s This thing has many new features nobody told you about, such as there’s a new protein in this thing called gliadin. It’s not gluten. I’m not addressing people with gluten sensitivities and celiac disease. I’m talking about everybody else because everybody else is susceptible to the gliadin protein that is an opiate. This thing binds into the opiate receptors in your brain and in most people stimulates appetite, such that we consume 440 more calories per day, 365 days per year.” Some new GM wheat may do more than just increase human appetite. A new GM wheat, which is in development by the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization (or CIRO, which is an Australian governmental research agency), may permanently alter the genes of humans and animals that consume it. "Through ingestion,” says Professor Jack Heinemann of the University of Canterbury Centre for Integrated Research in Biosafety, “these molecules can enter human beings and potentially silence our genes.” The double stranded RNAs present in this genetically modified wheat would also survive cooking, digestion, and generations of life. Dr. Davis said that the genetically modified wheat is similar to filtered cigarettes since they can still kill you. Davis doesn't want genetically modified wheat to be consumed by human beings at all. He wants real foods like avocados, olives, olive oil, eats, and vegetables to be consumed by people. Organics foods are great to eat as well. Many pesticides have infected vegetables and even meats in the world. Genetically modified foods have been proven to be a threat to people, consumers, animals, and the rest of the planet. Pesticides for GM corn pollute our water and they often contaminate organic products. The issue of feeding the world is an important issue to handle our situation. GM foods, which can poison human life and Nature, aren't the smoking guns that we need to handle the situation. We need more natural foods and resources to assist our neighbors. More studies prove that when the blood has more saturation levels of vitamin D, then there is a reduction of risks for certain chronic diseases (like heart disease, cancer, stroke, and diabetes). Vitamin D can help us retain our memories, thought processes, and Vitamin D can help us to learn new concepts. Some researchers have shown evidence that Vitamin D can lower the risk of a person to develop Alzheimer's disease. This has been confirmed from a research team from the Angers University Hospital in France. They released the results of a study in the “Journals of Gerontology Series A: Biological Sciences and Medical Sciences.” The study demonstrates how vitamin D may be a vital component for the cognitive health of women as they age. In the study, scientists provide evidence to demonstrate that higher vitamin D dietary intake is associated with a lower risk of developing Alzheimer's disease. Vitamin D can improve the cognitive abilities of human beings for older people and it can lower the risk of global cognitive decline in a massive level. Conversion of vitamin D in the skin from sun exposure declines rapidly after the age of 50, necessitating a prudent supplementation program to maintain optimal blood saturation levels (50 to 70 ng/mL) and dramatically lower risk for memory loss, cognitive decline and Alzheimer's dementia. That means that after 50 years old, you definitely need a sufficient amount of vitamin D to make sure that you won’t suffer a high risk of massive cognitive decline or Alzheimer's disease.



It's hurtful to do this since Susan Rice is a very intelligent, strong person, but you have to show the truth in season and out of season. The truth is that Susan Rice shouldn't be demonized unfairly, but she has some done some past errors that ought to be known to the people. The people have the right to witness the truth. Yet, the system of oppression existed long before Susan Rice. So, the Sister Susan Rice is not to be scapegoated for the centuries old system of oppression (which comes from white supremacy). It's just that the Sister Susan Rice should wake up about some issues. That's all it is. Now, both parties have members who agree with imperialist actions against Africa. Susan Rice allies with a system that promotes U.S. wars and many reactionary foreign policies. Susan Rice is the United Nations Ambassador of America. There is a murder of six million Congolese. Susan Rice back years ago wanted to bomb and blockade Sudan. She was successful in advocating NATO to bomb and destroy Libya wherefore a puppet regime rule Libya afterwards. Ambassador Susan Rice convinced President Barack Obama to support NATO’s 8 month bombing against Libya (from 2011). Also, there are genocide against black Libyan men, women, and children with Susan Rice not publicly talking about this real genocide at all. Thousands of black Libyans and migrant workers have died by terrorists in Libya. It is wrong to be silent in the face of the systematic murder and depopulation of blacks in Libya. She supports the torture of Somalia. Yet, the establishment Democrats omits this while the establishment Republicans focuses on war mongering in the Middle East (which is also evil and unwarranted). As a human being, I will never become an abettor to genocide and endless, unjust military interventions. Susan Rice shielded Rwanda and Uganda (which have people in those nations that contributed to the Congolese genocide). Today, Rwanda and Uganda are funding the M23 rebels that are killing innocent civilians in the Congo. Susan Rice blocked the UN Security Council from explicitly demanding that Rwanda immediately cease providing support to M23 rebels (these rebels want to march to Kinshasa, Congo or its capital). The West wants oil and the other mineral wealth in the great nation of Congo. Two million Congolese women have been raped by these rebels too. In the final analysis, the White House shouldn't touch Africa via imperialistic aims at all. Africa belongs to the Africans alone. You can't say I oppose terrorism and mass murder when you support a theocratic dictatorship in Saudi Arabia or other extremists in the world. She and her husband own “at least $1.25 million worth of stock in four of Canada’s eight leading oil producers.” She has up to $600,000 equity in TransCanada Corp. It’s building the environmentally destructive Keystone XL pipeline. She once agreed with Colin Powell that Iraq had massive quantities of weapons of mass destruction back in February of 2003. Rice has close ties to Rwanda’s US puppet leader Paul Kagame. Washington trained him at Fort Leavenworth, KS. She’s also connected to Uganda’s Yoweri Museveni. He or Yoweri recruited child soldiers. He trains them to kill. The lesson here is that we have to be sophisticated enough to continually oppose imperial schemes. The bigger picture is that Western elites (beyond the influence of Susan Rice indeed, so it's bigger than Susan Rice) want an extreme foreign policy agenda. Susan Rice worked under President Bill Clinton and Bill Clinton supported a wicked DLC centrist agenda. For centuries, corporate extremists have harmed the world society. Now, these extremists want to exploit certain people (even intelligent people like Susan Rice and the President) as an excuse to allow folks to support this system of globalization, white supremacy, & imperialism basically. The puppet masters want people of color to go along with Western imperialism plainly speaking. We must go forward and grow our compassion to human beings. We should oppose injustice in the world. Also, we should advance a real foreign policy that wants peace instead of unjustifiable wars. Either way, the Western Empire will go down. The question is how can be prepare for the aftermath of that. Do we prepare reasonably or not.


The fiscal cliff debate continues in the world. We have to not ignore financial problems. I oppose the Republicans and the Tea Party movement all of the time since it's the right thing to do. They are made up of numerous extremists and anti-immigrant, anti-poor type of individuals. That's a given and that's a fact. It's like what person of color would respect people (being reactionaries) that call their integrity, responsibility, and intellectual skills into question. The reactionaries from Rush Limbaugh to Michael Savage did do us a favor by overtly revealing their hatred of the social safety net. They allowed us as black people to see much of the GOP for what they are (being extremists). Real black people aren't owned by some party in a plantation as the deceivers mention. We, as black people, are smart enough to realize that record tax cuts for the super wealthy, divisive anti-poor rhetoric, and immature hatred of the President aren't reasonable prescriptions to accept. Yet, the Blue Dog Democrats are just as wrong as the GOP, because they seem to love cuts without promoting radical solutions to assist the poor. House Speaker John Boehner (R-OH) made a vague proposal to the American people. The reason is that he offered 800 billion dollars in revenue by closing unspecified loopholes plus deductions and 1.4 trillion dollars in spending cuts. Republicans haven't presented specifics and they pressed Democrats to detail which cuts they would accept. One large reason for this financial crisis is that Wall Street is rigging the tax code, so that the main money center banks pay little or nothing in taxes. That is why I see no issue with a 1 percent Wall Street sales tax. Wall Street banks are corporations and U.S. corporations are supposed to pay a federal corporate income tax of 35% on their profits. Over the decades, government revenue from the federal corporate income tax has been in sharp decline. The reason is that the companies learn more secrets of using tax loopholes, offshore tax shelters, and other accounting tricks to avoid certain taxation. Citizens for Tax Justice (a think tank supported by organized labor) and Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont document how Wall Street can evade taxation. Even in 2008, Goldman Sachs paid just 1.1% tax on its total profits. Even Goldman's boss named Lloyd Blankfein went on CBS television as a means to advocate draconian cuts involving the meager payments received by the poor, the sick, and the old. Citigroup paid 0% taxes on $4 billion in profits. In 2011, Bank of America also managed to pay 0% on 4.4 billion of its profits. Another leading bank which managed to avoid the federal corporate income tax altogether is Wells Fargo, which succeeded in paying nothing to the US Treasury in 2008, 2009, and 2010 (See Pat Garofalo, “30 Major Corporations Paid No Income Taxes in the Last Three Years, While Making $160 billion,” Think Progress, November 3, 2011). GE of course paid nothing in federal corporate income taxes back in 2010 when it had worldwide profits of $14.2 billion. GE accountants even got a $3.2 billion refund from the U.S. Treasury when folks are starving in the world, especially in America. This was when GE laid off 21,000 U.S. workers and closed 20 U.S. factories form 2007-2009. That is why many groups from the AFL-CIO to the National Nurses United want some version of the Wall Street sales tax. The average Americans pays sales taxes every day. This is just one solution out of many that can come about to handle our economic complications. In the final analysis, we must support the interests of poor and working class people in the world. We still live under a strong repressive apparatus in the world. The Reagan Revolution is gone since 2012 and that's good. Yet, the philosophy of Reaganism is still here with rhetoric about unregulated markets, indifference to the poor and stagnant wages. So, to solve poverty, we need a radical redistribution of economic and political power. We are in a period of time that a Rockefeller Republican back decades ago (in the 1960's and the 1970's) would be considered a liberal extremist to the Tea Party crowd. That is why some Democrats now want cuts mixed with a modest revenue increase with the tax from the wealthy. I believe in increased revenues and other solutions without austerity. That is why the mainstream political establishment refuse to talk about a massive investment to society via public and private means for jobs, universal housing (that's in high quality and affordable), and for universal education (that's for free for the public). As Cornell West (I don't agree with him on every issue) accurately pointed out: "...Not necessarily! Clarence Thomas? No! Barack Obama is much more progressive than Clarence, but he’s in the center. He’s a centrist..." That means that we should continue to fight for the people. The people have the preeminent role and superior priority than the super-rich.

Now, there are many Palestinian Arabic people that recognize Israel's right to exist from diplomats to political leaders. Some political Palestinian groups may not want that, but the goal of statehood is justified irrespective of others' personal views of Israel. Recognizing Israel's right to exist can be negotiated and discussed down the line, but an oppressed people have every right to their statehood (as advocated by people from across the political spectrum). The United Nations was instituted after WWII to organize international crisis and other international policy matters. Of course, no nation is perfect, so why do the reactionaries omit the discrimination of Palestinians in Israel? Other Middle Eastern nations aren't perfect since no nation is perfect. Yet, the idea of promoting the human rights of Palestinians seems to revolt the theocrats & neo-cons. The fact that the Sephardim & Palestinians lived in the land before 1897, the fact of Mossad spying in American soil, and the fact of even Israeli Arabic citizens denied job opportunities are facts not propaganda. Also, Egypt has a right to their sovereignty. If Egypt wanted to nationalize the Suez Canal, then that is their right. The Suez Canal crisis involved a preemptive strike against Egypt. From a legal standpoint Nasser had the right to nationalize the canal as long as he paid off its shareholders. The UK, France, and Israel colluded in a secret agreement to take over the Suez Canal and occupy parts of Egypt. That is a fact (of these powers and even America didn't agree to militarily aid the West in that strike. President Dwight D. Eisenhower even was outraged at the British and French aggression against Egyptian territory. Israel's failure to inform the United States of its intentions, combined with ignoring American entreaties not to go to war, sparked tensions between the countries. The United States subsequently joined the Soviet Union (ironically, just after the Soviets invaded Hungary) in a campaign to force Israel to withdraw. America negotiated a settlement to end that conflict. Ralphe Bunche is entitled to his views and he is a real hero. The reality is that all sides made mistakes in the Suez Canal controversy. I will admit to that. Yet, I will not support imperialists like France and Britain lusting for control over the Suez Canal for their vision of European domination in the Middle East. Following the debate on the matter by the United Nations Security Council, Egypt agreed on 11 October [1956] to the principles regarding running the Canal, including maintaining its status as an international waterway. On 24 October a secret Anglo-French-Israeli agreement on an invasion of Egypt was finalized. See, that is the smoking gun, because Egypt already agreed with maintaining the canal as an international waterway, but the West still wanted to invade parts of Egypt anyway for geopolitical purposes. See, October 1956 is after August 1949. A Google search can easily determine that Egypt presently produces oil all of the time in the realm of 600,000 barrels a day. Also, the vast majority of the Muslims of the world reject sharia law, so for some to assume otherwise represents propaganda. This relates to our time since NATO is supporting the puppet state in Libya and the West wants another puppet state to replace Assad in Syria. Assad isn't a saint, but some of the terrorists in Syria aren't choir boys either. Things are complex in foreign policy matters. Not to mention that Stevie Wonder is right to not perform for IDF forces, because Stevie Wonder is about peace not militarism. Also, the neo-cons (and their allies) try to deemphasize the suffering in Gaza via the blockade while worshipping the statues found in Israel. The truth is that progressive Palestinians and progressive Israelis want peace not discrimination, scapegoating, or bigotry. All peoples of the world deserve justice and equality. I reject occupation period. See, the truth always comes out and it spreads like light. I don't just feel good about the truth. I feel GREAT.


By Timothy

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