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Monday, December 03, 2012

Social Justice: Stevie Wonder Cancels Concert For Israeli Defense Forces


IDF Certainly Doesn't Need Charity from Stevie Wonder

Israel gets $3Billion$ every yr card-blanch as foreign 'aid' from the US Gov't- most of it's geared toward the IDF. This is on average more US foreign aid than for any other nation & more than for all of Africa combined!
IMO this was a PR stunt by agents for the Likudnik / AIPACers &/or the Obama-nite / Sue Ricers to get Blacks & progressives more on board w Obama's & Rice's unwaivering support of Bibi's / Lieberman / Likud / AIPAC policies. Thank God someone pulled Stevie's coat & got him to back-out.
If Stevie Wonder wants to do charity fund raising for folks in the 'Holy-Land', there are plenty of worthy causes, without risking a visit from Homeland security for allegedly backing KHamas / Gaza. There are many Ethipoians in Israel that effectively live as 2nd class citizens &/or 50,000+ African immigrants in Israel [vs 1.5 - 2 million Russian immigrants since the mid 1990s- half of which don't even pretend to be Jewish] that have faced a racist backlash from the Likudnik Gov't hyping up the Israeli public into a racist [yet phony] {feeding}fenzy! And not so Little Stevie should know that the minister of interior for the Likudnik Gov't recently declared: Israel is for the white man [ironically this guy's parents originally came from TUNISIA].


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