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Haiti and the Dominican Republic


Andrea Muhrrteyn said...

Copy of comments to: Messenger International: Update Haiti Relief

Sorry John and Lisa,

But I guess having lived in Africa for most of my life; I don't walk around with a white guilt complex, like many Europeans.

Personally, I don't know anyone who forced Haitians to breed like they do; and being a woman who is capable of the slightest bit of common sense, and a bit of morals, I have managed to keep my legs shut and refrain from procreating any unwanted children, let alone a litter of them. Surely any woman who is my equal, is capable of the same?

Now, I love children enough to refrain from breeding any until I am financially self sufficient and in a comitted relationship where tI can provide a loving home for them. Again, any woman, my equal is capable of the same.

In 1989, there was a 7.0 plus earthquake in California, and less than a 100 people died?

Why? Becuase californians haven't bred like rabbitson viagra and built buildings of sub standard, because they couldn't be bothered with such stupidities as saving hteir money, refraining from breeding poverty, and concentrating hteir wealth by savings?

A Floridian lady, and a Czhechoslovakian Bishop said it pretty well:

* Let Haiti Stew in their Own Juices, so they can learn their lessons.

* Christians have been "too soft" and let others "walk over them" to avoid upsetting people, a former Archbishop of Canterbury has warned.

In a stark message, Lord Carey said the Church of England needs to be "tougher" and more outspoken in preserving its beliefs.

It came as he said migrants wanting to come to the UK should respect the country's Christian heritage and warned the country could be in "deep trouble" if immigration and population keeps growing at the current rate.

You of course, have your own beliefs, and no doubt you consider your actions towards these voodooists to be motivated by Christian intentions.

Do you know that people who subscribe to Occult religious doctrines, do not believe in anything such as 'goodness' or 'kindness'?

"In communities where a witchcraft paradigm informs understandings about other peoples' motives and capacities, life must be lived in terms of a presumption of malice." Adam Ashforth

They shall interpret your actions, as actions that are self serving, and selfish, masked by fake 'kindness', etc...

But as in most cases, it is always man's desire to learn his lessons from personal experience...

So I hope you prove me wrong.. and either way... wish you the best.


January 18, 2010 7:02 PM

Andrea Muhrrteyn said...


Pity my post was censored.

Money... I guess you can't be bothered with the desperate pleas and begging requests from blacks who would prefer the West to STOP GIVING AID to Africa.. because they consider the AID to be hurting Africa, by fostering dependency and entitlement; and if it was stopped that would encourage self sufficiency and entrepreneurship.

I don't know if John and Lisa's actions are motivated by white guilt; I give htem the benefit of the doubt, of not being so. I imagine though if they truly practice what they preach, then they would practice some self discernment to ask themselves whether it is possible they need to question their motives.

I don't consider myself a Christian, but I love John's tapes, particularly the one about 'The Bait of Satan'.

I also love his strength in his views towards couples who ask that he marries them. To be really tough with both couples and to ask them tough questions; so that they can confront any possible self deception and be absolutely sure they are committed to their future.

Here are some links about Africans sharing how disastrous foreign aid is for Africa: by Westerners sponsoring AFrican babies, which creates an entitlement, that all black africans need to do, is never take personal respnsibility, because the Whitey West, will always come and give them food, and solve hteir problems:

» » [Africans to Bono: "For God's sake please stop!"]

» » ["For God's Sake, Please STOP the AID to Africa!" - James Shikwati]

» » [Choking Africa on Racist Liberal AID Money: Feeding Greed, Corruption & Dependency]

» » [70 % of Top Ten Failed States in Africa: Obama Says Africa Must Stop Blaming Whitey for Its Problems]

To conclude:
April 2009: Port-Au-Prince, Haiti: For all the American and international efforts to fight global poverty, one thing is clear: Those efforts won't get far as long as women like Nahomie Nercure continue to have 10 children. As we walked through Cité Soleil, the Haitian slum where she lives, her elementary-school-age children ran stark naked around her. The $6-a-month rental shack that they live in — four sleep on the bed, six on the floor beside it — has no food of any kind in it. The family has difficulty paying the fees to keep the children in school. There's simply no way to elevate Nahomie's family, and millions like it around the world, unless we help such women have fewer children. [Pregnant (Again) and Poor]

January 19, 2010 6:53 PM