Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Inspirational Words

Many people who expose George Soros (which I have no issue with the exposure of the errors of George Soros) refuse to expose the Koch Brothers, because they are reactionary extremists not populists at all. These are the people who worship free market, laissez faire capitalism, say nothing to try to stop pollution, and some of them even abhor the Civil Rights Act including the Voting Rights Act. We know who they are. Fred Koch helped to establish the John Birch Society. The JBS was so extreme that they once called Eisenhower as a puppet of Communists. Many well-known people with ties to the JBS are G. Edward Griffin, Cleon Skousen, and Ron Paul. A lot of the Tea Party rhetoric has funded by the Koch Brothers (who agrees with the neoliberal agenda. In other words, they want all of society to be privatized. People like Ron Paul follow Austrian economics, which was supported by Ludwig von Mises. Von Mises had links to Count Richard Coundenhove-Kalergi). We don’t want Wall Street bankers to allow stealing our wealth via monopolies, polluting our environment, and robbing then nation of its resources. We see how the Koch Brothers want to spend millions of dollars to Republican Presidential candidates and Republicans running in 2016 congressional elections as well. The Koch Brothers and their ilk (which includes some claiming to be “patriots”) will never strongly criticize police terrorism. The killing of civilians by the American police far exceeds the scale of most other industrialized nations including France. America incarcerates more of its citizens than other countries. The U.S. practice of the death penalty, which is a relic of barbarism, has been abandoned by most industrialized nations too. We are anti-colonialist and anti-imperialist. We know that economic dislocations have harmed communities and the interpersonal lives of families, friends, couples, and the general cultural life.

First, the video tells the story. Casebolt acted as an irrational terrorist. The police institution is filled with sociopaths, racists, and evil people who don’t give a (concern) about black human lives. Decades ago, many cops used dogs and water hoses on civil rights protesters. 30 years ago, cops bombed and killed members of the MOVE organization. Almost one year ago, some officers illegally arrested journalists and peaceful protesters (while they used tear gas on even innocent children) in Ferguson, Missouri. We have seen the footage ourselves. Even the Justice Department documented the corruption found in the Cleveland police department. So, this isn't the case of a few bad apples. This is an epidemic where the Blue Wall of Silence is in existence. Therefore, oppression occurs not because of what we wear. Oppression occurs because a nefarious system that perpetuates oppression against black people, against the poor, and against others in this world. The ex-police officer was a coward to abuse a young teenage girl and for pulling a gun out against unarmed males as well. This is not right. Casebolt resigned. That’s a good development, but we have so much more to go. Outlining real police terrorism has nothing to do with smearing anyone. It has to do with exposing a real problem. In actuality, cops who do evil, smear themselves. All of the facts should come out involving this case. As some have mentioned, Casebolt could receive his pension and drive into the sunset, which would be very unfortunate. That is why activists want the ex-cop to be charged and he should be charged. Laws must be changed, structures must change, and economic plus social justice must be made into a reality. What also disgusts me is how some people in the video try to justify the reckless, evil actions of the officer. No cop is infallible. The young teenage girl was brutally assaulted. She was sat upon by the officer in a perverse way and the officer used force on her hair. Police brutality against black females has no justification. The officer should have interviewed as many people as possible peacefully to find the truth instead of running and acting irrational in his behavior. There is no question that the family of the teenage girl should sue. It is also evil for grown adults (like Tracey Carver-Allbritton) to call kids racial slurs and these adults assaulted a black girl. This situation refutes the lie that black people must embrace respectability politics in order for us to be free. Freedom comes by struggle against oppression. Sister Dajerria Is absolutely correct to say that the cop being fired is not enough.

Sister Teyonah Parris has shown amazing restraint. No one deserves for their hair to be touched without permission at all. The actions of the older white male are crude, wrong, and evil. He tried to treat the Sister as a science project instead of a living, breathing human being. Some white folks feel entitled to mistreat, harass, and stalk black people regardless. It shows that some whites have so much of a psychological inferiority complex that they desire to harass black people as a means for them to mask their own white insecurities. The truth of the matter is that no one has the right to harass any black person. Unfortunately, the story of the Sister is not uncommon. Many black women have told similar stories about how their hair has been touched in an inappropriate way by some white people. Another point should be mentioned too. Some people want us, as black people, to show no emotion in an evil society. Yet, we have every to show our emotion in condemning injustice. We are human and we have every right to express our human feelings. The old, perverted male knew exactly what he was doing. We should call out people who demean the dignity of black people.

That stat of 72% has been used to demonize every single black mother in the most vulgar way possible. We do know that many black fathers and many black mothers are honorable, they care for their children, and so forth. This doesn’t mean that we are out of the woods yet as we have a long way to go in solving our problems. We have a crisis in our community, which deals with poverty, lax educational opportunities, police brutality, crime, and other real issues that we must confront as a people. For the past few decades, more and more Americans have opted out to being married. The situation that we face came today has existed because of many reasons. Some of these reasons include of massive cuts to social programs (and the growth of the military industrial complex), bad trade deals, the stagflation, austerity policies, the War on Drugs, the growth of the mass incarceration state, and other reactionary actions. It is true that we should establish a further effort to grow our families and we need more cultural development in our communities. There is nothing wrong with true morality and integrity. Yet, that is not enough. We need to do more than that. We need to do more than have just internal improvement. We need external improvement too, because unless society as a whole is changed and transformed, there will be no liberation. People need living wages (when we see record income inequality), institutionalized racism to end, and economic justice. While, self-determination is fine, but what we don’t need is for some to abhor collective efforts. The worship of the individual and selfish individualism doesn’t work to help us. All of our people won’t be free until all of our Brothers and our Sisters are free. It is that communal spirit and the promotion of the general welfare which is part and parcel of human civilization. These tenets are found in religions and spiritual teachings and in other legal documents. We have to keep on working.

Serena Williams is the greatest female tennis player that I have seen in my life. To me, she is the GOAT. She has won Olympic Gold medals and tons of other tournaments. She has stood up against sexism and racism. The truth is that a physically fit woman is not a detriment to a woman’s femininity. Women, like men, have every right to do fitness if she wants too. In this generation, we’re more progressive on beauty. Beauty is very diverse. Beauty also deals with integrity, compassion, almsgiving, and love. There can be no love without beauty and vice versa. The fundamental point is that it’s doesn’t matter what Serena Williams looks like in the tennis court (although, she is a very beautiful woman). In the tennis court, what matters deals with her talent and her performance. We judge people on the content on someone’s character not on someone’s race or color. She has performed magnificently in the tennis court. She has inspired black females and females in general to stand on their principles and to follow their aspirations in their lives without compromise. She has promoted fashion, social justice, and the power of athletics. Venus Williams is a legend too. Venus should be respected as well. It is the jealousy of white racists that will never prevail. There a’int nothing wrong with Serena’s skin color, her body, or her talent. She is Black and Beautiful. Her dignity can never be relinquished despite the judgmental, narrow-mindedness that is pervasive in modern society. The words from the haters don't mean a thing. We all congratulate her on her recent French Open Win.
Bless Sister Serena Williams.

By Timothy

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