Wednesday, June 17, 2015

National and International Issues

Donald Trump has officially announced his candidacy for President for the Republican Party. His introduction speech for his candidacy on June 2015 was filled with xenophobia, racism against Mexicans, and demonization of people who disagrees with him. His speech was immature, it lacked real substance, and it was a total disgrace. He is a man who was part of the birther movement, which deal with the lie that the President was not born in American soil. He is a hypocrite. He claims to be for workers, but he works for the capitalist empire, which has shown opportunism, parasitism, and economic exploitation. Trump was already born into wealth. His family owned a 23 room house and they had a multimillion dollar real estate development business. Trump’s business dealings deal with channeling government funds to private developers, who destroyed communities and drove longtime resident out of their homes. In one of his very first acts managing an apartment complex for his father's company, Trump prevented a Black family from moving into a property in a predominantly white neighborhood in Cincinnati in the 1960s. Trump's New York real estate company was later sued by the federal government for denying rental applications from Black applicants. The man who recently claimed to "have a great relationship with the Blacks" was sued by the Justice Department for violating the Fair Housing Act. Trump has slandered the innocent Black and Latino suspects in the Central Park jogger case. They were proven innocent years later. He wants to defeat ISIS with brass militarism, but he offers no real political solution to the crisis. He opposes the ACA, gut will not offer real universal health care. His views on immigration are bigoted and nativist (by calling for a wall in trying to end illegal immigration. He called many immigrants rapists, drug posers, and other nonsense). The truth is that we need our infrastructure developed, our environment improved, and our civil liberties protected. Our trade system should not only protect American workers. It should protect workers internationally with safety standards, workers’ rights, and environmental protections. We want economic justice and social justice in the world.

I respect many of the videos from Brave New Films (that deals with voting rights, the environment, etc.). There is a double standard of some in the media. Some in the mainstream media will demonize black protesters a whole lot worst than white rioters. I agree with the short video on that issue. The video is right to describe how the media talks about the black leadership (in claiming that black leaders will not talk about rebellions or black on black crime, which is a bold face lie) when black organizations have condemned crime for decades. Thug has been used by some as a code word for the N word. I have no problem with telling the media to stop calling innocent black people collectively as thugs. Yet, the real thugs are Wall Street criminals, imperialists, and crooked cops. Police terrorism must be condemned. I do commend the video's message though. It's a great message. Ivy Taylor win was historic in San Antonio. Now, she wanted this job. She has won it and she has the responsibility to met the needs and aspirations of the citizens of San Antonio. It will be interesting to see what she will do. We want San Antonio to develop its infrastructure, to end discrimination, and to fight poverty (so human beings there can have better housing and a better standard of living in general). We want progressive solutions to problems. I wish the best for the Sister and Mayor of San Antonio Ivy Taylor and for the residents of San Antonio. Steph Curry and Ayesha are married. The ESPN host should of known better, because many sports experts know about Step Curry’s family including Curry’s adorable daughter. Many people use the term “babymama” to not only degrade black single mothers, but it has been used by some to degrade black women in general. Vicious people have always used coded language as a means for them to express false, disrespectful stereotypical views about black people and other people of color. John Buccigross is totally wrong for his immature language. People always have the right to defend the humanity of black women.

It’s a total shame that once again, some in social media want to blame black people for the Rachel controversy. Fundamentally, white privilege is real. If Rachel was honest from the start, the backlash would remarkably decrease. She not only used deception (with the employment situation, and the hate crime situation), but she made a suit against Howard for accusing Howard of discriminating against her because she is white back in 2002. Now, she is saying that she is black. That's hypocritical. I find it disrespectful for a white woman to claim to be a black woman when black women have suffered a whole lot worse than her. Rachel doesn’t deserve malicious treatment, but she deserves no passes for her actions. Rachel exploited black womanhood for her own interests, which is totally wrong. While many want to blame blacks, these same people will not hold Rachel accountable for her own actions. Using deception in a job document is not right either. We, as black people, are always blamed for lacking compassion when we have been compassionate to people historically of a diversity of backgrounds. What’s really revolting is that real issues are being ignored like police brutality, education, imperialism, social justice, etc. That is part of the hypocrisy found in American society. As for me, I will stand up for black people.  If she said from the beginning about what she was, then she would have received much less backlash. She has the right to tan and curl her hair. To each its own, but there must be integrity and honesty in any liberation struggle. I understand why many black people who don't want to see this situation as a permanent pattern. Mrs. Tina Knowles-Lawson is certainly a survivor. She loves her children and her grandchildren a great deal. She has developed her own enterprises and she married a person who loves and cherishes her inner being not just her outer beauty (as she is a beautiful woman). She is honest in her words and she is determined to not only exercise, but to bless others via her charity work. We want more blessings to exist in the Sister’s life.

This story is one reason why I have my views on immigration. I know about this issue. We are in solidarity with the oppressed like the Haitian people who are born in the Dominican Republic. Not all Dominicans are racists, but many of them are. Some Dominicans even overtly deny blackness and praise imperialists like Columbus. The Black in Latin America documentary documented the massive racism found in the Dominican Republic. On February 11, the hanged body of a black Haitian man was found in Santiago. His name was Henry Claude Jean. The immigrant law in the Dominican Republic is draconian and it’s very difficult to enforce since many Haitians born the D.R. weren’t given legal documents like birth certificates since some were birthed by midwives not from hospitals. It is important to note that many Dominicans in NYC have supported the Haitian immigrants in protests. So, I want to make that clear. Haitian workers and other Haitians in the Dominican Republic have experienced racism, assault, and murder. The Dominican racist dictator Rafael Trujillo exterminated black Haitians in the Parsley Massacre of October 1937. So, this is not a recent phenomenon. Haiti and the Dominican Republic have competed with each other economically and politically in the Hispaniola region for centuries. Ultimately, this story proves to me once again that pan-African unity is important. Afro-Caribbeans, Afro-Latinos, Africans, Afro-British, Afro-French, Afro-Brazilians, etc. are our Brothers and our Sisters. We want a progressive solution to this crisis. We will not back down. We will defend the human rights of Haitian people unconditionally (regardless if they are born in the Dominican Republic or not). It is a total disgrace where many black Haitians have suffered discrimination and oppression in Dominican Republic (in the D.R., many black Haitians there have experienced machete attacks from racist mobs, some of their homes have been burned, and thousands have already been expelled by force without legal procedures). This is not just. Haitian heroes established their nation first and they defeated the French, the Spanish, and the English. We will continue in the fight for the liberation of all black people globally. We love truth and we want the poor including the oppressed to be free categorically. The Haitians are our Brothers and our Sisters. Wisdom, progressive action, strength, and compassion are key ingredients which can cause justice to transpire.

Usually, I don’t cry a lot, but when I look at the late Sister’s image and read this story, I certainly almost cried. This story must be shown, because the voices of black females have been readily ignored in this society in a sick way. It’s a shame that the suffering of the Sisters have been readily ignored. Arnesha Bowers was a victim of murder. The murderers are cowards and they should be in prison for the rest of their lives. Things must change. This is a battle. We not only fight white racism. We also are against the actions of evil black people who seek to terrorize innocent black people as well. We do understand that many black people are fighting the good fight and are making a difference in real life. That's true. I’m not a conservative on every issue obviously (as I am anti-imperialist, I don’t agree with trickled down economics, and I believe in social justice), but we certainly need to promote integrity in a higher level in our communities and further develop strategies to combat the abuse and murder of black girls and black women. The solution will be diverse. We have to strengthen our families, defend innocent, strong black people literally, fight police terrorism, fight misoygnoir, and fight poverty including racism. There has to be a radical redistribution of economic and political power. We all send prayers and condolences to the family and friends of Arnesha Bowers.
RIP Sister Arnesha Bowers.

By Timothy

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