Thursday, June 25, 2015

Nixak77 on the Confederate flag

So 50 YRS after Selma & 150 YRS after the end of the Civil War, finally there's the political impetus to take down a flag that always represented slavery, racism & treason... but then only in the wake of this mass racist-terrorist killer Dylann Roof, who used the Confederate flag as one of his symbols of racist inspiration- Humm... So are they going to remove ALL iterations of the Confederate flag from ALL Southern states' official flags, emblems, seals, license-plates, etc...? And what about all those statues &/or monuments to so-called 'Heroes' [actually TRAITORS] of the Confederacy???

Then there's the US national anthem that was written by a unrepentant slave owner [Fran Scott Key] born in Baltimore MD [NOT the 'Deep South'] who as a lawyer vehemently fought against abolitionists efforts. FYI: Key's original anthem actually contained a line that effectively said slaves that rebelled against slave owners deserved to be hunted-down & 'Put to the Grave' ['In the Home of the Brave' - when his song became the official US national anthem this line was subsequently 'removed']. So maybe its time to stop singing the National Anthem & look for a new one!

Then there's this re: the 4th of July ['What do I have to do w the 4th of July' - Fredrick Douglass]: According to Black activist Kevin Alexander Gray, who's from S.Carolina & actually knew Rev Clementa Pinkney: } 'South Carolina refused to sign the Declaration of Independence on July 2nd. There had to be a compromise to Take Out the ANTI-Slavery Clause, before they would sign it on the 4th of July [IMO they were likely backed by slave-owners George Washington, Tom Jefferson, James Madison, Patrick Henry, John Hancock, etc]. That was South Carolina’s influence in US history. So, Black people celebrate the 4th of July along w other Americans, but that was really the Day When Slavery was Codified in this Country [the USA]...' {

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