Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Cultural Information

There ought to be many points made about this issue. It is obvious that Kanye West is not a happy person. A person who has shown many outbursts, who has begged desperately for help, and an individual who has acted in bizarre ways outline the truth that he has issues. For generations, the elders have shown the blueprint in so many ways. They or our great elders have told the truth that true Black Power isn't about individual, selfish pursuits of making tons of money without the concern of the betterment of black people. True Black Power is about using means to help the black poor, to build up black institutions, and to be involved in activist movements that can help the black community collectively. We are a community and there is no solution without the input, the development, and the growth of the black community. People as ideologically diverse as Malcolm X, Dr. King, the Black Panthers, the UNIA, etc. all believed that black people should express self-determination in order for us to have liberation. Also, we should be empowered and we should use our power fairly. We should never be in favor of cut throat capitalist and form a black bourgeoisie that economically exploits our people. Black success is never about excessive materialism and greed. Black success is about compassion for our people irrespective of class and the growth of black solidarity. We want political and economic empowerment that is fair, egalitarian, and progressive. We want to live in a time where there is no police brutality and no sexism. We want to live in a future world where justice is made real. Therefore, we have work to do. We should always be about our goal of complete black liberation.

There are a lot of points to be made wholesomely (about a teacher ripping a little black girl's homework from the first grade because she had the wrong answer on a question). The students were quietly sitting on a carpet. Many elementary school students sit on the carpet during various exercises from reading to mathematics. I saw a SMART board device with a timer on it, which is a futuristic way of educating young people. SMART boards are connected to computers too. The teacher in the video was wrong for many reasons. The student, who gave the incorrect answer, was not belligerent or disrespectful at all. The student's paper should have never been torn in the first place. Likewise, the student, who made a math error, should have never gone into the corner. We have to encourage the young not ridicule them in such a cold, arrogant fashion. The overreaction of the teacher is very clear and that teacher was very lucky. In other schools, that teacher would have gotten suspended for a longer period of time or fired. The principal lacked a concern for the well being of the child. In the final analysis, a school is established in order for children to be educated efficiently. So when they become adults, they can be productive members of society. We know how many black students have been unfairly suspended and punished because of a teacher's anti-black biases. The teacher expressed a lack of discipline for something so minor. I do wish the best for the child in New York City.

My view is that there is a time and place for everything. Of course, we shouldn't be naked or wear no clothing in every public gathering. In the privacy of one's home, clothing attire is more progressive. So, the extreme view of being totally covered from the head to the toe isn't feasible neither is the other extreme view of wearing next to no clothing in mass public locations (filled with men, women, and children) like in a church or in a school. Therefore, balance is a policy worth following. Also, it is important to judge people based on the content of their character not solely on someone's clothing attire. If someone wears clothing that is the only form of clothing that someone can afford, that human being shouldn't be ridiculed or reviled. There should be human autonomy as human beings should never be coerced in their attire via authoritarian means. I do respect how Devon defended his wife and her human dignity in public. Commonsense has to take precedent on this issue. Regardless of what clothing that a person wears, that human being should be treated equitably and justly.

All of the time, I learn something new about black history. Our leaders are diverse from Frederick Douglas to Steve Biko and Harriet Tubman. Yet, our heroes wanted the same goal which is freedom and justice. For thousands of years, black people have fought for real change and developed communities. We are in this journey still. Blood, sweat, and tear encompass our journey, but quitting is not in our DNA. It is quite providential that during this time, we remember the past and we must also realize succinctly that black history is part of the present too. Many heroic Brothers and Sisters presently are standing up against mass incarceration, the poisoned waters in Flint, and other outrageous injustices that plague the world. We are from a strong ancestry and we acknowledge the sacrifice of our ancestors, who gave their lives for a better future. Today, we not only respect the leaders of the past. We work to promote a better future. Black History is being made now as well. We act in defiance against the evils of class oppression and racial injustice. We desire the human family to live without bigotry. We want our black people to have adequate housing, great health care, accurate education, and economic justice. So, we will continue to promote the commitment to black cultural growth and the love of our black people. At times, it is better to end a relationship so both people can move forward with their lives than to allow a troubled relationship to continue. Jordin Sparks has made her decision. She is entitled to follow through with her decision. I always knew that Jordin Sparks is a very down to Earth human being. She is very nice and she has great kindness. I don't know what the future holds for both of them. If they decide to reunite in a relationship again, then that's their business. If they decide to split up, then that is their business too. Sage the Gemini has expressed hurt and he knows that he has to be a better man (many males won't admit to this in private even). So, I do wish the best for Sage the Gemini. Ultimately, Jordin Sparks has the right to define her life on her own terms. I also wish more blessings for Jordin Sparks, who is a great singer too.

Any President has the constitutional right to nominate a judicial nominee before the election ends. So, the President has the right to nominate someone earlier. The deal is that we have a political gridlock. It is silly for all of the current GOP candidates to oppose any candidate being nominated before the election regardless. This is important, because the VRA is gutted, we have Citizens United, we have the selection of George W. Bush, and other bad decisions that came out as a result of Supreme Court jurisprudence. It will be interesting to witness what would happen if Loretta Lynch were to be nominated as a Supreme Court Justice. We shall see what the future holds. I am surprised that a NYPD officer was found guilty of manslaughter of a Black man. Usually, cops won't get convicted involving these circumstances. I am happy that the coward Holtzclaw was convicted. Also, the events of Ferguson and the BLM movement started a new civil rights movement in America. A lot of young black people in many organizations are standing up for what is right. The Wall Street corruption should be exposed as these Wall Street criminals caused homes to be foreclosed and many people to lose their savings while many of them have record bailouts. I do find that many of these haters are far right individuals and they try to minimize white racism while scapegoating black people (especially the black poor. One group of people that these haters or trolls despise the most is the black poor in my opinion). That is why the truth is on our side. Dr. King was aggressive against white racism and we know that Malcolm X was aggressive against injustice. Black people should never be docile. We have every right to be aggressive in standing up for our convictions progressively.

By Timothy

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