Wednesday, February 10, 2016

The Historic New Hampshire Primary

The New Hampshire primary is finally finished. On the Democratic side, Vermont Senator won the primary in a historically large margin. sanders had a large ground game in the state. Bernie Sanders gave his speech to congratulate his supporters. He said that he is against income inequality. Sanders, who calls himself a “democratic socialist,” defeated Clinton by a margin of 60 percent to 39 percent, outperforming most pre-election polls. He won an across-the-board victory, powered by enormous margins among young voters (85 percent of those 30 and under) and working-class voters (65 percent among those earning less than $50,000 a year and 67 percent among those without a college education). Bernie Sanders calls himself a democratic socialist and that philosophy is popular in Europe. Hillary Clinton said she will fight for every vote possible in America. She said these words in her speech last night. She like Bernie is determined in her campaign. Now, the South Carolina primary is coming up. Bernie has to get black people and people of color to win the primary. Bernie Sanders is soon to have a meeting with Al Sharpton in Harlem. Hillary Clinton will continue to campaign nationwide as well. As for Donald Trump, he won the New Hampshire primary. Trump has constantly spoke about nativist rhetoric about building a wall in the Mexican border and he desires no Muslim to come into America. Many of the GOP candidates have endorsed torture by saying that they endorse waterboarding or worse.  That is a disgrace. John Kasich won second place in the primary. He is great union buster and he wants to show a more positive campaign. The New Hampshire primary was very historic.

I am not surprised at Gloria Steniem's statements. She has no choice, but to apologize for her offensive, sexist statement. Gloria once was an ally of the CIA (and the CIA committed terrorism against people in the four corners of the Earth). Also, Albright is the person who said that murderous Iraqi sanctions (that murdered over 1 million Iraqi children) was worth it. That's a callous statement to make. So, many "liberals" do believe in the principles of imperialism (which is an evil philosophy that believes that bombing nations unjustly and committing violations of international law is righteous). In reality, imperialism is not righteous. It's evil. The overarching point is that we should vote our conscience. No words from anyone should prevent us from voting our conscience. It is about being independently thinking human beings. I know what Sister Larycia Hawkins wanted to do. She wore the hajib to express solidarity with Muslims Brothers and Sisters who constantly experience Islamophobia, prejudice, discrimination, and assault. In this generation, Muslims in America have had their mosques bombed, many have experienced assault, and many of them have been condemned unfairly because of their creed. That is totally wrong period. When we see that, we should feel outrage and condemn any vestige of Islamophobia. The university, that she was once in, is an Evangelical University. So, that university doesn't believe that Muslims and Christians worship the same God. So, it would be inevitable for her to be fired. If she was in a public university, she would have a strong grounds for a lawsuit. We all wish the best for her future endeavors. She has shown courage.

You already know that I'm about to go in. First, the video was about promoting the beauty of black culture and exposing police brutality. The video was never anti-police in the first place. I have many words about the police and we know what those words are (they a'int PG-13 either). Many far right white people just deify the police and consider them gods literally. So, the white tears are just typical. Many white people just don't care about the aspirations of black people. Some of them just want to ignore or sugarcoat the nefarious epidemic of systematic racism in the world. People can disagree with Beyonce on some issues, but she is right to show the beauty of Deep Southern black culture. She is right to show in her video beautiful black women expressing themselves which is anti-respectability politics. She is right to show the reality that black people in America face police brutality constantly in our generation (not just in back in the day). Human expression done by black people is empowering. I will never take the side of reactionary bigots who have more concern with the status quo and police occupation (as crooked cops harmed workers' rights and brutalized people in Bloody Sunday) than true justice for all. They (or the haters) wanted Beyonce to toe the line and just go with the flow. Yet, she made an unashamedly black video (with some lyrics that I don't agree with), but whose message and imagery speaks to black people. We know what Beyonce wanted to say. She is tired of the slander brought about against her and against her adorable child Blue Ivy. Only the worse of the worst would slander a child. Therefore, she made the video to address many issues and talk about the black American experience in full detail from dancing to the hot sauce. Yes, I will use hot sauce on turkey, chicken, and on some other food too. I'm real with mine. LOL. For some of these haters to try to boycott Beyonce is the height of absurdity when Beyonce's video wasn't condemning all police. Therefore, the haters never stand a chance. Black is forever and not a soul should bet against Black. We will stand up for our convictions and we believe fully in establishing a society where black liberation is real and where human justice is in existence totally as well.

It is certainly not shocking that an extremist like Rudy Giuliani has criticized the half time show performance of Beyonce. When he was the mayor of NYC, he supported racial profiling, he polarized people, and he did little to help the homeless residents of New York City too. Rudy has some nerve for him to try to lecture the African American community when many innocent, unarmed black people have been killed by crooked cops. It certainly touched a nerve when Beyonce wanted to pay homage to the Black Panthers in her video. A lot of black women contributed greatly to the Black Panther Party from Assata Shakur to Kathleen Cleaver. Many black people are not playing the post racial games and are overtly establishing images and a myriad forms of expression that show the diverse creativity of the black experience. We are unapologetically BLACK. The great actress Aunjanue Ellis is right. The Confederate emblem on the Mississippi flag should go down. The Confederate flag is divisive, hateful, and it has been used by evil people who wanted to preserve slavery over 150 years ago. Over 150 years ago, men and women fought in a constant struggle for the soul of America. When it is all said in done, the South lost in that bloody configuration. Today, after Reconstruction, after Plessy v. Ferguson, and after Jim Crow, we are still in the struggle for liberation. Yet, God is still here and the truth will always persist despite the words from historical revisionists and other bigots. So, we want our future generations to see the Confederate flag condemned as an image of hate and we will not back down. We will continue to stand for our human rights as black people.
Bless Sister Aunjanue Ellis

The Black Panthers are never equivalent to the Klan. The KKK lynched people, raped people, and marched in the millions across the States during the last century to advance their ideology of hate. The Black Panthers were created in 1966 to combat police brutality and develop community growth for black people. They were influenced by Malcolm X, RAM, and other groups. The Black Panthers worked in ambulance service, organized free health care clinics, and created the free Breakfast program for children. The Black Panthers worked in ambulance services, organized fee health care clinics, and created the free Breakfast program for children. That program has inspires so much child care groups. The Black Panther Party knew that the oppression against black people is wrong just like imperialism is wrong too. The FBI used illegal tactics against the BPP too. The Panthers have shown courage in the midst of economic exploitation from corporate forces and racism in society. The legacy of the Black Panthers is eternal. For long years, our people have fought for social justice. In our time, 2 beautiful, inspirational black woman are showing their gifts in the world. Lupita Nyong'o (whose speech on the truth on beauty was eloquent, real, and purely classic) and Ava Duvernay personify courage, black excellence, and true grace. They have lived their lives with strength and with profound resiliency against adversity. If a sci story was to come, then that would be wonderful. Our people have a great love and appreciation for sci-fi and our diverse stories have the right to be shown and heard.

By Timothy

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