Friday, February 19, 2016

Liberation and Rights

The haters of freedom fighters of black liberation have no respect from me at all. These white racist trolls just lie and distort real history in trying to promote their agendas of American exceptionalism, compromise, post-racial propaganda, and hostility towards unapologetic blackness. The Black Panther Party of Oakland was created in 1966. The Panthers created their organization in helping the community, opposing police brutality, helping black people, and they allied with Third World World international movements for liberation. They supported the Vietnamese people, the Cuban people, and other human beings who were fighting imperialism plus colonialism in the world. They studied the works of Fanon, Malcolm X, and other revolutionary scholars. They were anti-capitalism and followed the tenets of socialism. Fred Hampton loved socialism and there can be no true understanding about the Black Panther Party without understanding socialism. The Black Panthers created free health care clinics, ambulance services, blood drives, actions to help the elderly, liberation schools, and other progressive actions in helping the black community directly. Bobby Seale, Fred Hampton, and others explicitly condemned racism in any form and in any manifestation. So, it is a slanderous lie for those trolls to equate the KKK (the Klan used rape, murder, lynchings, burning crosses, the deprivation of the voting rights of black people, anti-black slander, and other evils since their founding from the late 19th century) to the Black Panthers. We know that many Black Panthers are still in prison and that the FBI used warrantless searches, disinformation, murder, and other evil actions against the Black Panthers for years (via many programs from COINTELPRO, etc.). The FBI and the CIA have engaged in terrorist actions (from supporting assassinations to promoting the evil MK Ultra program. The Phoenix Program of the CIA used terrorism in Vietnam) against human beings for decades. We are further inspired to call for black liberation. Black liberation entails the growth of black enterprises (that treat workers fair with living wages and benefits. We reject maintaining permanently an anemic minimum wage in America forever), the growth of Black Power, the growth of our families, the end to imperialism, the unconditional love of our Blackness, the establishment of universal health care, the collaboration of black people internationally (irrespective of nationality in a Pan-African fashion), the end to misogynoir, the end to the system of racism/white supremacy, and the promotion of the growth of our communities in a progressive fashion. Black Liberation means many things and it ultimately is about the freedom of black people to achieve our own destinies via self-determination. Geronimo Platt (or Geronimo ji-Jaga), who recently passed, was recently left out of prison, but many Panthers remain in prison to this very day. So, the history of the Black Panther Party always reminds us of how the struggle continues. We are in the right side of history and in the end, we will overcome. All Power to the People.
Black is Beautiful.

The March visit to Cuba by President Barack Obama will be historic in many ways. The evil dictatorship of the reactionary Batista was overthrown by the beginning of the 1960's. Fidel Castro was praised by Malcolm X while the CIA tried to kill Castro multiple times. The Cuban Revolution documented how oppressed peoples can resist colonialism and oppression through many means. Cuba has supported the Angolan fight for independence and we thank Cuba for that. Cuba has a very low rate of childhood mortality rate and it has a high level of literacy including great health care services (some of the greatest on Earth) despite the embargo. The nation has over 30,000 doctors deployed in 100 nations and has been first to respond to crises such as Hurricane Katrina and Pakistan's 2005 earthquake with an extension of aid. Today, we see an easing of tensions. I do believe in the ending of the embargo and more cordial relations. Yet, Cuba has the right to be independent. I don't believe that Western corporations should economically dominate every facet of the Cuban economy or resources. I think that any discussion in Cuba should allow Assata Shakur to live in Cuba. Sister Assata Shakur deserves to live her life. We all love and appreciate Assata Shakur like a relative. Also, I do believe that Guantanamo Bay should be closed. Humanitarian and civil rights groups have rightfully called for its closing. We want human liberty to be advanced in the world not torture or the suspension of international human rights. Also, America can't lecture Cuba on human rights when America hasn't been so clean on human rights either (from the mass incarceration state, torture, the Patriot Act, etc.). The collective welfare of humanity must always be advanced.

Javier Ortiz is a disgrace. He disrespected Tamir Rice and his mother. He is the the head of the Miami Fraternal Order of Police. His despicable views aren't solely embraced by him. His lies are embraced by many cops nationwide. Many cops acted brutally in harming the labor rights movement when workers just wanted economic justice. Many cops acted brutal in beating innocent, peaceful protesters in Selma during Bloody Sunday. Many cops executed Fred Hampton and Mark Clark in 1969 without just cause. Even in our generation, innocent unarmed black men, women, and children have been murdered by the police. Beyonce's video and performance has nothing to do with condemning all police, promoting divisiveness, and promoting evil hatred. Beyonce wanted to express her feelings on Blackness, Southern culture, police brutality, and other issues that we are talking about. This right wing assault on the Black Panthers and Beyonce will inspire us further to carry on the tradition of our ancestors. Our ancestors fought back against white racists and we will fight back against police terrorism (from the criminal actions of some Texas Rangers over 100 years ago when they brutalized Black and Brown people to the police occupations of our communities today in 2016). The police institution is filled with corruption and nepotism. Soon, it will be the 50th anniversary of the Black Panther Party's existence. We will never back down and we will fight for the prize.  Toni Morrison is a writer of great dignity and incredible imagination. She has inspired black writers and writers of every background for years and decades. Her works have shown creativity, an excellent analysis of life, and a focus on the human experience eloquently. She is a blessed woman and she is a heroic black woman too.
Happy Birthday to Sister Toni Morrison

Sister Geneva Reed-Vea has every right to vote for who she wants. She is a citizen. She is a courageous black woman who has been through horrendous pain. Sandra Bland is her child. Sandra Bland is her daughter and we all express condolences to her and to the rest of Sister Geneva's family. With that being mentioned, Hillary Clinton is very clear that she wants reform not revolutionary change in claiming that revolutionary change is impossible or unfeasible. Decades ago, the naysayers said that the Civil Rights Act was impossible to pass. They were wrong. So, we have to have hope and stick up for our convictions without shame. Many of Hillary Clinton's speeches are funded by Wall Street corporate interests. I don't support Hillary Clinton's agenda. On foreign policy matters, Hillary Clinton is an outright hawk. She is not ambiguous on her advocacy of the NATO war crimes in Libya, and she advocates a no fly zone in Syria (which will cause more instability when there is a chance of a cease fire agreement now). We should always follow our conscience. Leomie Anderson was treated in a disrespectful fashion and she has the right to express her disgust at the status quo. This is why many people are speaking out. Many white make up artists have shown unprofessionalism and straight up offensive actions towards black models. This is why many black make up artists are going independent with their actions. The white make up artist (who ought to came prepared) should feel shame since a simple Google search can find many products that have make up for darker skin tones.

It is a total injustice and a disgrace that the residents of Flint, Michigan has to pay such an exorbitant amount of money for poisoned water. The residents of Flint are not only the victims of a poisoned water supply. The folks involved in the tragedy have used a cover up (in dismissing the courageous actions of whistle blowers like professor Marc Edwards of Virginia Tech, who was one of the first to expose lead in the water of Flint, and Dr. Mona Hanna-Attisha, who is a great woman helping society) in order to cover up their tracks. This blatant injustice once against proves that unregulated capitalism is not only evil, but it has ruined the lives of so many people (including black and poor people. Most of the residents of Flint, Michigan are black people). Austerity doesn't work either. People who are involved in this evil are among many levels of government not just the state government. The anti-democratic emergency manager system has overtly violated the human rights of the people of Flint and people from areas all across Michigan. Infrastructure must be rebuilt and pipes must be replaced. Billions of dollars are spent for warfare overseas, yet some people refuse to spend even millions of dollars to help the citizens of Flint. Flint has been a victim of deindustralization, rate hikes, and high foreclosures. The water crisis started in part, because some people wanted to cut corners and fund the bailout of bankers in Michigan at the expense of the water safety of people. The Detroit Water and Sewerage Department (DWSD), used revenue from water bills to pay budget shortfalls. Studies have documented that water privatization in many places of America has harmed quality, efficiency, and other processes of delivering water to human beings. High lead levels exist in cities throughout America as well. E-mails show Michigan state officials knew of Legionnaires’ outbreak in Flint in early 2015. The decision to stay on Flint River water was made by Emergency Manager Jerry Ambrose. In March of 2015, after nearly a year of public complaints about the water quality Ambrose overruled a Flint City Council vote to return to Detroit water system. Ambrose flatly refused the Council’s request. Governor Synder, Darnell Earley, and others must be held accountable for their actions. We abhor class oppression. The more facts that come out about this crisis, the more outrage people legitimately are expressing. The Emergency Manager Law must be repealed outright. Anyone involved in the poisoning and the cover up must be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law (and sent into prison after due process). We want justice and we desire just treatment given to the human beings of Flint, Michigan.

By Timothy

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