Friday, April 08, 2016

Follow the Truth

There is the Panama Papers scandal. There is global fallout over the release of these papers. There are new revelations about the tax arrangements of British Prime Minister David Cameron. This has increased pressure on his government and other world leaders came under scrutiny. The release of reports of about 11.5 million documents from Panamanian law firm Mossack Fonseca by 100 media outlets around the world in alliance with the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ). This has exposed the criminal practices of members of global capitalism. Many high profile figures globally have been affected by this scandal. 72 current and former heads of state have been cited as having offshore accounts. There is a political crisis in Iceland when there was the resignation of Prime Minister Sigmundur David Gunnlaugsson after he was caught in financial actions. He is temporarily stepping aside. Criticism of UK Prime Minister Cameron grew after the Daily Telegraph reported that Blairmore, his father’s offshore firm, moved its office from Panama to Ireland in 2010 to evade examination of its tax affairs. Ireland has notoriously low corporation tax rates, which are rarely paid in full by companies. Blairmore managed tens of millions of pounds of behalf of wealthy families. The Guardian has never paid a penny in income tax in the UK during its over 30 years of operations. We know that the release of the Panama Papers is the tip of the iceberg.  As the Wall Street Journal acknowledged yesterday, the offshore industry has “thrived” over recent years. According to the Boston Consulting Group, private wealth directed into tax havens grew by 7 percent in 2014, reaching the remarkable sum of $11 trillion. Between 2009 and 2014, the number of companies registered in the seven largest tax havens, which include the British Virgin Islands and crown dependency of Jersey, rose by 7 percent to 672,500. During that time period, we have an unprecedented assault on wages and the living standards of the working class (to pay for the billions made available to bail out the banks in the wake of the global economic meltdown of 2008). It’s a known historical fact that the speculative actions of the financial elite plunged the world into poverty and unemployment. The financial oligarchy has increased its economic policy by getting additional billions in tax havens. The Tax Justice Network, a research and advocacy organization, estimated that between 8 and 13 percent of total global wealth is stored in tax havens, equating to between $21 and $32 trillion. This does not even include onshore domestic tax shelters, such as the states of Delaware and Wyoming in the United States. The scandal deals with tax evasion and other financial scandals.

We have every right to follow the truth thoroughly in our lives. No black woman should be forced to carry the entire burdens of the movements of non-black people of color. Every black woman has the right to speak her mind and carry forward in her life. We have an epidemic where many black women suffer discrimination, sexism, pay inequality, rape, harassment (which have been done in the streets and by trolls in the Internet who embrace misogynoir), slander, and other evils. Some people take a blind eye to these problems, which is disgraceful on their parts. Yet, we will not. We will not be silent. Black women are disrespected and oppressed in many ways and black women have every right and justification to establish their own platforms of support and expression. Non-black people of color are not superior to us as black people. White people are not superior to black people either. We shouldn't be the mules of the world and black self-determination is sacrosanct. Many non black people of color have used overt racism and discrimination against black people as Sister Tiffanie has documented. That is why it is important to advance our interests as black people and to show the truth that black solidarity has nothing to do with racism. It has to do with confronting racism and any injustice, so black people can have real justice in the world society. I laugh when they talk about the race card nonsense. First, we didn't create or own the card. Also, racists have used the card in exploiting us from their deck of deception. Many Native Americans did enslave black people. I also read where many Native Americans worked in the side of the Confederacy (whose documents explicitly supported slavery). It is a shame. I do acknowledge the upright, righteous Native Americans who fought injustice too. There is no such thing as reverse discrimination either. Discrimination is discrimination. Structural racism and structural classism (internationally) originated in the modern age by people who care about greed, profit, and exploitation instead of the love of freedom and true liberty.

Racism and bigotry in general is a global problem. The evil cowards who did this wanted to intimidate Sister Faramade Ifaturoti. Yet, their actions won't work. Right now, Faramade needs support, encouragement, and justice. We all want her to continue to study bio-medical research (which is so important in fighting diseases, helping people, and developing science in enumerable ways). Those responsible for this evil, egregious action should be completely held accountable. Any educational location should be a place of free thought, strong inquiries, and progressive human connections. It should never be a place of racism and abhorrent bigotry. We are in solidarity with Faramade and we want her to fulfill her dreams and aspirations. No one should be incredulous about the serious problem of racism in the world. We believe in black excellence and human justice. A young, precious teenage Sister was murdered by evil people. Some people have no compassion for fellow human beings and that's a shame. I do wish for anyone responsible for the Sister's murder to be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. We all express empathy to the family of Ta’Jae Warner. We have to confront the problem of violence against innocent black people. Anyone who does murder doesn't respect human life or human dignity. Ta'Jae was a Sister with her whole life ahead of her. She could have been a doctor, a lawyer, a engineer, or enumerable amount of careers. I send condolences to Ta'Jae's family and friends.
RIP Ta'Jae.

I have a smile on my face when white racists are angry. First, the word "Caucasians" is not a racist slur. It is a description of a group of people (whose ancestry came from Europe and Central Asia). Also, Bomani Jones' intention, with his action, was about showing the hypocrisy of how some people tolerate teams with the names of evil Native American slurs, but many white racists are offended with a black man wearing a T-Shirt with a non-racist slur of "Caucasians" on it. The term Caucasian on a T-Shirt being worn by Bomani has provoked discussion and I'm glad that the haters are mad. The hypocritical haters can just be mad and we will keep it moving. Also, it is important to realize that we must promote our interests as black people too. We face a lot of problems as black people and we should never place the interests of non-blacks above (as we realize the racism found in some non-black people of color. We don't hate anybody, but we believe in exposing double standards and intolerance against our people) and beyond the interests of our own (as black human beings). In the final analysis, we want justice for our black people worldwide.  A lot of non-black people have hatred and jealousy of how we, as black people, suffer through so much, but we still made amazing music, we still have created businesses, we still show our blackness unapologetically, and we are still here. The enemy of the system of racism/white supremacy is not omnipotent. While we have breathe in our bodies, we will fight back against injustice. We are the ones that invented the civil rights movement. We are the ones who created the Black Power movement. We are the ones who are the first humans on this Earth with our glorious, gorgeous melanin and our resilient power. It is that power that comes from within us and we will continue to stand up for our convictions as black people.

Bill Clinton said that President Obama would serve him some coffee back in the day (which is disrespectful). These DLC types are showing black people how they think about us. Also, Clinton when he was President supported NAFTA, supported the death penalty, and supported Glass Steagall (which contributed to the economic recession). This hypocrite Bill Clinton months ago said that he regretted some of his policies involving prisons, but now he wants to defend his actions. So, Bill Clinton wasn't a progressive on every issue. In fact, Bill Clinton was a Rockefeller Republican when he was President in my eyes. For him to defend Hillary's statements about "super predators" shows what he is. He followed triangulation and BLM has nothing to do with the evils found in the Crime Bill at all. Bill Clinton is trying to use misplaced blame while promoting his regressive agenda (of token pragmatism domestically and imperialism overseas). The primary in Wisconsin shook up Bill. When Bill supported the execution of Ricky Ray Rector, then that should let people know about his callous attitude. How dare this hypocrite lie and say that protesters want to defend drug dealers and murderers. Sista Soujah told the truth about Bill Clinton decades ago. $12 an hour is certainly a policy of tokenism from Hillary. Bill Clinton have shown his real colors from his actions in Haiti, Serbia, and his disrespect of black people. Bill Clinton also made a lax response when millions of black people were murdered in Rwanda. Many people in social media and in other places are rightfully disgusted at Bill Clinton's comments. Also, extreme poverty increased under his 2 terms too.

By Timothy

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