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What We Should NOT Teach Black Children About Racists and Racism (from Sister Trojan Pam)

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Absolutely. They do matter, but the saddest part to me is would she have shown as much “compassion” for a black person who cursed at her son? I highly doubt it.

I believe a HUGE part of the problem is the EXCESSIVE TV AND MOVIE WATCHING that leads us to BLIND ourselves to white racism — or to not want to deal with it appropriately.

Most of what we watch is white people being smart, kind, loving, clever, industrious, and sometimes troubled in a touching kind of way. Think about all the white images that we absorb in the course of one year while watching movies and our favorite TV shows. Most of the images are POSITIVE.

We watch Dr. Phil with an endless stream of sad (and phony) white people–especially white women–who sob endlessly on the stage, a STAGE PLAY designed to make white unhappiness the most important thing in the world.

Now, think about the last time you saw a black person cry and gain any sympathy on TV?

These images are NOT BY ACCIDENT

So who is more capable of eliciting kindness from a black person? You got it.

Now, look at most black images. It’s a repeat of the 1930s minstrel shows and slave movies. Endless bucking our eyes, stomping around, singing and dancing and talking “jive’ and talking STUPID and acting like everything is hilarious

Laughing, jiving, shuffling, and dancing, and always acting a FOOL.

Movies like “Fifty Shades of Black” and the “New Barbershop” and “Big Momma” and “Norbit” and TV shows like “Empire” – disguised as entertainment that do NOTHING but degrade and dehumanize us lor we’re gangbanging and being criminals and thugs, or we’re cursing out our baby’s daddy on Maury and Jerry Springer and on and on and on.

One day I did an experiment. I turned on a Tyler Perry bufoonery sitcom and turned off the sound.

All I saw were black people bucking their eyes, stomping around, falling down, and laughing with their heads rolled back. And I said, oh my God, is this what we’ve been reduced to — AGAIN?

After a year of that who really could like or truly respect black people? Or themselves?

Sadly, even our grandmothers and grandfathers in their WORST days wouldn’t have supported these images. But today’s blacks will sit in these expensive theater seats and eat artery-blocking popcorn. We pay for cable, and pay hundreds of dollars for cable, and buy the most expensive phones so we can watch “TV” and movies endless instead of picking up a book. And tragically, we allow our children to engage in this madness and then at the end of the day,

who are we? Who have we been trained to be? Who have we been trained to look up to? Who have we been trained to value and respect?

We might pretend we respect and value each other


And I know I am wasting my time posting this but I do it anyway. The bottom line is black mothers like this will continue to do what they do. Black people will continue to stick our heads in the sand and hope we “get through this” increasingly hostile white society and we will go to the polls and vote for a white woman who hasn’t done ONE THING FOR BLACK PEOPLE and in fact, who has DEVASTATED people of color all around the world — who laughed at the assassination of an African leader and has the nerve to come to black churches with that blood on her hands

and we will smile and be thrilled by any sign of attention white people throw our way

Because we want to believe in the goodness of white people.

What we have absorbed through our ENDLESS TV AND MOVIE watching has literally trashed our brains and our ability to REASON and RESPECT ourselves.

And it led to a black mother teacher her black son in a white supremacist society that murders boys like him for fun to buy food for a man who called him a “f_n_”

-Sister Trojan Pam

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