Wednesday, April 27, 2016

One Year After Freddie Gray's Passing

Many developments happened last night. Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and the billionaire Donald Trump made many victories in the primaries of the Northeast. This makes Clinton and Trump ever closer to the Presidential nominations among both parties. Five northeastern states had their primaries. Hillary Clinton won Pennsylvania, Maryland, Connecticut, and Delaware. Bernie Sanders won Rhode Island. Ironically, Rhode Island was the only one of the five states to hold an open primary where independents including registered Democrats can cast ballots. The Democratic Party establishment, some in the media, etc. want Hillary Clinton to be the winner of the Democratic primary in general. There was a smaller proportion of the electorate voting of the youth on Tuesday (being only 10 percent) than compared to the average of 17 percent in previous Democratic primaries this year. For the Republican primaries, Trump won all five states. Trump won 55 percent or more of the total vote in every contest. The rest were divided between his two remaining rivals. Texas Senator Ted Cruz finished second in Pennsylvania which is the most populous state to vote Tuesday. The Ohio Governor John Kasich was second in all of the others. Neither won more than 30 percent of the vote in any of the five states. Clinton and Trump are in position to clinch the nomination. The two front runners are highly unpopular among many people. Hillary Clinton gave her victory rally in Philadelphia. Hillary Clinton attacked Donald Trump as he is the likely Republican nominee. She wanted to appeal to Sanders supporters to ally with her in promoting quality, affordable health care, raising wages, and cutting the cost of college. She pledged to Keep American troops out of another ground war in the Middle East.” This was ironic, since during her four years as Obama’s Secretary of State, Clinton was one of the foremost advocates of US military intervention in the civil war in Syria and during the campaign she has called for the setting up of “safe zones” to expand the war for regime-change against Syrian President Bashar al-Assad. She continues as well to defend the 2011 US-NATO bombing campaign in Libya, which destroyed the country as a functioning society. The Clinton team has put pressure on Bernie Sanders to end his campaign and to not mention her links to Wall Street corporations. Donald Trump wanted Cruz and Kasich to end their campaigns immediately. Trump is headed to the May 3 primary in Indiana (where Cruz has a lot of support). Super delegates, delegates, and other votes come into play. Sanders want to support Hillary Clinton if in his own words (on NBC’s Meet the Press), “the major responsibility will be on Secretary Clinton to convince all people, not just my supporters, that she is the kind of president this country needs to represent working people in this country, to take on the big money interests who have so much power, to fight for what the American people want.” Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump want to promote American capitalism, which has been a detriment to the poor and working class.

There is a high popular of adult coloring books in the world. I do see more black people learning about Afrocentric subjects and studying black historical information. This coloring book is exquisite, creative, and beautiful. Art is one of the many gifts among our people and I certainly love AfroZen. Africa is beautiful. It has wonderful people with dynamic cultures and multidimensional characteristics as we (as black people) are a multidimensional people. Coloring books are not age specific as people from across age demographics have every right to enjoy themselves and color in such books. This is magnificent news. There is nothing wrong with discernment. Yeshua lived his life to condemn the rich a lot of times and he even threw the money changes out of the Temple. So, he opposed the agenda of the greedy megachurch preachers (of his day) who want to demonize the poor as an excuse for them to promote Mammon. Human beings can never live by greed and selfishness. It is sad to witness the poor (many of whom with welfare and some are homeless) sending their money to corrupt pastors who are more concerned with economic exploitation than spiritual growth & community development. If many of those megachurches use that money to build shelters, address poverty, and to organize an economic power growing agenda for our communities, then some changes can come.

How sad. It is clear that many voter ID laws complicate matters despite record low voter fraud in America. We know that many voter ID laws restrict the types of IDs that can be used. Some of them decrease the days in which people can vote. So, it is a shame that Sister Virginia McLaurin has so much difficulty voting. We are never ashamed of progressive change either. It was progressive minded people who fought against the Confederacy, caused the Constitution to give women the right to vote, worked to pass the Civil Rights Act including the Voting Rights Act, worked to advance workers' rights (and workers' protections), and promoted real laws to protect our environment. Therefore, there should be measures to make sure that Virginia McLaurin has the opportunity to vote. This story (or the murder of Amy in a Delaware high school bathroom) should make anyone recognize the necessity to confront the evil of unwarranted violence in our world. Amy was murdered. She was murdered by evil people who desired harm and brutality instead of peace and love. There should be no sugarcoating about the occurrence. Not only should the girls, who killed Amy in a heinous fashion, should be prosecuted. The person, who videotaped the murder, should be criticized too. This person recorded such brutality and didn't do anything to stop it and didn't even run to get security guards to try to stop the fight. That certainly sickens me. As other great people have written, there is many young people who have a sick Worldstar sick mentality where some want to glamorize violence and fighting as a means for some of them to gain some sort of perverted "notoriety" or "popularity." That mentality must end, because integrity and justice has nothing to do with murder, brutality, and harming black youth. More youth should be taught about respect, peaceful co-existence, and honor. I send prayers and condolences to the family and friends of Amy.

This is one of the most bizarre stories that I have read in my life. These children deserve much more respect than this. The words from Aaron are creepy and he is treating these kids as fetishes under the guise of "religion" (since they are black babies) instead of human beings, which is wrong. I hope that these children somehow learn about black history and black culture by any means necessary.  I read the article. He tries to justify his fetishizing black babies under the guise of his religious creed. They are treating these babies as social experiments and not as true human beings. It is very disturbing. Adoption shouldn't be fetishized. I have great concerns for the babies as well. The family see it that it is their duty to carry forth black embryos since the couple admitted that they feel that God didn't want to conceive white kids presently. So, they wanted to create in their words a little "United Nations." The truth is that many whites want to control the minds, the bodies, and the souls of black people so they can be implanted with Eurocentric thinking. I have noticed that white couple haven't talked about teaching them about Africa or the black African Diaspora. They want to fetishize the black children in a sick way. Yes, a black couple never does this action en masse at all. We should own our own bodies and not let any white person to use us as commodities or social experiments. The couple act like that they are doing the world a favor, which is disturbing. We love freedom and we abhor slavery. These children need the Knowledge of Self (about black liberation, etc.) in the most critical way. We want black children to never be compliant, "respectable" servants to white society. We want black children to be strong, conscious, socially aware, and apt to defend the black community wholeheartedly.

Today, it has been over one year since Freddie Gray’s death. Baltimore is a strong city with many political changes. The residents of Baltimore have not only protested for real change. They have joined independent economic and political organizations in order to solve problems. Freddie Gray was arrested, forced into a van, and was never taken immediately to a hospital for assistance (and Freddie Gray was dead after he had a coma in the hospital). Residents say that many cops sill harass and assault black people in poor communities of Baltimore. Baltimore has a beautiful downtown and I have seen it in real life recently. Yet, Baltimore’s poor communities have been disrespected, neglect, and not invested adequately. This must change. Recreation centers are being closed down while the Inner Harbor is filled with tourists and corporate investments. The wealthy historically refuse to give up their privileges voluntarily. That is why in order for things to change, we must change. Young Baltimore people are involved in the social justice movement too like Kelly Holsey, Abdul Salaam, Derrick Chase, Joshua Harris, and other people. This is a fight for racial justice, for a living wage, for affordable, universal medical care, for decent housing for all, and for environmental justice. Recently, hundreds of people in Baltimore marched to remember Freddie Gray. Today, we shall see who the new mayor of Baltimore is. The current Mayor Stephanie Rawlings Blake has decide to not run for reelection and she has fired her police chief. The Uprising in April 2015 showed the world that economic injustice has not ended. The growth and evolution of the Black Lives Matter movement developed as a product of the Baltimore rebellion. We have a problem with police brutality and other issues. More people know about how capitalism is a scourge in the world and revolutionary change must occur. Therefore, we are in an international fight against imperialism.

By Timothy

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