Wednesday, May 25, 2016


One of the biggest myths around is that a person classified as "liberal" can never be exclusionary or racist. At the same time, many progressives have promoted truth and liberty for years and decades from labor rights activists to civil rights heroes. The vast majority of the mainstream media in Western society are controlled and owned mostly by white wealthy males. Even the Huffington Post is ruled by AOL ultimately. Therefore, there is nothing wrong wrong with calling the mainstream media as white media (the mainstream media serves the interests of corporate power and the oligarchy). This reality is why black people have created our own media institutions. We certainly need more media services developed by black people to outline our views, our aspirations, and our ideologies. Also, I think many folks are class reductionalists, so some just want to ignore anything related to racism (but solely focus on class alone). I don't agree with that, because in order for us to get solutions, we have to address race, class, sex, and ecology. We are intersectional human beings and acknowledging our intesectionality and how oppression is multifaceted can awakened many folks (and cause that revolutionary change that we seek). We not only want more black voices in the world and more ownership of media that we control. We want to develop a system of justice, so humanity can be liberated fully. Yes, the media in the mainstream level is heavily monopolized with just 6 large media conglomerates controlling the majority of the media that Americans watch daily. The media is very powerful and Malcolm X exposed that fact in his speeches for years. For a long time, anti-black propaganda and negative stereotypes have been advanced not just in media, but in movies, magazines, and music. The handwriting is on the wall. Developing STEM fields and making sure strong, black controlled institutions help especially black youth is of paramount importance.

This is a discussion that has been going on for years. I think that Bell Hooks' critique about Beyonce's Lemonade and response to her critics was fair, eloquent, and had many great points. It is truly sad that Hooks has been the victim of lies from people, who in many instances, didn't even understood Hooks' context. What is true is that there is light privilege in the world. Many biracial people are given roles in a massive scale (from Alexandria Shipp to Alicia Keys) where even qualified black people struggle to get roles (except in rare instances. Lupita Nyong'o is a beautiful black woman who exhibited class, integrity, strong consciousness, and wisdom). One non-dark skinned woman was given a role in the slanderous role about Nina Simone (which is not a biopic since it lied about Nina Simone's life with falsehoods in that movie) while many qualified dark skinned women could have easily played Nina Simone without prosthetics. There should be more representation of dark skinned black women (and just black women in general) in society from magazines to other forms of media. Likewise, Pax Jones is right to say that colorism is evil and it is must be eliminated totally. Pax Jones has strong views on her opinion on the human experiences of light skinned black people involving their black humanhood. Light skinned black people should always acknowledge their light privilege without question. Also, it important to note that light skinned black people still suffer racism and oppression. Light skinned black women are still black. Black people of many hues are beautiful. Black women of diverse hues do have shared experiences (in many ways) and that unity among black people should be cultivated. The problem is that we have colorism and dark skinned black people are treated a lot harsher by society than lighter skinned people (as proven by study after study). We want fairness and justice. There are plenty of black people of diverse hues who are feminists, womanists, and other people who want liberation. We always love our light skinned Sisters (who are fighting for justice, etc.), but we have to understand reality if we want change. We have a problem where many lighter skinned people are propped (by some) up falsely as "superior" to dark skinned black people. The evil of colorism is very pervasive in the world. We don't need the divide and conquer tactic. We want black children to love Blackness in all of it shades and it will take mentors and other black adults to tell black youth especially that dark skin is beautiful and to show that we are one people (by words and by deeds).

This is very horrible (of a young girl with marks on her neck). First, the parent of the child should have been immediately notified of this incident ASAP. There should be adults with those kids. Where were the adults to monitor the activities of the kids? What is truly disturbing and sick is how the school authorities and the chaperon are acting like this situation is no big deal or it's just normal. The fact is that this is not normal and no child should go around on a field trip with that burn on her neck and the authorities delay immediate action. That child should have been immediately sent to a hospital, so her parents can pick her up period (not delayed in a response). Sandy Rougely was disrespected by not being immediately told of what happened. If the child was a white girl, best believe heads would roll. The human dignity of black girls must be respected. Regardless if this is a racially motivated incident or not, what happened should have never happened to the precious black child. An independent investigation should exist to decipher the incident in great detail. Adults should have been there to handle monitor the kids correctly and handle the situation. The young girl and her mother said that the young girl has been the victim of bullying by students in that private school. This is a disgrace. I wish the best for the 12 year old Sister. The system of white supremacy works to degrade black people and to prop up white people, regardless. White infallibility is the myth that Western society promotes. Western society promotes the lie that white people are socially superior than black people. That is why we promote personal accountability all of the time, but the trolls use excuses for white criminality. We, as black people are the first. We are the original human beings. All other people came from us. The more we ignore the lies from white supremacists and promote our black liberation goals, the better off that we will be.

It is a serious problem where many people want to shame bigger women (especially bigger black women as we have an epidemic of lookism and misogyny in Western society). These body shamers don't give a care about healthy living. If they did, then they would give women respect not shaming. Also, if these shamers cared, they would show encouragement to people and give accurate health advice to fight against hypertension, diabetes, various other cancers, etc. Shaming by definition outlines evil. What they (or these shamers) do care is about disrespecting women in order for them to promote some monolithic image that they believe every woman should fit into. Many of them believe in misogyny and some sick fetish that every woman must follow their standards. The truth is that no woman should fit into a monolithic image dictated to them by evil people. Women have the right to promote their own human value on their own terms. Also, there are many healthy people of numerous sizes and unhealthy people who are anorexics. Not to mention that not every black person is attracted to self destruction. There are plenty of stories of black people who suffered extreme obesity and took steps to lose weight and to be much more healthier. There are plenty of black people who, are mentors, activists, coaches, scholars, scientists, business owners, teachers, lawyers, etc., and these human beings are helping the black community in a myriad of positive ways. Dealing with the topic of obesity is different than exposing the evil epidemic of folks who want to disrespect bigger women. For the record, Amber Riley has experienced weight loss, so just because a bigger woman exists doesn't mean she is not exercising or eating healthy foods. That truth refutes another lying misconception that many people have of bigger women. Women of numerous sizes have every right to express confidence, to express their dignity, and to refute the haters. We want the black community to be healthier, but we don't want black people to be disrespected or degraded because of their weight either. No rational person says that there is something evil about us addressing diabetes, heart disease, hypertension, and cancer. What is evil is how many people want to stereotype, degrade, and mock the humanity of bigger woman. That is the point. I believe in body positivity. Amber Riley is a gorgeous black woman. Amber Riley (who is an intelligent woman) never offends me. People's intolerance and bigotry offend me. Amber Riley has the right to speak her mind and to live her life. I wish the best for Amber Riley.

London is the capital of the United Kingdom and it’s the most populous city of the United Kingdom. It resides on the River Thames in the southeastern part of Great Britain. Its history is long spanning many millennia. It’s a leading global city too. From its founding to the election of its first Muslim mayor, London is filled with interesting and exciting history and culture. London has a lot of strength involving the arts, commerce, education, entertainment, fashion, finance, healthcare, media, professional services, research and development, transport, and tourism. It has one of the 10 most powerful GDPs on Earth. It has the world’s largest city airport system measured by passenger traffic. It has the largest concentration of higher education institutes than any other city in Europe with 43 universities. London is very prominent in world software, multimedia development and design, etc. Many diverse peoples and cultures exist in London. More than 300 languages are spoken within Greater London. London has about 8,538,689 people. It is the largest municipality in the European Union. London’s urban area is the 2nd most populous in the EU after Paris with 9,787,426 inhabitants according to the 2011 census. The Tower of London, Kew Gardens, the Westminster Abbey, and other historic landmarks are found in the city too. People go into the London Underground constantly. Tourists visit Big Ben and other places. London has been in its thousands of years of its existence. London is a beautiful city and courageous people of London have blessed it in enumerable ways.

By Timothy

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