Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Social Commentaries in early May of 2016

When I read this article (from Andre Damon on , many thoughts came to mind. He talked about his family and the necessity to provide for his family along with his intention to go out and write the truth without apology. I certainly admire that. Everyone has experienced fear at least one time in their lives. It's a human emotion. Likewise, we go on in our lives amidst feelings of fear at times. VSB having more popularity represents how people want to understand the truth without it being sugarcoated or minimized in its content. Being a black writer can involve racist trolls (who are the experts of showing white tears) slandering them (or black writers) and other things. Also, many supporters have given a black writer support and solidarity. At the end of the day, we are not backing down. We will continue to outline the inspirational message of black empowerment and the desire to establish the end of oppressive systems (so humanity can live in a world where freedom and justice exist for all). I wish the best for Andre Damon and I certainly respect his social commentaries on a myriad of topics that black people care about. It takes real cowardice & a great lowness for a person to vulgarly disrespect a 14 year old black girl. Not only did Azealia Banks slandered a little girl, but she disrespected Skai Jackson's mother in a vulgar fashion. Anyone disrespecting a black mother in an evil way is truly reprehensible. Also, Banks sexualized a little girl and that's sick and perverted. Skai refuted Azealia's arguments. Azealia Banks is a hypocrite to talk about black empowerment, but she has used misogynoir against Skai (and against another dark skinned black woman on IG when Banks called the black woman names that I won't repeat here). One thing that is true is that Azealia always has shown her true colors of hypocrisy, divisiveness, mean-spiritedness, and distractions from real issues. Skai is a young Sister who deserves respect and inspiration. Azealia Banks needs therapy for real to deal with her self hatred issues and her immaturity plus her insecurities. Skai has shown she may be 14 years old, but her dignity must always be honored.

Goldman Sachs and Soros Veteran Steven Mnuchin is the finance campaign finance chairman of the Trump campaign. Steven is the chairman and CEO of the private investment firm Dune Capital Management LP. But Mnuchin worked at Goldman Sachs for 17 years, and became a partner in the firm. Mnuchin has also worked at Soros Fund Management, LLC. Therefore, Donald Trump is not a populist. He has been funded by the establishment for decades. Donald Trump is a disgraceful slick politician who wants votes to promote his retrograde agenda. Trump aide Paul Manafort have dubious links too. Trump called black people "the blacks" and his company was sued by the federal government for racial discrimination. Trump has lied about the Central Park Five even after they were acquitted by the authorities. Trump have slandered many women in evil ways. Trump is an extremist who has not ruled out the use of nuclear weapons and he supports torture, which is against international law and the Eighth Amendment of the U.S. Constitution. He refuses to expose the criminal actions of many members of the Wall Street oligarchy and he has not advocated real social change to end police brutality, to end gender discrimination, to end mass incarceration, to end the War on Drugs, to end imperialism, to end institutionalized racism, and to end environmental injustices. He wants to ban all Muslims to come into America. Trump is certainly an evil person. A PERSON LIKE TRUMP, WHO HAS DISRESPECTED WOMEN IN OBSCENE TERMS, WILL NEVER HAVE MY SUPPORT. He has not said one syllable about what to do to handle the Flint water disaster and he has massive misogyny and bigotry against many immigrants. Azealia Banks is known for her vulgarity and she once slandered an innocent, young dark skinned black woman. Azealia is hypocritical to claim to be against the system of white supremacy, but she disrespected a black woman in anti-black terms and supports Trump (whose major supporters include numerous white supremacists). Trump also praises Ann Coulter. I don't support Hillary Clinton as her foreign policies are destructive and she supported the Iraq War years ago. We don't want America to be "lavish." We want America to not embrace a superiority complex and give justice for all. Many people want to bow down to far right white politicians as gods when no white person is God. So, when I read about how Banks supports Trump, I am not surprised. Many people who use vulgar language ally with politicians who love to use vulgar language. Trump is a flip flopping coward who represents dishonesty, hypocrisy, and other evils. Azealia Banks can vote for who she wants. I have the right to not vote for Trump.

I'm glad that the women (from West Point) are not punished. These women used an inoffensive sign of solidarity among women. They weren't promoting hatred or divisiveness. There is a great problem of racist gangs and real criminals in the military that must be addressed. These women certainly have the right to be treated with respect and dignity. It is obvious that the young women violated no military regulations. I am glad that they can move on with their lives. The picture is beautiful and inspiration. We desire all women to be free. We believe in total equality among all regardless of race or sex. This is why we want equal pay and we desire an end to racial discrimination and gender discrimination too. These women teach all of us the valuable lesson of human solidarity. Blackness is what we celebrate and we cherish Blackness with all of our hearts. No human on this Earth will ever intimidate us or prevent us from expressing our Blackness either. It is clear what justice is. Dr. King, Malcolm X, and others explicitly wanted the system of classism and institutionalized racism to end. That is justice. Also, justice encompasses many things. It means universal health care, an end to imperialism, living wages and programs to combat poverty plus homelessness, etc.(via emergency aid institutions being developed). It is about creating funds and other programs to help the jobless (via public works jobs, expansion of income assistance, and banning unfair corporate loopholes). Part of justice is to end white racism as I do believe in black liberation as well. People know that class reductionalism doesn't work and the acknowledgement of intersectionality is a prerequisite for a real solution. The Poor People's Campaign existed and had multiethnic unity to combat the debilitating conditions of poverty. It was not a movement to execute post racial, colorblind philosophies. It was established to establish respect for the poor irrespective of skin color. Folks know that progressive activists in America have fought for the rights of the jobless and homeless for a long time. I am fighting for human justice, for economic justice, and for liberation.

This is amazing, great news. We, as black people, have every right to fund institutions that preserve the sacrosanct historical and cultural legacy of African Americans. I love museums. Denzel and Pauletta Washington have a love of preserving our culture and their strong Black Love (as Black Love is Beautiful) is an inspiring characteristic of the tapestry of human love. I certainly send great praise to Denzel and Pauletta Washington for their actions. African American history is not just about the unspeakable experiences of our ancestors experiencing slavery. It also involve numerous rebellions where black men and black women stood up heroically against antebellum tyranny in the North American continent. Also, our cultural identity (as black Americans) readily include jazz, gospel, various spirituals, soul music, R&B, and other parts of other genres of music. Art, STEM fields, and other excellent components of African American culture is part and parcel of our human identity too. Therefore, I wish all of the best for the museum & the Washington family. We don't want a recrudescence of various evils of the past. We want to fight back against evil directly, so a future of justice will exist for the human race. This form of real activism should be known widespread. This is how we fight for a better tomorrow as black people. We should fund our institutions, help our families, preserve museums that show African American history, and stand up for the inspiring proposition of social justice.I am glad that the murdering teenagers are charged by authorities. It is explicable that we are adamantly opposed to bullying unjust violence, and brutality. One sweet, very intelligent teenage girl was murdered in a Delaware school by three disgraceful, iniquitous persons. We have a serious problem where excessive materialism, the glamorization of violence, and massive bullying are so common in the Earth. I hope that those charged are convicted fully of their barbaric crimes. Anybody should agree to disagree without unjust violence and without heinous assault. We want a society where compassion reigns and nefarious behavior is automatically and forthrightly condemned (plus ended). We want to live in a land filled with justice for all and where liberty is truly indivisible. That is the world we are fighting for. We want freedom to ring in a luminous fashion. We mourn the loss of Amy (we send condolences to Amy's family & friends) and we are further inspired to carry on in advancing the principles of integrity, human decency, and the intrepid embrace of goodness.
RIP Amy Inita Joyner-Francis

The collapse of the two Twin Towers were tragic events. What caused the collapse of both towers has been the subject of debate and discussion for 15 years. The South Tower collapsed at 9:59 am, which was less than an hour after being hit by the second hijacked airliner. By 10:28 am, the North Tower collapsed. Each World Trade Center tower consisted of 110 stories and was about 1,350 feet (400 meters) high, the sides measuring 208 feet (62 meters) in length. There were six basement levels: B1 to B6. B1 consisted of a maintenance floor, followed by several levels of parking lots, as well as a subway station and tenant spaces. One of the freight elevator pits was located in the bedrock at "B7.” This elevator could stop from B6 to the 109th floor. Each tower consisted of a core and separate perimeter structure of steel columns. The perimeter structure protected the core from wind stresses. The total amount of steel used per tower was an estimated 100,000 tons, roughly 1/5 of the total weight of each building.  Every floor of the inner and outer structure was ringed by steel girders to which the floors were attached. The floors themselves consisted of a relatively thin layer of concrete laying on top of relatively thin steel trusses. The core structure carried 60 percent of the weight of the building The official story of the collapse has been promoted by the American Society of Civil Engineers (SEI/ASCE), FEMA (the Federal Emergency Management Agency), and of course the NIST (or the National Institute of Standards and Technology). Immediately after the attacks, a building performance study (BPS) team of engineering specialists was formed by the SEI/ASCE and FEMA. The BPS issued its report in May 2002. It said that the aircraft impacts caused "extensive structural damage, including localized collapse" and that the resulting fires "further weakened the steel-framed structures, eventually leading to total collapse." They also presented recommendations for more detailed engineering studies of the disaster. The famous NIST investigation also consulted outside engineering entities. This investigation was completed in September 2005. The NIST investigators did not find anything substandard in the design of the WTC towers, noting that the severity of the attacks and the magnitude of the destruction was beyond anything experienced in U.S. cities in the past. They also emphasized the role of the fires and found that sagging floors pulled inward on the perimeter columns: "This led to the inward bowing of the perimeter columns and failure of the south face of WTC 1 and the east face of WTC 2, initiating the collapse of each of the towers.” Also, it is important to note that many people disagree with the conclusions of the NIST. Many researchers believe that the Towers fell by a controlled demolition. While NIST never criticizes FEMA for having left behind so little steel, obviously this test suffered from a severe lack of available material. Tests on perimeter columns of the South Tower couldn't even be carried out, because "none of the nine recovered panels from within the fire floors of WTC 2 were directly exposed to fire."  There are sincere people on both sides of this issue. My advice is for people to do their own research and make up your own minds on how the Twin Towers fell. What is definitely true that the Towers falling was sad event and we send condolences to the victims of 9/11.

By Timothy

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