Friday, May 13, 2016

Brazil Events

Former President Dilma Rousseff (who has been scapegoated for the massive corruption issues in Brazil. She is more liberal than the far right extremists in Brazil) has been ousted and now the vice President Michel Temer has assembled a right wing government in Brazil. Temer is the political ally of the ousted Workers Party (Partido dos Trabalhadores or PT) President Dilma Rousseff. In 2013 Rousseff stood at the United Nations General Assembly, in New York, to denounce the Obama administration for spying on her.The Workers Party had a huge national following, but it makes up only about 15 percent of the country’s legislature. Early on, its charismatic leader, “Lula” da Silva, made alliances with parties to his right, at the state and national level. The Presidential offices in Brasila are called the Planalto, which Temer now controls. Temer claims that he would make Brazil better, yet his cabinet is made up of right wing politicians and capitalist economists (from the banking and financial sector). The Brazilian Senate voted that morning to initiate impeachment proceedings against Rousseff. She was suspended from office for the length of a trial. That trial will probably come into September or October. While only a simple majority vote was required to begin this process, the lopsided result was 55 to 22, more than the two-thirds majority that is ultimately required to permanently remove the PT president from office. Given that the basis of the impeachment charges—Rousseff’s alleged manipulation of budgetary accounts to cover for temporary shortfalls—was clearly contrived as a pretext, a final conviction appears inevitable.  Rousseff has denied all charges against her. Brazil is the largest nation in Latin America. It has the 7th largest economy in the world. Rousseff received 54 million votes in 2014 when she was reelected to a second term as President. This election has now been overturned through an anti-democratic political conspiracy at the highest level of the Brazilian ruling elite. Temer gave her speech to the nation. He was surrounded by a coterie of smirking politicians from nearly every party outside of the PT. He talked about wanting to invest in the private sector seeking fundamental “reforms.”

This will cause the economic crisis to continue to shift on the backs of the masses of Brazilian workers. He wanted to “pacify and unify” Brazil which hearken back to the authoritarian history of Brazil. Ordeme Progresso means “order and progress” in Portuguese. Taken from the French philosopher Auguste Comte, the slogan was first introduced into Brazil’s political lexicon in the late 19th century by leading figures in the military who were influenced by Comte’s positivism. They became a watchword for national unity and suppression of the class struggle, imposed most effectively under the US-backed military dictatorship that ruled the country between 1964 and 1985. Temer wanted Brazil to the “old values.” He wants to ignore the economic crisis in Brazil (where 11 million workers are now unemployed and layoffs happen at 100,000 a month). There is a collapse of the commodities boom and the emerging market boom that has Brazil in the deepest economic crisis in a century. He wants austerity by cutting government ministries. He wants to a large scale elimination of public sector jobs. The social security system and labor laws could be effected too. Temer’s cabinet is made up of reactionaries and pro-business people. One member is Jose Serra (a foreign minister of the right wing PSDB or the Brazilian Social Democracy Party. WikiLeaks found him in favor of privatization of the state owned energy giant Petrobras and involvement in oil firms).

The ministry of education was awarded to Mendonça Filho of the extreme right-wing Democrats (DEM) party, the successor to ARENA, the official ruling party of the former military dictatorship. He is the son of a career ARENA official and major landowner in the northern state of Pernambuco. The ministry of Institutional Security, which includes Brazil’s intelligence agency, has been placed under the control of the former top general in the Brazilian army, Sérgio Westphalen Etchegoyen. When the general’s father was identified by the country’s truth commission as one of the officials responsible for the murders, disappearances and torture under the dictatorship, he protested angrily, declaring the accusations “frivolous.” For agriculture minister, Temer named Blairo Maggi, a billionaire agribusiness figure known as the “soy king,” who is credited with doing more to destroy the Amazon rain forest than anyone else on the planet. And the ministry of justice was handed to Alexandre de Moraes, the Sao Paulo state public safety secretary, who is an advocate of police-state repression. A separate human rights ministry was folded into justice and also placed under his leadership. Even the daily O Estado de S. Paulo, which backed impeachment, was compelled to observe that the new government’s leaders “with the participation of those notably involved in corruption scandals past and present, pretend that they are going to change everything to, in reality, leave everything as it is.” So, this slick coup has caused massive changes in Brazil and the Olympics in Rio hasn’t even started yet.

George Zimmermann is a sick individual. He is a pathological liar too. BLM in their websites and statements advocate the prosecution of crooked police officers not murdering cops in an unjust manner. We have a real problem of police brutality that must be addressed. Zimmermann's actions not only are disrespectful to the family of Trayvon Martin, but it exploits the death of Trayvon Martin too. George has obviously shown no remorse over his actions and no real respect to Trayvon Martin's family. He is obviously a far right individual who supports a political agenda that white nationalists and reactionary extremists support. George Zimmermann is a cowardly vigilante who seeks not justice, but a perverted expression of his own warped ideology. Zimmermann has been accused of molesting a woman (who is his cousin) and many women have came forward to say that he has committed domestic violence against them. He is so low that his Twitter account was suspended, because he posted a woman’s private and confidential information including e-mail addresses, phone numbers and familiar photos (without her permission). I have no respect for Zimmerman at all. He's sociopath and a sick person who knows what he is doing. Emotional abuse is very slick at times and emotional abuse is wrong just like physical abuse. Some emotional abuse is subtle. Many of the signs of an person who uses emotional abuse are: those who blame a partner for things unfairly, a person who is extremely controlling or domineering in a relationship, those who promote fear in a relationship, and those who believe in an extreme form of patriarchy. There are other signs too (like a person who is resentful, a person who is has an entitlement complex, and an extremely insecure person. Those, who abuse people, in many cases have a sick superiority complex). Treating people fairly and with respect is a necessity. We want people to be emotionally strong and to have their human rights protected in any relationship. It is important to talk about these issues, make solutions, and to defend the humanity of males and females. No one, regardless of sex, should experience emotional abuse. It is very important to promote progressive, healthy relationships among human beings.

Very powerful trailer. Lupita Nyong’o is an amazing in talent and in her personal consciousness. The movie shows the power of family and friends. It shows a young Sister who has a dream in chess and she is never giving up. Also, the trailer of the film shows the great beauty of black people. Our dark skin and our intelligence are beautiful aspects of our humanity. She is showing how important dreams are. Also, the movie is based on a true story and this story is very magnificent. First, this is great news. This story outlines the power of the human spirit and how people (of diverse backgrounds) can achieve mighty accomplishments. Anaya Ellick is a wonderful child who exemplify perseverance, strength, and many blessed gifts. We congratulate Anaya fully on winning the handwriting competition. I live in Hampton Roads, so I know of Chesapeake, Virginia. Chesapeake is a large city in terms of land size and much of it is rural too. It's next to North Carolina as Hampton Roads includes Southeastern Virginia and Northeastern North Carolina (with places like Currituck County, Elizabeth City, etc.). So 7 Cities and the 757 are always in the House. The 7 Cities include Norfolk, Virginia Beach, Portsmouth, Suffolk, Newport News, Hampton, and Chesapeake. Bless Sister Anaya Ellick.
#Yes She Can.

By Timothy

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