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The 21st Century World and Other Information.

Coding is part of the present and the future. What is coding? Coding is the technique and the processes on how human beings can create computer software, apps, and websites. It uses different browsers, the OS, apps, the phone, Facebook, and other functions.  Some coding can be simple as writing in Python language to print ‘Hello, world!” Other coding can be more complex. Coding in essence is computer programming. Expressing a tweet and using debit card involve coding. Many everyday items have computers like microwaves, cars, etc. Coding include instruments that computers can understand. The instruments have to be precise. Computers need instruments in order to function like a recipe is used to cook food. Many forms of computer languages include the following: Python, C++, Perl, Touch Develop, and Visual Basic. Each of these computer languages are different in their own ways. These languages are similar to different languages that human beings express verbally like English, Spanish, French, Swahili, Italian, Chinese, etc. Coding is like a language. The grammar of coding is called syntax. One example is how in English the sentence of “Set lives in the game to 3” can be equal to the coding of “game ->set life (3).” This means that you have 3 lives in a games and after those 3 lives the game is over. This code has a noun which is game. The noun in coding is called the object. There are other objects in the game too. The verb is called function in the coding example is called “Set lives.” The information we give the function is the parameter. 3 in parenthesis the parameter, because there are 3 lives in the game. Computers function by transistors (or switches) going on and off. Binary code is the representation of these combinations as 1s and 0s, where each digit represents one transistor. Binary code is grouped into bytes, groups of 8 digits representing 8 transistors. For example, 11101001. Modern computers contain millions or even billions of transistors, which means an unimaginably large number of combinations. Programming languages help to organize massive combinations of transitions found in computing systems. Any programming language has a group of syntax rules that define how code should be written or formatted. Low level language is similar to a binary code a computer understands. High level languages are less similar to a binary code. High-level languages are easier to program in, because they’re less detailed and designed to be easy for us to write. Nearly all of the main programming languages in use today are high-level languages.  A program is a text file written in certain coding language. Coding language must translate its source code into assembly language, a super low-level language that uses words and numbers to represent binary patterns. Depending on the language, this may be done with an interpreter (where the program is translated line-by-line), or with a compiler (where the program is translated as a whole). More people are using coding, like black people, people of color, girls, women, young people in general, young people, older people, etc.

Television technology is evolving and changing all of the time. There is OLED TV screen. This screen has a new display technology called OLED (Organic Light Emitting Diodes). The OLED are televisions are brighter, more efficient, thinner, and feature better refresh rates and contrast than LCD or Plasma. OLED has excellent picture quality. OLED stands for organic light emitting diode. So, an OLED is a light emitting diode LED in which there is an emissive electroluminescent layer is a film of organic compound that emits light in response to an electric current. This layer of organic semiconductor is situated between two electrodes. Usually, at least one of these electrodes is transparent. OLEDs are used to create digital displays in television screens, computer monitors, portable system (like mobile phones, handheld game consoles, and PDAs). Since the early 1950’s, André Bernanose and co-workers at the Nancy-Université in France made the first observations of electroluminescence in organic materials. The world’s first organic light emitting diode OLED TV was the Sony XEL-1. It was developed in 2007 and it was produced for sale in 2008. It was at 3 mm making it the world’s thinnest television during its production. At the 2007 Las Vegas Consumer Electronics Show (CES), Sony showcased 11-inch (28 cm, resolution 960×540) and 27-inch (68.5 cm), full HD resolution at 1920 × 1080 OLED TV models.  Both claimed 1,000,000:1 contrast ratios and total thicknesses (including bezels) of 5 mm.  In January 2015, LG Display signed a long term agreement with Universal Display Corporation for the supply of OLED materials and the right to use their patented OLED emitters. In February 2015 LG Chemical and Contrast Studio delivered the largest OLED lighting array using 2,850 tiles of LG N6SB30 OLEDs. OLEDs have great picture quality, but their lifetime is not very long. an OLED screen uses a carbon film that sites inside of the panel before the glass screen. OLED panels emit their own light when an electric current is passed through, but cells in an LCD display require an external light source (like a giant backlight for brightness). In an OLED display, the pixels themselves are the things producing the light, and so when they need to be black they are able to turn off completely, rather than relying on a backlight to turn off on their behalf.

Many people do realize that the mainstream system has been co-opted by the powers that be. The Electoral College, not the people, ultimately decides who will be the next President. Also, super delegates massively influence the delegation process of the Republicans and the Democrats. The big myth is that voting alone can save us. If that was the case, we would be liberated a long time ago. Inaction is also not a solution as not doing anything is a guarantee that nothing will be done. One of the greatest points of our elders is that they believed in self-determination. We do need to use action and self-determination is part of the ways that we can get real results. Focusing on our own develops strength and you will notice that the mainstream media never criticizes Chinatown, Greektown, and other ethnic groups coming together and setting up their own institutions that they control. There are cultural groups and museums specifically geared to Chinese people, Koreans, Japanese, Hispanics, and other white ethnic groups, but Black Unity is taboo in our society. That’s a shame. Black Unity is Beautiful just like Black Love is Beautiful too. Black Love is a Revolutionary Act. It is when black people want to set up our own institutions that we are unfairly criticized (when the people who orchestrated genocide in the four corners of the Earth, established the Maafa, and caused anti-black racism are white supremacists). Certainly, it won’t be an easy road into the Promised Land. We have to develop trust and integrity since no one can truly respect or trust an untrustworthy person. That is why we should mentor and grow apprenticeships into the next level, so black youth can not only know about STEM fields, but enact their own economic and political power bases. Also, mental transformation is in order since a black person must always love their black identity and their own humanity in order for change to come. The Knowledge of Self is very important. We should never trust the oppressor. We trust the truth. We live in a planet and in an Universe that is vastly larger than us physically. Yet, the Most High established all of us for a purpose. We are indeed miracles since we survived a lot and our ancestors suffered massive brutality and murder. We should be humble and humbleness, strength, integrity, and courage are excellent characteristics to live by.

During the era of the Freedom Rides, Robert F. Williams stood up to promote justice. Long before, SNCC was created, he advocated black people to use self-defense against white racist terrorists. To understand his story is to understand a story about a black man who heroically stood up for humanity. He loved his wife so much. Robert F. Williams was born in February 26, 1925. His wife is Mabel Williams. In 1947, Williams married Mabel Robinson, a fellow civil rights activist. They had two children together, including a son named John. During 1959, he was President of the Union County, North Carolina NAACP. He wanted black people to arm themselves against the evil, racist, and terroristic Ku Klux Klan. Back during the 1950’s was the height of the McCarthyism era in America. The NAACP leadership back then booted him out after he made statements to advocate self-defense. The community still re-elected him. Robert F. Williams lived in Monroe, North Carolina for years. He was once in the Marines. He said these words of promoting self defense since in Monroe, Klansmen were conducting drive by shootings throughout the African-American community. There was also the Kissing Case of 1958 where a pre-teen white girl in the excitement of a chance reunion with a Black childhood playmate kissed him on the cheek. When the happy child ran home and told her mother what she had done, her outraged mom falsely accused the black child of "rape." The boy and his buddy, whose ages are nine and seven were arrested, charged and convicted without trial, and placed in detention. The black children were soon acquitted. This injustice is representative of racism in American society. He called the national NAACP leadership, which not only ducked the issue but shortly thereafter expelled Williams from the chapter leadership. So Williams called on the European press. It was only when Robert Williams told people to do something that First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt sent a note to then-President Dwight D. Eisenhower to do something about it. Later, the children were released.  The governor of North Carolina pardoned the boys but the state never apologized for its treatment of them. He or Williams reorganized the defunct local chapter of the NAACP. Robert F. Williams organized an armed self-defense unit to defend against Klan terrorism. There was a shootout with the Klan that reached front pages of North Carolina’s papers. Later during the Freedom Rides era, state troopers and federal agents claimed that Williams kidnapped a white couple. The pair, who had driven through the African-American community during the confrontation, testified that they had gone voluntarily to Williams’ home seeking safety. They said they were not harmed. Shortly afterward, authorities dropped the charges against everyone involved except community activists Mac Malory and Robert Williams. State troopers, federal agents, etc. wanted to capture Robert F. Williams still. So, Williams came into Toronto. He went into Mexico, and then Cuba. During the 1960's, he lived in Cuba to promote his views of black liberation, self-defense, and opposition to Western imperialism. His great book called “Negroes With Guns” outlined his views clearly. Human rights activists and Third World governments loved his book. Williams' book Negroes with Guns (1962) details his experience with violent racism and his disagreement with the pacifist wing of the Civil Rights Movement. The text was widely influential. Black Panther Party founder Huey Newton cited it as a major inspiration.

In his book, Williams was unapologetic. "I am held responsible for this action," he wrote, "that for the first time in history American Negroes have armed themselves as a group, to defend their homes, their wives, their children, in a situation where law and order had broken down, where the authorities could not, or rather would not, enforce their duty to protect Americans from a lawless mob. I accept this responsibility and am proud of it."  He had his own radio program in Havana, Cuba where he criticized injustices in America. President John F. Kennedy ordered the Navy to disrupt the broadcast by "jamming" the frequency. Frequently, Williams' program would switch frequency only to be jammed again and so on. The program was composed of jazz and denunciations of American racism, very much in content like some of the Pacifica Network of radio programs on public radio stations in San Francisco, New York City, Los Angeles and Washington, D.C. Robert Williams’ newsletter was the Crusader. Malcolm X was a great supporter of Robert F. Williams too. Robert F. Williams wanted freedom and justice to spread globally. He opposed colonialism and imperialism. He lived in China by the late 1960’s. He wrote literature and spoke out. He returned to America at the end of the 1960’s. He founded the Revolutionary Act Movement and he chaired the Republic of New Africa. He inspired the League of Revolutionary Black Workers, the Freedom Riders, the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee, and the Black Panthers. He passed away in October 15, 1996 in Grand Rapids, Michigan after fighting Hodgkin’s disease. Rosa Parks gave the eulogy at Williams’ funeral in 1996, praising him for "his courage and for his commitment to freedom", and concluding that "The sacrifices he made, and what he did, should go down in history and never be forgotten."

RIP Brother Robert F. Williams.

By Timothy

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