Friday, August 05, 2016

The Truth Matters

It is always important to outline accurate, credible information. Likewise, we have every right to expose real conspiracies in the world too. A conspiracy is defined clearly as 2 or more people planning something (in a sinister, nefarious fashion) and carrying it out via a plot. Therefore, there is a difference between conspiracy theories that describe lies, myths, and disinformation (i.e. David Icke has shown information about Reptilians, which isn't true and about how Alex Jones has promoted far right bigotry and extremism in his speeches including his movies. Mark Dice is known for his lies, conspiracy theories, and anti-black hatred. Jones and Dice have similar views) and documented real conspiracies like COINTELPRO from the FBI, the assassination of Fred Hampton by the CPD, Operation Mockingbird, and the assassination of Abraham Lincoln. We live in the 21st century and it is always vitally crucial that we as black people acquire accuracy, real information, and we document what we say utilizing a myriad of true sources. We should not express susceptibility to false conspiracy theories. As many people have stated, our oppression certainly have influenced some of our people to embrace false notions. Sister Tiffanie is writing about the fraud Malachi York (he is a Hotep in contrast to real black scholars who love black people and promote the truth). Malachi York is an evil person who abused human begins constantly. Our eyes should be on the prize, which is black liberation. We want black people to be free and liberated to live out our lives in an autonomous, just way. We love honor, mercy, and human justice.

The show Being on Centric has always shown in depth interviews. Lisa Nicole Carson is brave in showing her story. She is wise to show the truth that bipolar disorder and any mental illness should be talked about openly by our community in a progressive way. She is speaking up and we are reminded that human beings who experience mental illness don't need ridicule and disrespect. They need compassion, love, dignity, and resources to help their own lives. There should be more discussions about this issue. Hollywood, as she has said, is readily fickle and has blackballed people for a myriad of reasons. Bless Sister Lisa Nicole Carson. Nzingha Prescod is an amazing fencer. She was born in Brooklyn, NYC in 1992. So, she is 23 years old right now. It is important to give credit to young people who are involved in excellence. It is important to recognize how many of the youth are doing great work in athletes, scholarship, politics, and other endeavors of the human experience. She overcame many challenges and she is breaking down barriers. She is young and her future will be even more bright. She is a bronze medalist at the 2015 World Fencing Championship. There are black fencers all over the world. Great fencing requires strength, hand eye coordination, patience, practice, flexibility, consistency, and will plus determination. Their accomplishments should always be acknowledged and respected. She has inspired a generation of black people to performing fencing too as we are a diverse people. She is in Rio now to compete in the Olympics and we all wish Godspeed to her. I wish you the best Sister Nzingha Prescod.

Of course, many far right conservatives don't like BLM since they don't care about promoting universal health care, environmental protections (the Flint water crisis was caused by pollution and anti-regulatory policies against a mostly black population), a living wage (like a $15 federal minimum wage that will help millions of black people who are suffering poverty. Even cutting corporate welfare and investments in infrastructure can create jobs and improve lives. Far right people in many cases abhor even increase the the Earned Income Tax Credit, which has proven to decrease poverty in America), universal educational opportunities, anti-imperialism, African Diasporic unity, ending the War on Drugs (and replacing it with alternatives), and other policies that are real solutions. Far right conservatives (many of them blame poor black people by saying getting up by your own bootstrap while ignoring how many poor people work hard every day in a society filled with structural economic injustices.They don't care about black people. Many far right people won't fight misogynoir & other forms of bigotry because of obvious reasons) are more concerned with promoting some archaic ideology and the worship of certain rules (like the worship of free markets and isolation in the world) instead of respecting just laws, love, mercy, and justice. These haters omit that progressives were key in fighting for workers rights, civil rights, environmental justice, Social Security, food safety standards, Medicare, the Tennessee Valley Project, women having the right to vote, bank deposit insurance, voting rights, 40 hour work week, etc. We did these things not by blaming poor people collectively or talking about loving Trump (who is a bigot and a sexist who disrespected a Gold Star family. I will never vote for Trump). We got these things by fighting for what is right. Too many people are ashamed of standing up. We are not. In the final analysis, we not only need the development of more enterprises and infrastructure in our communities. We need economic justice and racial justice as advocated by Fannie Lou Hamer, Dr. King, Malcolm X (who questioned and criticized capitalism outright in 1965. I have the quote of him saying it. Malcolm X also supported Pan-African unity which we must always support), Fred Hampton, Ella Baker, and our other heroes.
I will never back down from my core convictions.

There is a white supremacist element in the Citizen Sovereign movement. I don't support white supremacists. We shouldn't embrace nihilistic extremism. That is true. Also, it is important to evaluate the word terrorism. Our ancestors suffered terrorism. The CIA committed terrorism for decades since 1947 from MK Ultra to Operation Ajax. The FBI used terrorism against black liberation movements. J. Edgar Hoover was a liar, a deceiver, and a hypocrite. Therefore, Western imperialists have done terrorism for centuries (including the recent drone strikes killing innocent civilians in Syria) not just individual people. The Church Committee from the 1970's documented a lot of evils done by the FBI, etc. Therefore, cop terrorists should be in prison without coddling. The death of Korryn is a tragedy and we are in the beginning stages in finding out the real truth. It is important to separate conspiracy theories that are based on lies or hyperbole and real conspiracies that have existed in real life (like Operation Gladio, COINTELPRO, various assassinations, etc.). Just because I don't agree with the Sovereign Citizen movement doesn't mean that we should be passive. We should not. We have every right to fight tyranny via all legitimate, constructive means necessary.
 The FBI decades ago illegally monitored black civil rights groups and the Black Panthers. Policing laws now give massive immunity to police officers in general. They or the racists lie and say that we are inferior, but they go out of their way to promote policies of discrimination and economic injustice. Racism is based on hypocrisy, insecurity, and a demented anti-human mentality, because honorable people would never hate or oppress another person based on skin color or race. We are a people blessed with melanin and whose ancestors suffered unspeakable evils, but we rise. We will still rise in the future too.

This is one of the most disturbing stories that I have read in my life. These sick males (since they are not real men) should receive the ultimate punishment for their actions. This story is why I'm against patriarchy. This story is why I'm fully against those who want women to be treated as second class citizens. This is why we are telling the truth that women suffer a lot more than men in the world. Everybody should be filled with indignant anger and outrage at how a precious mother was murdered by evil barbarians (and her children are now raised by her grandmother). No human being should be abused and murdered. The young children are going to feel emotional trauma for the rest of their lives. I'm not surprised that crooked ex-cops were involved in this murder. Police terrorists are notorious for being in many cases domestic abusers and murderers too. We have an epidemic where black women are abused and murdered. This is a serious problem. It is purely objectionable for some people still believing in misogynoir and respectability politics. That is why laws must be enforced and society must change. We will continue to speak up and stand up. Promoting integrity is important and we must always defend the dignity of innocent black human lives.
RIP Sister Joyce Quaweay
#Black Lives Matter.
#Say Her Name.

By Timothy

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