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Wednesday News in early August of 2016

A lot of things must be mentioned and I will definitely go there. First, the platform is powerful and strong. It not only called for progressive actions like desiring reparations. It shows ways on their site ways on being politically engaged. This is a fight for our survival for black people. I like how they wanted not only growing some enterprises, but collective ownership. We want workers to own the fruits of their labor not allowing the 1% to control everything. It promoted political independence by criticizing both major parties, which refutes the lie that every BLM member is an arm of the DNC. It is also a lie that George Soros invented BLM or funds every single BLM endeavor. The truth is that BLM was created by 3 black women not by Soros. The Soros/BLM slander is similar to the slander that far right people decades ago made about Dr. King being a Communist (which is a lie). I don't support a neoliberal and a currency manipulator like George Soros. I don't agree with the decriminalization of prostitution, but all of the other proposals, I certainly agree with. Also, many BLM organizations have outlined proposals and solutions for a while. The story here refutes once again the lie that the BLM doesn't have a plan to help the black community. Whether the haters like it or not, we will continue to expose police terrorism, racism, and economic injustice. Of course, many far right conservatives don't like BLM since they don't care about promoting universal health care, environmental protections (the Flint water crisis was caused by pollution and anti-regulatory policies against a mostly black population), a living wage (like a $15 federal minimum wage that will help millions of black people who are suffering poverty. Even cutting corporate welfare and investments in infrastructure can create jobs and improve lives. Far right people in many cases abhor even increase the the Earned Income Tax Credit, which has proven to decrease poverty in America), universal educational opportunities, anti-imperialism, African Diasporic unity, ending the War on Drugs (and replacing it with alternatives), and other policies that are real solutions.

Far right conservatives (many of them blame poor black people by saying getting up by your own bootstrap while ignoring how many poor people work hard every day in a society filled with structural economic injustices.They don't care about black people. Many far right people won't fight misogynoir & other forms of bigotry because of obvious reasons) are more concerned with promoting some archaic ideology and the worship of certain rules (like the worship of free markets and isolation in the world) instead of respecting just laws, love, mercy, and justice. These haters omit that progressives were key in fighting for workers rights, civil rights, environmental justice, Social Security, food safety standards, Medicare, the Tennessee Valley Project, women having the right to vote, bank deposit insurance, voting rights, 40 hour work week, etc. We did these things not by blaming poor people collectively or talking about loving Trump (who is a bigot and a sexist who disrespected a Gold Star family. I will never vote for Trump). We got these things by fighting for what is right. Too many people are ashamed of standing up. We are not. In the final analysis, we not only need the development of more enterprises and infrastructure in our communities. We need economic justice and racial justice as advocated by Fannie Lou Hamer, Dr. King, Malcolm X (who questioned and criticized capitalism outright in 1965. I have the quote of him saying it. Malcolm X also supported Pan-African unity which we must always support), Fred Hampton, Ella Baker, and our other heroes. I will never back down from my core convictions.

This is very disturbing story. There are many questions that ought to be answered. First, I am glad that the child is alive and I'm saddened by the passing away of the mother, who was Korryn Gaines. She said that she was a victim of police harassment. There are many instances where white males have aimed guns or shotguns at the police without them being killed by the police. I send condolences to the mother's family and friends. The majority of the information about the incident comes from the police, who will of course say that they did everything right. With their track record, I will not take their word for it. That is why an independent investigation must be enacted to gather as much facts as possible involving this tragic incident. The cops admitted that they fired a shot first when Korryn never fired a shot initially at the officers. Then, the events ensued with the mother dead and her child surviving. I saw the video of the mother giving her precious child advice on how crooked cops act. 8 people in Maryland have been shot or killed in Maryland recently. Evil people are blatant with their advocacy of evil and injustice. The FBI decades ago illegally monitored black civil rights groups and the Black Panthers. Policing laws now give massive immunity to police officers in general. They or the racists lie and say that we are inferior, but they go out of their way to promote policies of discrimination and economic injustice. Racism is based on hypocrisy, insecurity, and a demented anti-human mentality, because honorable people would never hate or oppress another person based on skin color or race. We are a people blessed with melanin and whose ancestors suffered unspeakable evils, but we rise. We will still rise in the future too.The most important thing that we want is the truth. As others have mentioned, we have a serious crisis in our community where black people are being killed by the police left and right along with the evil reality that crooked cops are rarely prosecuted.
RIP Korryn Gaines
#Say Her Name.

Also, I believe in building. Back in the day, there were tons of apprenticeships for the youth involving construction, engineering, technology, and other parameters of building infrastructure. Today, such problems are limited mostly for the upper middle class, the rich, and others. One part of any civilization throughout human history is the usage of STEM fields. That is why I do believe in encouraging males and females to utilize STEM fields in their own lives. Building technology, building enterprises, and building infrastructure in general in our communities are necessities that we should forever embrace as a people. Also, I believe in fighting poverty. One solution to solve many problems is to enact emergency programs to help the poor as the rich on average commit more evil than the poor. Poor people throughout history are made the false scapegoats of the crimes of the super rich. I don't agree with a system of oligarchy (as advocated by many in the 1%). I believe in democratic rights and human justice. Sister Marva Collins was not only a great educator in Chicago. She was a hero. She used unique techniques to help educate students in Chicago. She especially worked with black and poor students. She started Westside Preparatory School in the impoverished Garfield Park neighborhood of Chicago in 1975. Her love of education was incredible. True learning deals with analyzing concepts, evaluating information, and applying what you know to real life situations too. The 1981 TV movie called "The Marva Collins Story" starred Cecily Tyson and Morgan Freeman. She received awards and she continued to fight for educational rights until her passing in 2015. She will be missed.
RIP Sister Marva Collins.

It is evil for school in Kentucky to act in this fashion. We know that some of the most evil people in history didn't wear cornrolls or dreadlocks like Hitler, Cecil Rhodes, Christopher Columbus, etc. We should be judged by the content of our character not on the color of our skins or by the way our hair is situated. Yet, some places want to use the conniving efforts to deprive black students their freedom of expression culturally. The school got caught and that is why they had no other option to revise their obscene policy. This is why parents should not support any school with biased policies. We have the power to educate kids in a fair way and where their humanity is respected. I'm glad that Clutch has mentioned this story. I'm glad that the ACLU has mentioned this story. We want black children to be inspired and they are part of the future. Forever, I love my black African heritage. It is certainly important to continue to speak our minds. Police terrorism is a direct threat against black people. We know that capitalist exploitation contributes to poverty, police injustices, and other forms of corruption in the world. African Americans, account for 24 percent of those fatally shot and killed by the police despite being just 13 percent of the U.S. population. As The Post noted in a new analysis published last week, that means black Americans are 2.5 times as likely as white Americans to be shot and killed by police officers. Therefore, there is no real solution to this problem unless we address police terrorism. An innocent black person being killed by the police is a tragedy and an injustice. A lot of blame deals with the police institution that perpetrates the Blue Wall of Silence, bad laws, and immunity among crooked cops in many cases. We know that respectability politics doesn't work and we know that the "you're on your own" philosophy doesn't work since solidarity is important to advance. Community organization and working class unity are better than selfish individualism. We need to do for our community and do for our people beyond just doing something for our own benefit personally. This is a situation that must be discussed and we won't back down.

By Timothy

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